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  • Description:In 1886, "Avon" father "David Mcni founded the California Perfume Company". In 1939,   Mr. Mcni to Savon home a "AVON" of the river re named for the company.   now, Avon has become one of the world's largest cosmetics company, has 43000 employees, through more than 440 business representatives to the countries and regions of the 145 women to provide more than twenty thousand kinds of products.
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    not a fan of this company as the lipstick wears off very fast
    Skinsosoft is great for reppelling insect.
    While some of the products may be expensive there are good options for a person on a budget. I do really like some of the products.
    I really wish Avon would show a photo of EVERY color they offer, instead of just 2 pics. I love their waterproof eyeliner and some of their eye-shadow quads and pairs.
    I've not tried all of the Avon products, but I have always loved the colors and quality of the eye shadows. The eye makeup remover is gentle and long lasting. Hopefully your rep has her stuff together to get your orders correct and to you in a timely fashion. Mine was always very nice, just a little in the clouds sometimes. I took a break from Avon for a while, just using other products. I think I'll revisit them and see what's new.
    I am a regular user of Avon cosmetics. Really good quality products. No side effects. Glimmersticks eye liner is my favorite. No smudging, and waterproof. And I have got a lot of compliment since I started to use this.
    This site has some amazing deals and I often buy their quality products.
    Know about this brand long time ago but did not buy anything from it, this is my first try, it seems not bad, like it!
    love the products and love the site. I usually get free shipping because of the amount i order. Also they have an outlet with great online deals. And you can still find a close rep if you want in your area. Great site.
    This site has some amazing deals. I really like their outlet selection. They have great makeup and skincare products for cheap. is a good website if you don't mind buying products from a company that tests on animals. I bought countless items online and never had any problems with my orders....but now i have a problem with being deceived like countless other people who were unaware of avon not being truthful about their manufacturing or testing practices. Avon has always advertised itself as being a proud US company that set the standard when it banned animal testing in the 1980's. All this time, people like me have assumed that Avon was a cruelty free company, and purchased products from them thinking we were getting a quality product, but after reading an article that was published today which exposed Avon as well as Mary kay and estee Lauder as liars, I won't buy from them ever again. They have been testing their products on animals all the while their companies were listed on cruelty free shopping lists. I emailed Avon today to tell them they lost me as a customer. Here is a copy of the message i sent them. I copied it on here so that people can learn the truth and spread the word. I am angry about being deceived and I feel that other people will be surprised to find out that they, too, believed Avon to be a better company than it truly is. Here's what I emailed: To everyone at AVON, I found out today after reading an article online that Avon tests on animals and has been doing so for some time, all the while, advertising to be cruelty-free. Do you understand how much this is going to impact your company once the word gets out?  I,for one, will not be purchasing ANY more of your products because I can't live with myself knowing that I'm funding a company that is killing innocent creatures needlessly.  Throughout my life,I have bought hundreds to maybe even thousands of dollars worth of avon house has Avon stuff everywhere, but now that I know that Avon has been lying to their customers, pretending to be so environmentally conscious and a proud American company, i'm going to shop elsewhere and give my money to companies that don't send their jobs and factories overseas to countries where it's required BY LAW to test on animals.   I have been a vegetarian for almost 20 years, and the whole reasoning behind that is that I CARE!  Animals are important to me, and the decision to be aware of what I eat and what I buy should reflect my beliefs.  I always research products and companies before I buy things, and I feel deceived that Avon has been on numerous cruelty-free lists for years, yet it was nothing but a lie.  I trusted that I was buying from a US company that cared and had set an example when it came to banning animal testing.  What a complete let down! It makes me sick to my stomach when I think about how much money I've spent on your products, and all the while my money was used to torture and kill the creatures that I care so much about! Last winter I emailed you concerning my disgust at seeing the labels on various items of Avon make-up, stating they were made in China.  I never received a reply from anyone at Avon. In my gut I had a feeling that something wasn't right as soon as I saw CHINA on my avon products, but most of avon's customers are unaware of this because the "made in" sticker is printed so microscopically and China is not the place of manufacturing for all avon products.  Most people assume what Avon sells is made in the USA....I know I did at first, but I started noticing how wrong I was when my foundations, powders, eyeshadows, and lipsticks said MADE IN CHINA!  How sickening!  After my son's Thomas the tank engine trains were recalled due to the fact that they contained lead paint and came from China, I do not trust Chinese products, period.  And when Avon stooped so low as to let China make their products, it just proved the point that all Avon cares about is making their stuff cheap. If you really valued your customers, you wouldn't have allowed them to be exposed to questionably manufactured products from a country that saw nothing wrong with painting toy trains for children with LEAD! Most people don't know enough about the companies they are buying from, but I receive emails from various animal rights websites and had been sent an article talking about China and how they were making it MANDATORY for all beauty and cosmetics made there to be animal tested.  After I read that article, I emailed you at avon, asking why Avon was sending jobs to china, where animal testing is the law, and no one had the decency to even acknowledge my message.  In reality, I knew that someone at Avon wouldn't send me a reply, but I also knew that Avon was saying a lot by not saying anything at all. So thanks, avon, for sending jobs to China, for lying to your customers all this time, and for taking our money and using it to kill animals.  I hope that your company suffers once the word is spread about how you lied.  Your company's financial suffering is nothing compared to the suffering  you've allowed to happen to thousands of animals in the process of lining your pockets with your precious money.  Hopefully people will stop buying your products once their eyes are opened to what's been going on with Avon.  Your company's reputation is going to go down the drain, and I'm definitely going to spread the word because people should know the truth....Avon doesn't care about the quality of their products, their customers, the environment, animals, or even the USA.  All Avon cares about is MONEY.  
    I am a buyer and seller of AVON and this is a great site to use.
    Avon has been around for a long time...They continue to offer a diverse group of products at fairly decent prices. They sometimes offer promotions but I mainly shop the outlet as you can find very good deals in this category. Shipping is pretty fast and I only shop when they offer shipping for free with a ten-fifteen dollar purchase otherwise I would spend more for shipping than what the products I purchase cost. Avon never seems to change-don't know if thats good or bad- I guess it is what it is.
    Very nice update on an old classic. Still has the option to work with an Avon representative for personal delivery and service. Reviews of products. Updated often. Usually free delivery with $30 order, sometimes less. Avon is both updated and a reassuring trip to the past. Nicely priced. The only reason I didn't give it the highest possible score is because it has a few problems that it could (and should, in my opinion) do much better with - 1) The cosmetics shades shown often do not at all resemble what you receive. 2) There is no provision to order samples online. Personally, I'd be happy to pay for them. Also, why would I order nail polish, fragrance, foundation, etc., when I have no idea what product I'll end up with. 3) Jewelry is not shown to scale and often they do not state the size. If it's not a featured piece that's shown on a model, it's often a guess if the earrings you have ordered are tiny or gigantic. I am surprised that Avon continues to have these problems. They should understand that people want to have some idea as to what they are purchasing.