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  • Description:GAP is one of the American biggest clothing company, the world's most famous and most influential public recreational outfit brand. The dress, fashion, simple, generous, leisure, it is worth mentioning is the trousers, the style more suitable for mass, simple but popular details, but also because it often promotion   discount, buy good quality pants so you often can not exceed the price of $30.
  • Gap Review

    Normal, clothing store. It does not stand out from the rest. Average
    They have really nice clothes, although i also find their discounts extremely deceitful, in fact this is rather obvious. Their clothing quality is good, i got a $150 dollar jacket there of course with the $75 dollar coupon and its still great but i also bought a neck warmer shirt which doesn't wash well and that cost me a whooping $75 and is now so stretched. You think you are getting a deal, trust me you arent.
    Beautiful kids clothes
    this is brilliant site to shop for my little boy they have a brilliant style and quality shop at this store it amazing !!!!
    These guys are the best at service!!
    Good clothing to order.
    I like it very much its all i have to say about the products.
    Another antiquated business that needs you to create yet another marginal internet account instead of using top-level single sign on SSO providers e.g. Google, Facebook
    Very well made clothing, true to size.
    It's worth buying during sales .... otherwise its expensive I feel!
    their stuff is way over priced amazon is cheaper
    I would tell evryone to go here.
    . . . I was DESPERATE for a job and tried, desperately, to get a position as an overnight stockroom person at their flagship store in Santa Monica. I was SO desperate at that time for a job. And THEY were desperate for workers - just not ME (and I am a very energetic and honest worker). Therefore I never have and never will, ever in my lifetime, shop there - I won't even buy their jackets and pants when I see them at Goodwill. I hate this store.
    like the quality and designs.
    So Stylish
    good store
    I have dressed my boys in gap clothing for the last te n years And. They offer great coupons Plus the outfits all look sharp
    I usually shop here for kids cloths. Pretty good prices and the quality is not that bad
    very nice site
    very good for teenage price right for me to i also like the styles
    I couldn't find the dress I saw in store and loved, couldn't find any sizes, and I was never buying anything at the sale price because you had to get in early to be able to purchase anything at all. I did give the website a "good" rating, though, because they are one of the few online retailers to price in Canadian dollars if I am shopping from Canada. Thanks! It gets really confusing to conveert to USD all the time, and since Old Navy/Gap/ Banana Republic have free shipping, random duties and shipping don't get tacked on.
    Cheap and reliable
    i buy a lot from Gap only because it is a known name brand. The Big N Tall t-shirts are really short.. So not true to size. their returns are really hard if you try returning through store (they give you that choice in their recipt). Putting it in the mail is easier. Their chothes are really expensive (for me). Good thing sometimes they have coupons!! I love their clothes for kids, but not for Tall men.
    I like the Gap clothes but the prices are sometimes to high.
    I bought from the store a few times and about three of the times I went I got a coupon from the clerks so next time I came I saved and bought more!
    I can find so much things for my little child it is great!
    Nice clothes with quality to them
    Really good quality, but expensive.... Just one question though...Does GAP actually stand for gay and proud?
    Never had an issue, fast delivery. Good product
    Good quality and great prices
    I love Gap. They have great clothes and great quality. Sure, the prices are a bit high, but I love their stuff regardless.
    They always fit, staff is very friendly and they stay in shape after washing!!!
    very good
    Product is good and site is ok just pay attention at end that you have correct sizes ordered
    Do you remember that! Still great Jeans!
    Its faster servicex
    Easy to shop. Most products are quality. Love their jeans, disappointed that you can't use discount codes on them. Shipping takes a little long.
    Good selections and reasonable prices. I would recommend for anyone that likes that style of clothing.
    My experience with GAP began last year. And it was quite good! But I found the customer care to be a bit unreliable. Would have given five stars if I was given better care and service!
    Great place for shopping, especially the children section.
    Clothes don't differ much from old navy since they are owned by the same company. The prices are very high
    I'll pass
    I Can Only Say Awesome Service...
    Love their stuff
    Great for young people, 8 years and up. Little girls wanting to wear trend items will love the Gap. Good quality and lasts a long time. Nice tops for women. good jeans for men.
    good choices
    I was happy with it.
    Who doesn't like the Gap?
    The gap has been consistant with the additional discounts