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  • Description:Golfsmith is a golf equipment online retailers, the main provider of golf apparel, golf shoes, golf, golf bag and other equipment.
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    I'm 18 and my friends and I enjoy coming to golfsmith to look around, putt, and hit clubs. Every time we go we are followed around and crept on while there. On my last visit we over heard an employee say to another employee "I'd put money on it that they (taking about us) won't buy anything today." Also every time we are sarcastically asked "what are you interested in today?" My friends and I have spent countless amounts of money before so it's not like we are never buying stuff. I will not be going there again anytime soon. This happens at the location in des pere.
    Had a fitting on september 25 then ordered and paid a full set of Mizuno MP25 the same day at location. Never received a tracking number ever since the clubs arrived at their warehouse. No reply to my mails. Got them today but they sat one week at the UPS because UPS did not have my phone number... Will not buy from Golfsmith again. Sorry.
    Purchased a "Taylormade" Aero Burner driver from GolfSmith and the shaft broke on the first swing. Contacted Golfsmith but they refused to replace the club or to just refund the purchase. They are insisting on a lengthy warranty process to address the issue ( which doesn't really help if you want a golf club in the near-term). The shaft looks like plastic, which makes me think the club is a knockoff, and GolfSmith support has been horrendous, which make me question the company. Not really excited about waiting three or four weeks, or longer, to sort this out but just can't get any other support from the company. Never again will I buy from GolfSmith.
    I purchased a Nike Covert driver from Golfsmith and the head separated from the shaft after a couple months of use. I contacted Golfsmith and they promptly issued me an RMA label for me to return the club. They received my club on June 23 and the club sat in their warehouse for 2 weeks. On July 8 they finally shipped the club to Nike who wont receive it until Monday July 13. It will be a minimum of 4 weeks before I get my club back which means I missed a 1/4 of the short Wisconsin golf season. I am highly disappointed in their customer service and there is no excuse to let an item sit in their warehouse untouched for 2 weeks. They talk a good game on the phone but have demonstrated that they don't know how to follow up. I do not recommend this company. Note: In August, I received the repaired club from Nike (Over 30 days from when I sent it in). The repair was excellent but as stated above, the delay from GolfSmith in sending the club to Nike was the root cause of the poor customer service.
    I ordered golf shoes for my husband on March 9. On May 19 I called them, since the order hadn't shipped. They had farmed out the order to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer had cancelled the order because the product wasn't available. No one bothered to tell me this until I called.
    Last year I bought a fake frigging golf club online when I thought I was getting a deal. Never again. Now I only buy online at golfsmith for low prices which I know are all authentic
    I buy my golf balls in bulk online and golfsmith is one of the best places to get really good deals on bulk golf ball orders.
    My entire family buys our clubs at golfsmith when we need a new set. We demo at the range (never buy full price) and then get a great deal from golfsmith.
    Great site for getting discount clubs online. Cheaper than going to a golf store. Shipping is fast too.
    I can't believe the great prices they have at golf smith. I got a set for my brother and he thinks I paid over $2K for the clubs but they cost me only a few hundred.
    Wonderful experience shopping at Golf smith. I got the wrong size of a club and they were great at letting me exchange it for the correct size.
    quality components, top notch staff, number one spot to buy golf components, bar none
    I have had a account for quite a while now. They aren't always the cheapest but I do have to say they have A+ customer service. Free shipping on most orders, and a great tracking module. I especially like to shop their clearance and close-out area, sometimes you can hit some really cool stuff at a nice price. If you're interested in club-making this is the place to go. They have an entire division devoted to instruction, equipment and supplies so that you can do your own club building, re-gripping and stuff like that. PS-Their best deals are at the end of summer season in the fall.