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    I had gotten a phone call on 10/5/2015 at 6:16 PM from phone number 1-800-700-1000 claiming that my laptop has been sending out malware alerts to them and/or Dell. Now, from a number that comes from Dallas, Texas, this "technician" sure was hard to understand and sounded more like a scam artist. "Technician's" name was "John John" (What? Lol), he wanted me to run this operation "" which brought me to a 404 error web page, this loser was losing his patience saying that I'm not typing it in correctly, and he was getting mad because he had to repeat a few things a few times. This was more of a scammer than a technician as computers do not send out alerts to companies such as Dell (in my case), I played along to see if this was a scam and indeed was. I myself study computer systems maintenance, and the way to tell if your computer has Malware or any harmful software is to scan it regularly, your computer cannot send out notifications about its status as it is merely a machine. Humans know when something is wrong with themselves and can go to the doctor, a computer doesn't know when "it's feeling" bad and does not go see the "doctor" or seek help, it just bothers you with popups.
    I placed my order online, and a day later I receive a phone call that they needed to verify information because my shipping address was not the same as my billing address. I informed the agent that my shipping address is my work address, and she was determined to know the name of the business or they would not place the order. She used the excuse that she was trying to protect my credit card information, but what does the name of my business have to do with the shipping address on my personal credit card?! Because of her persistence, I told her to cancel my order. Because of this issue, I have notified our procurement team for our business to cease our business relationship with them.