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  • Description:Raise is the first global P2P model gift card sales and circulation platform site, customers can gift card transactions on the website, buy their needed each big brand gift card or the sale of existing excess gift card. Raise provides discount price of each famous gift cards, to help customers save expenditure, improve the purchasing power of customers. With the cooperation of Raise business are: Mcdonald,, Lane  Bryant, Nine  West, Starbucks, Victoria's  Secret, Sephora, Gap etc..
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    Walter made me a very satisfied customer. He was helpful and cheerful. If I had to grade him I would give him an A+. Thank you.
    The customer service will lie to you and do nothing. Gift card DID NOT work.
    After an awful experience with Macy's while attempting to redeem my gift cards, Autumn at Raise support did a wonderful job remedying the situation. She processed my request quickly and returned the $2,500 I was out.
    I ordered for Chipotle gift card more than a month back, but still i haven't received my card and i haven't received my money back, Don't Buy from this website.
    I paid 272.00 on 1/7/16 for a Albertson Physical Gift Card. I went to use it a few weeks later it had zero balance. Called R and was told they would put the money back on as there was an error. I made the mistake of not checking as I had bought others from them. I went to use it 5/9/16 and it had a zero balance. Called Albertson they said the card was used up in another state on 1/8-9-10 the finial day for the balance of $282.17. The card was used up on a Sunday only 3 days after I ordered it Thursday. Albertson said I was scammed and to call Raise. I did and they claimed the 100 day rule. They offered no help in finding out what happened in spite the timing on this looking like an inside job from their staff or vendors. You would think they would want to know how this could happen.
    I've had multiple bad experiences with Raise. The first time they gave me a refund for my gift card because it didn't work, so I gave them an extra chance. This time I bought a gift card labeled as "delivered to your wallet" (meaning it gets sent to your phone for immediate use). I read ALL the fine print shown and then bought it. I go to use it 5 mins later and only THEN does it tell me that this gift card has to be printed out to use! I was clearly ticked - I had to go ahead and pay without my gift card - and then asked for a refund. They're claiming I "misunderstood" the use of the card so it's my fault and they won't give me my money back. No misunderstanding here! They did a bait and switch! Con artists. I have NO respect for this company and will never use them again!!!
    They stand up to their money back guarantee. My gift card got lost in transit and they gave me a refund with no hassle at all.
    I lost $500 trying to save 2% by trusting this crooked company. DO NOT USE RAISE.COM. If you forget to use it in 100 days, they will not refund the money and the card will be useless.
    I happened to purchase a $200 eGift certificate for the Olive Garden restaurant from Before attempting to use it I checked its balance and learned it was $0.00. I called the parent company Darden and learned the card had been cancelled by their corporate office ten days after it was issued because it was a fraudulent transaction. Because it was now over 100 days, they said there was nothing they could do. I protested and they said they would reimburse me $25 and that I could take $5.00 off a future purchase of $50.00 or more. I said they could keep their generous offer as I planned to spend my time sharing my experience with others. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!! Here's their response: Maxwell (Raise Support) May 6, 11:28 Hello Louis, Thank you for contacting us in regards to your Olive Garden gift card in order R374372016. We received a request to look further into the Olive Garden gift card, but we regret to inform you that your order falls outside of our 100 Day Money-Back Guarantee. Due to the amount of time that has passed since the order was placed, we are unable to issue a refund or replacement card. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, and we would like to offer you a discount on your next purchase. Enter code 5ONRAISE for $5.00 off your next order over $50.00. Our protection policy has been established to cover all gift cards for 100 days from their date of purchase, and as such, our members are encouraged to redeem the card within this time-frame. We appreciate your understanding in advance and welcome any questions you may have about our policies. Sincerely, Maxwell Raise Member Services
    The service was top shelf! Finer than the best Cali Kush you could imagine. Shout out to Michiko! Keep up the great work
    I have purchased many gift cards from Raise for several years, had no problem. Received an email from Raise asking me to call them to complete processing my order. I received so many "TAKE5" emails from Raise, I missed that email and actually forgot all about that order. When I try to place another purchase recently, I find out that my account had been locked up. The customer service said that since I had not call them back, I now need "to further verify your account, please send in two images of your ID, and attach it to this email. For quicker verification we request that two pictures are taken at different angles (90 and 45 degrees), all four corners are clearly visible, and the background is a normal setting to assist in confirming the security features of the ID. Scanned or faxed copies are not accepted at this time. Images cannot be submitted in compressed (zip) format. At this time we accept the following forms of ID: 1. State Issued Drivers/Operators License; 2. State ID 3. Non-USA Passport with Visa" Seriously? That's too much info given out for purchasing gift cards. I purchased gift cards from other sites for years, nothing like this ever happened to me or my friends. Any one has similar experience?
    I've had several blank cards lately but never a problem with getting my money back, thanks Raise.
    They are a rip off company!!! I had to call my charge card & cancel all my raise gift cards because they could not tell me which gift card was the last one I could not get to on my new phone. 7 phone calls & multiple emails to the ad customer service & all I needed was a crazy activation code & their problem could have been resolved. Stupid idiots. A elementary kid on a computer could have solved that problem. Don't know the order number because they can't get me to it. I would run as fast as you can.
    Efficient, friendly, competent
    I ordered 3 gift cards from Raise. When I tried to use 2 of them, and called the number on the back, I was told the accounts were closed. I called Raise customer support and was promptly issued a full refund. The person I spoke to wa very polite, helpful, and apologetic. I was relieved to find the company stood behind then cards they sell!
    I don't know what happened to the gift card
    Very friendly and efficient
    One of my gift card did not work properly. my call was attended by Joey the customer service Representative at Raise, I got the best solution possible. I would highly recommend Raise to buy any gift card as the stick to their business policies truly.
    I placed an order for a Carraba's gift card at a great price. Unfortunately, I didn't double check on the shipping address and had to call customer service for help. My representative was Yandy. She was efficient in correcting the problem in less than 5 minutes. Super nice, pleasant and polite. The perfect combination for someone in customer service. I'll be ordering again and telling others what a value they can find at Raise! Thank you!
    "I purchased a Lowes gift card from Raise last November. It was an electronic credit. <br><br>The Good: I used it some of it right away to make sure it worked and the balance was accurate, and it was.<br><br>The Bad: Apparently, the credit was based on a Lowes merchandise credit. In December, Raise learned that Lowes was changing their policy and would no longer accept merchandise credit without the physical card. Raise decided to contact previous SELLERS of the credit to ask them to send in their physical card. But they chose not to notify BUYERS that their card was not going to be valid in January. Some sellers never shipped the card and Raise never notified me of any of this. When I tried to use it in the spring and found out it could not be used, I contacted Raise about the problem and that was when they told me they already knew about it. They also said I was out of luck because while their records showed the seller used the shipping label to send in the card, they could not find it in their warehouse. When I asked for a refund of my remaining balance, Raise would only refund me a max $50 credit instead of my actual balance and said they were doing me a favor because technically, it was outside of their 100 day policy. <br><br>So help me understand the logic... Raise found out that my Lowes card would be invalid within the 100 days of my purchase but chose not to tell me about it, and now they can't refund me the amount because I didn't tell them (what they already knew) until after my 100 day window. Total ridiculous. <br>The least they could have done is notify the buyers when they found out from Lowes. That's what an ethical company would do. I spoke with customer service and their supervisor, and while they seemed nice and reasonable, they apparently are not empowered to do the right thing. They also said that their products are meant to be fully used in 100 days. Not true. If it were, then there would be far fewer buyers. Anyways, I will definitely take my business elsewhere. "
    My $50 gift card- seller sent me a different gift card with lower amount on it. My $100 gift card & another $50 gift card - Once the gift card arrived, the seller deactivated the gift card. Raise really needs to figure out the way to cut the tie with the original seller and the gift card. I am not buying anymore gift card thru RAISE anymore.
    I was very pleased with the quick response when I had an issue with a gift card I purchased. I love the variety of the cards on the Raise site!
    I have only been a customer with for about two months and only had one bad experience, which was resolved at once when I contacted customer service. I was very pleased and will continue to purchase gift cards.
    My account was suspended due to an error, they detected my IP address was from Canada, I live in Texas! They detected that when I was purchasing an order, they canceled my order only saying due to an issue the order was canceled (I figured someone might have just beat me by a second with that offer). Nowhere was I notified that my account was suspended, I was ABLE to login to the website and browse and change setting in my account. I was UNABLE to login through my mobile app, but it was due to an connectivity issue, not because my account was suspended, it so happen right when they upgraded the app, so I figure it was an issue with the app since I can login with my phone browser. UNTIL I try to make a order with a good deal and that when I realized it was suspended! I was extremely upset that I wasn't notified, and because it was after hour, I have to let the deal slide. It was a double %off than what it usually is, who want to let such good deal slide! ANYWAY, horrible on their side for not keeping the client inform as to what happened to their account, at least show somewhere that the account was suspended when they login! If I would've known it was suspended, I would have have it resolve on that day!
    I needed help verifing my account and Quinn helped us to resolve the issue. She was SUPER nice.
    Very disappointed in their customer service policy for those of us who purchase in good faith and get ripped off. Purchased a $50 gift card and when I tried to use it on vacation, only $9.84 card balance even though I never used it!!!! After many calls, Raise pretty much said nothing we can do since I bought it too far in advance for my trip. Will not buy from them again and will encourage friends not to as well.
    Santino was exceptional! He is naturally courteous, and it is apparent that Raise has a robust way in training their customer support people. You do have competition, but the way you resolved this issue made you our #1 preferred provider of gift cards.
    Friendly and effective service
    This company is fraud and the employees are incompetent, especially the call center supervisors. They say if the gift card is not received, the 100 day guarantee applies and they would refund the amount. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS, IT IS A COMPLETE LIE, instead what they will say is quote "the gift card was scanned and redeemed in your area so no refund will be made and there is nothing we can do" according to a supervisor name COOPER. I had 3 gift cards that did not arrive. One card they refunded with no problem other than it took about a week to process. Second card they rejected the refund because Lena from support team said it was "scanned and redeemed in your area so no refund will be made" so she is saying that I used it????? Third card she completely ignored, did not mention anything about it. I sent at least 4 emails to Lena in support team with very detailed information, told her to respond and not ignore, finally they sent me an email. I called and spoke with supervisor RYAN, he kept saying it was not his call to make the decision about refunding that it was the support team decision, he can only relay the message.....wait a minute, what happened to the 100 day guarantee?????????? He doesn't know anything about that? Not sure if he was a person in charge based on his answers....ok, my purchase date was 1/24/16....after raising my voice to the call center and sending numerous emails, I finally got my two refunds on 3/16/16. FINALLY I CAN MOVE ON WITH MY LIFE AND NOT DEAL WITH A FRAUDULENT COMPANY. Again, NEVER would I deal with a fraudulent company again....then, on 4/11/16 the reverse one of my refunds and charged it on my credit again and I received an email from Lena that based on their research of all their past refunds, they felt that my one of my refund was invalid and so they would need to charge again for a gift card that I NEVER received. Are they kidding, seriously???????? After being on the phone for 30 minutes (wait time plus speaking to a CSR Iman), a so called supervisor name COOPER finally got on the line. He says he stands by their decision because "the card was scanned and redeemed in my area" so he is basically accusing me of RECEIVING THE CARD, REDEEMING IT and that I am lying about the whole thing. Is this really a legitimate company or is this a company that is running in someone's garage? I told COOPER they need to drop the current charge for a gift card that I have not received in a very aggravated voice and he said "we cannot do any business with you if you come out like this" OK....does he actually think I want to do business them after all this nonsense. Again I am questioning if he is indeed a person in charge. He was no help at all, he was extremely defensive and did not know how to handle this situation. I told him this fraudulent act will be reported and I will give negative but honest reviews and his response was "Thank you for that". If they have to rip me off for an amount of 22.16 and they don't care about being reported to BBB and get horrible reviews from me and many others, I question how long this company will survive. I learned my lesson and I am glad that I was not ripped off a huge amount like other people but a company like this should not get away with ripping people off. Always research a business before using a business. From now on, I am going to check BBB and review all the customer complaints before I give my money to a company. I have learned a valuable lesson thanks to
    There was a chargback issue (no fault of's) due to some bizzare activity that I won't bore anyone with, but when I contacted Raise about it, they were very quick and accommodating and issued me a refund the same day. Couldn't be more pleased with the customer service.
    3 out of 4 gift cards shipped had issues with their balance. I was able to talk to a person with only a 1-2 min hold, they were able to quickly verify that indeed there was a problem with the 3 GC's, apologized for the inconvenience and issued a refund. Not that I want this to happen to anyone but knowing that resolution is quick helps me to go back with confidence.
    I bought about 10,000.00 in ticketmaster gift cards over a period of 2 months. After I started using them to buy tickets for my business, I find out most of the cards were fraudulently purchased. So ticketmaster cancelled my orders and in some cases I already resold the tickets, so this is a very bad situation. They will not refund me and I get a run around when I call. I might have to hire a lawyer here. VERY BAD COMPANY.
    I asked whether the iOS App would automatically update the remaining value after having spent part of it. Unfortunately, the App does not provide the auto update feature.
    Great discounts and awesome service!
    I can't say enough wonderful things about Raise. To date, I've saved $300 with just under $3000 worth of gift cards purchased. I've purchased Toys R Us, PetSmart and Lowe's and haven't had a single problem redeeming. I've purchased both instant wallet delivered and mailed cards. If you're looking to save money, this is definitely the place to go!
    I'm thinking of hiring a lawyer. They stole $700 from me. I bought 2 gifts cards, one for Home Depot and the other from lowes. Both were at $0. I called so many times, they don't do anything. It's been 3 months and yesterday I called for the last time. Customer service dept is useless and they won't give you the contact information for the claims department. There is no way I'm giving up. I'm not loosing $700. Anybody Else would like to try to get their money back? I wonder if many of us get together if we can all get a lawyer and sue.
    Carson was very helpful and pleasant and made my return process very easy.
    Do not buy anything from Raise unless you want to deal with them for having a zero balance in your Egift cards. That was what happened to me. on 1/4/16, they had a good deal on starbucks Egift cards, so I bought 7 Egift cards from them. 3 out of the 7 cards have zero balance. I chatted and called them 3 times and nothing was done. They told me to just wait 7-14 business days to get my money back. Look, now is April 5th and I still didn't have my refund back. WTF Raise. Total SCAM.
    I have purchased gift cards worth $3400 to purchase appliances for my new home. I didn't even get half of them in 14 business days which they have mentioned on their website. Tracking information that they provide on the website is completely inaccurate. Tracking information from shows that some of the cards have been scanned at some USPS location but I got them already. We can't track the cards with USPS website and they themselves don't know where exactly the cards are. Whenever I chat with customer care, they simply point me to the tracking information on the website which is complete nonsense and ask me to wait for 30 days. This is the worst online shopping experience. As of today its already 18 business days and I haven't got all of my gift cards. I have sent emails to support team to investigate what happened to the remaining gift cards which I suppose to get in 14 business days but no response from them. I wonder why they are charging money from the sellers if it is like craigslist.
    Excellent customer service. And I feel safe to buy in the web
    Total SCAM. BAD GIFT CARD. A bunch of thiefs.
    We purchased a home depot gift card for $50 but it was $0 when we tried to make a purchase In-store for the first time. We called Raise but they would not work with us at all or refund our money. They would not contact the seller or even open an investigation. Anyone would be able to sell "temporary" gift cards on Raise and then use them before the buyer has time to use it himself. Raise needs to investigate the sellers who are actively committing fraud on their website and take responsibility. I highly recommend not buying from Raise as they support stealing your money. I'll be filing a report with the consumer complaints through the usa gov website.
    The Guarantee with this company has gone downhill. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars with them mostly on Lowe's gift cards. They used to be good about refunds, but not anymore. Now I have a bad card for $172.68 and ive been jumping through hoops emailing, calling, mailing the card back and still no refund. Its been well over a month of giving me a hard time. Their cards seem like a good deal, yes, but just wait until you get a bad card with these guys! You can say goodbye to any savings you thought you were gonna get and will probably eat a loss instead for their benefit
    By far the best gc exchange around
    Waste of time, found a $100 JCPenney eGift Card for $81, checked back in a few minutes to find the order was canceled without an explanation. Money was withdrawn from my account and then reversed, which means it will take at least a few days to be returned. Why on earth would I be charged in the first place if the order was just going to be canceled on me??? Won't try this again.
    I found out that the balance of a card I had was incorrect, being over $100.00 less what it was supposed to be. Not only did Raise refund me the difference, they also included the discounted savings amount. I was told it would take 2-3 business days to be investigated, but instead, it took maybe an hour & a half! If you are worried about purchasing discounted gift cards, don't be. They have a 100 day satisfaction guarantee, and they totally stick by it! Thank you Santino for your help! I'm truly pleased!
    My experience has been very good, however with all the fraud going on and the phishing e-mails, I would recommend that when you ask a client to call back to speak about an order, you give the toll free number listed on the website and have an option for the security area they need to reach. I did not recognize the 312 number given, therefore I called the 888 number and when they tried to transfer me, I got hung up on. If this issue was corrected, Raise would get a 5!
    Great info and Blake was very helpful.
    I purchased a $100 Whataburger gift card to test the waters. When I called the number on the back of the card, the automated system confirmed the $100 balance. We used it once for $24. The remaining balance was accurate. I ordered 3 more cards as gifts. Upon arrival, all the balances were $100. The following day, ALL cards had zero balance including the very first card used. I contacted customer service and "they would look into it only if I did NOT call my credit card company to dispute the charge". I have yet to hear from even after I contacted them again. My credit card company will take care of the charges. It is very clear that Raise is a scam. Save yourself time, energy and your hard earned money and stay away from these scam artists.
    The actual gift cards are hit-or-missyou may get a full one, you may get an empty one. But the customer service is a joke. Noliterally. Amongst me and my friends, Raise customer service is a joke; we like to pass around the responses we get, and compare average wait times (right now around 1 month for a response). Do yourself a favor. Pay with cash or credit. Anything but Raise.