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    Referring to the Ann Taylor - Short Pump store in Richmond VA, I was not happy with the return policy. I tried to return a pair of pants after 45 days and they gave me a store credit which is absolutely fine since I took so long to return them. What was completely unfair was that they only gave me the mark-down amount even though my receipt clearly stated I had paid full-price. I would understand if I didn't have a receipt and they had no way of knowing how much I paid, but if my receipt clearly stated that I paid $71 for the pants, only giving me $53 credit is basically stealing my money. That is not good business. Also, the cashier who was waiting on me was on the phone with another employee at home asking why she hadn't shown up for work and arguing with her that she was on the schedule ... all while ringing up my purchases. I couldn't even ask her a question, because she was on the phone. Very rude and unprofessional. Very disappointed on AT has declined in recent years.
    Love the styles and sizes. You don't have to be a 4 to order clothes.
    Great quality clothing and reasonable price.
    good site
    60016743 I started shopping on this site in 2014 and really liked what I bought. I purchased different items from clothes to hair products. The quality is great and prices are reasonable. I do find I spend more money on sites Than going to the malls etc. But since I do not shop in larger cities any longer I still find the quality.
    I only shop at The Loft for all my pants. I wear talls and The Loft has the best selection, quality and price. I wouldn't shop anywhere else!
    I have been an Ann Taylor customer for 40 years! I worked at one of their stores in Natick at the age of 19. I always loved their quality, style, and customer service. However, over the past decade their quality has decreased and their customer service is appalling. They no longer stand by their products and gift cards can only be used at a store, not online. Worse is that I purchased my adult children clothes for Christmas and 3 out of 12 items needed to be returned. Ten days after Christmas and they refuse to reimburse me for the amount I paid, since it was more then 45 days ago. I ordered the clothes in the middle of November. I am closing my account and will shop at a store that has customers' satisfaction at a higher value. Ann Taylor would only offer me the current sale price for these items.
    I'm looking for a career in economics, and the economic job market (where 95% of employers will be interviewing) happens on Jan 3rd. I’ve got my interviews lined up, and all I need now is a suit. I didn’t get it earlier because I had some surgery recently and didn’t know how it’d affect fit. I went to Ann Taylor last weekend (Dec 13) and had the absolute worst customer service–I asked the employee to order pants in the “Kate” fit for me (their looser fit) in the same fabric (the all-season stretch, because they also make suits in wool, I just dont like the sheen on the black wool) and she pulled out a pair of Kate pants in the wool fabric and said that that was what I wanted. I kept insisting to her that these were NOT the same pants, and she kept insisting that the difference was all because it was a different fit. Yes, including the $40 difference in price, the complete difference in the materials (I made her look at the materials tag), etc. I tried to explain to her that HER store had two types of suiting in black, and what I really wanted was the suiting in the all-season stretch. I decided to give up and just buy the suit set in all-season stretch, no kate fit, and maybe order stuff online and return what fit worst. She tried to convince me to open a credit card with ann taylor to get 65% off. I told her that discounts like that didn’t work on their suiting and she kept insisting they did. I kept telling her she was wrong and told her to go ahead and check it with the computer. She checked and sure enough… no discount! So she would have had me open a credit card I didn’t need, take a credit ding, for no discount. Know your business lady. Finally I gave up and decided to order a bunch of pants online myself so I didn’t have to deal with her. So I go on and order over $550 worth of suiting stuff in black all-season stretch, with varying combinations of petite/cut/size figuring I’ll return all but the best top/bottom combo. I pay for overnight shipping because I need this stuff hemmed asap since my tailor will be on vacation from the 24th to the 1st, and the latest I can pick up my stuff is the 2nd... so I want to get him my stuff by the 15th or 16th. Ok so get this: on the 14th I pay for overnight shipping. My receipt, and my order online, both say “guaranteed delivery by the 15th”. The fine print says that they will send my order via USPS express mail. On the 16th I get an email saying “congrats, your order has shipped”. WTH?! I ask for my shipping cost back, and they refund me. The USPS tracking number doesn’t work and finally on the 18th it shows that they didn’t ship my stuff until 8:30pm on the 17th. On top of that, they used 2-day priority, so my stuff won’t arrive until the 21st! Yep, I paid for overnight and got super slow handling and didn't even get the shipping I paid for. Maybe they downgraded my shipping after I asked for my money back because their handling wasn't what I'd paid for? If so, that's just terrible business--why in the world would you punish your customer after you already screw up their order? Now I’ll have to pay insane rush fees and even then I’ll just have to pray that my tailor can somehow fit my suit with only a couple days of actual business days between drop off and pick up. If my tailor gets slammed and doesn't get to my suit even with the rush on it, I'm out of luck--there's nothing I can do to get them magically hemmed. So… all you ladies looking for jobs and needing suits to interview: AVOID ANN TAYLOR LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! They don't know their business, they have terrible customer service, and they will gladly tell you you're paying for overnight shipping and handling when really you're lucky if your stuff gets there within a week.
    Excellent clothing and excellent customer service.
    I have been a long time ann taylor and loft costomer until they screwed up their coupon code. I used a 40% coupon code and received an email confirmation of merchandises that I intended to order in the amount of $365. However, when they shipped my order, they sent me a different bill of the total charge of $609. I never authorized them to charge me that much and yet they still blindly charged me as if nothing happened. After calling customer service 3 times, I still have not received my refund, and now I am preparing for credit card dispute. What a dishonest business and a great way to lose a long time customer. I will NEVER return.
    I reeeally love Ann Taylor!!! It is one of the stores where almost everything is beautiful and I want to buy everything!
    I have been purchasing products here for many months now, and I love the their quaint dress and gowns
    Let's face it, is it worth an extra $200-$600....... just to have the Ann Taylor name on a tag in the neck of your clothes? Most people cut the back of the neck tags out because it irritates the neck! Hard working people can't afford the clothes you want them to buy. I will say this, as we go through the Goodwill stores where AnnTaylor clothes have been marked down to $5.99 that's the only way most people will own a AnnTaylor.
    I love Ann Taylor clothing. It's quality and online shopping is way more productive than in-store shopping here in Little Rock, AR. for petites. They simply don't have enough to my liking. They've even told me to go online A. T. for a better selection of petites. The store is nice, and the staff has always been courteous and helpful. Love online best. Good sales.
    elegant dresses
    I will always love their lines... love being a costumer
    Ann Taylor store at Villages in Rochester, Michigan is great! Sales staff helped me find current trends in my petite sizes, then ordered other tops I wanted. Also found perfect dress for my daughter in Chicago--- wrapped and ready to give as birthday gift. We always find the best fitting current trends here. Thanks! JS
    You can find some something you like here
    I love ann taylor and loft clothing
    I being a faithful customer of Ann Taylor for more than 20 years
    Clothes are perfect fit for me and my age !!
    One of my faves for fashion.
    Great prices; Great quality!
    great clothing. awesome way to shop
    Ann Taylor is consistent on quality and fit. I find it hard to buy clothes online but LOFT as well as Ann Taylor are great for petite sizes that might be a little curvy as well.
    I got great clothes there!
    I really like Ann Taylor. I have found some really cute clothes on this site. I didn't have any problems receiving my orders.
    Even in my 20s, I liked Ann Taylor's clean, kind of older looking style. I often shopped there for work clothes, cute loose flowy tops and light cardigans. It seems like the quality of the clothes have gone significantly downhill in the last couple of years. My last order from went well, but the clothes themselves seemed to be more cheaply made and the fit wasn't quite right. The good news is that my mother doesn't seem to care as much as I did, so she was able to gain a couple of blouses for her wardrobe. is a website where you can buy women's clothes, shoes, and accessories. The site is well organized and easy to navigate through. Their customer service is very competent. I had to contact them about an order and the issue was resolved in an effective and timely manner.