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  • Description:Bunchesdirect is sold in bulk directly to consumers, flowers and flowers wedding wedding, corporate and special events. We provide a set of beautiful flowers, including wedding bouquet, Xionghua, Xionghua, wedding centerpiece and rose petals. Don't know what you want, we provide professional consultation to create your dream wedding flowers. We also carried out a line of celebrity style wedding flowers. Our wedding flowers prices to meet the needs of any budget.
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    I was very disappointed with the quality of the flowers received from this company, as well as the way the refused to fix the situation. Flowers were received on Thursday, with the wedding being on Saturday. Upon taking the flowers out of the box, we noticed most of the roses were wilted with brown spots. The cake topper had roses which had already turned brown as well. My MOH called Customer Service, and we were told to follow the care guide, which we already had. We knew that the water would perk them up, but that's not going to get rid of the brown spots. We sent them four different pictures that evening, and put together arrangements using what we could. Out of the 50 roses I had, we were able to use 30. I had 6 centerpieces, 3 bouquets, and 6 jars that were lining our aisle that I had planned on using the roses in. Being on a budget, as many brides likely are if they are doing their own flowers, I had counted on using every flower in the shipment. But I reasoned the company would fix it. I just wanted what I paid for. Friday AM, my MOH begins corresponding again with Customer service. They indicate they have only received one picture, when we had sent four that showed the full bunch of roses and the overall brown tint in many of them, a close up of my cake topper that had browned roses, rot that was present in a bunch of the hydrangea, and two close ups of specific roses that should have never even made it into the shipment. It was apparent there was NO quality control in the shipment whatsoever. Fast forward to 4PM that afternoon, and Customer Service is still indicating they received only one photo, and essentially explained that they couldn't do anything for us as far as getting more flowers to us. We wound up having to go out Saturday morning to buy more flowers. The roses we had put in the bouquets had also turned brown by that point. I will be looking into legal means of getting a refund on the product that could not be used.
    Bunchesdirect, tell you that they will make your wedding day perfect with their flowers....NOT! I ordered 100 red roses for my daughter's wedding which was on Saturday Aug 15. I ordered them to be here at my house on Thursday Aug 14 as I was making the bouquets and boutonnieres. When they arrived they came in a box in a non air conditioned purrolator van and it was 34 degrees centigrade that day! When I opened the box all one hundred roses were useless they had all dropped their heads and the box was full of petals and stems with no roses on them! I called up BUNCHESDIRECT to tell them and they asked me to send pictures whitch I did! They said they were going to send new flowers. They arrived the next morning at 11:00 am and once again in the heat of 29 degrees no cold purrolator truck again! I opened the box of 100 roses to find them burnt and blackened. Once again I phoned Bunchesdirect and they told me to send pictures... Well I did.. I sent them a picture of the box and the state of the black roses which they said I needed to peel the layers off and then the flowers would be ok! I peeled all the leaves off until there were no black leaves and there was no more flower! They told me they would not refund me my money. I sent more pictures but no they only looked at one photo, just one, and they counted seven black roses that they could see and only refunded me seven dollars. They absolutely ruined my daughter's wedding flowers until my husband went out to Costco and bought up all the red roses from them so I could make the bouquets! They, BUNCHESDDIRECT LIE outright on their site about the state in which the flowers come to you... Total breach of promise! NEVER BUY YOUR FLOWERS FROM THEM EVER!!
    We got married June 27th at a destination wedding. It is a hot location and the flowers came on time, perfectly wrapped and very fresh. Two days after the wedding, the bouquets look as beautiful as the moment they arrived. Highly recommend using them.