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  • Description:E.l.f.  Cosmetics is a well-known cosmetic brands, in a number of years, it has become one of the fastest growing, the most competitive cosmetics company. Because of its low price, formulas of natural, low sensitization degree, get a lot of young ladies.
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    I called because I had an issue with my recent online order, the rep got loud with me on the phone and was mumbling all kind of rude stuff to me "I can't deal with this back and forth all day", well resign from your current post. I didn't beg u to work there and I spent my hard earned money at your company to be treated like "nothing"?!?! After letting her know it's rude and unprofessional to speak to me like that she simply laugh, said have a good day and hang up the phone. I work for a company who values customer service and would been given my pink slip should I speak to any customer in a rude manner.
    I am a regular online elf shopper (monthly) I order from Canada and they never cease to amaze me on how fast everything arrives, how beautiful everything is and the prices..don't get me started! I will Forever be a Huge fan! <3
    I, personally, have not had such bad experiences as everyone else here has. I've made two orders from them so far, and everything that I ordered came in the box + the free gifts I received with both of them. They're cheap, great for beginners, and the shipping takes less than two weeks (it's always here before it says it will be). My only complaint is that the products are small, but for $1 - $5 cosmetics who can complain really? I would like to dispel the myth that elf sells your information to third parties, as one person said below. Elf has a deal for new customers who make an account where when you spend $25, you get a free magazine subscription and it shows it right there in checkout. You can either accept the subscription, use it as a $24 rebate, or delete it from your cart. I decided to rebate mine, making my second order from them only $5!
    I ordered multiple items on Nov 30th, it was only supposed to be a standard shipping time, meaning 5-7 days. They didn't even send me a confirmation email saying it was shipped until 20 days later. I finall received my package on the 22nd of DECEMBER. And I was willing to forget about waiting so long, but when I opened the pacakge, half of the items I ordered were missing. I called customer service and reordered the missing items and the lady offered free 2-day shipping. The confirmation email I received stated it shipped out on the 12/23, but when I called customer service on 12/31, a very rude lady picked up and claimed they shipped it out on 12/28. I asked why there is a discrepency in the shipping dates, and she refused to answer and hung up on me. There was also supposed to be a tracking number and it was not available on the elf computer system. Their products may be cheap, but the terrible customer service is not worth it, especially if they keep avoiding the problem. They will lose customers. If a customer asks a question for clarification, you do not hang up on them. I have also worked in retail before, and even when I am in a poor mood, I would never treat valued customers that way.
    I should have read all of the many complaints online regarding ordering on their website! I ordered some things as a Christmas gift for my daughter and it says if I spend a certain amount I get free shipping. I waited two weeks and even emailed them, with no response... when my package arrived it was missing items. they did charge my card for ALL of the items and never got back to my emails! When I tried calling I got an automated voice saying to email them! How is it that they can get away with taking money from people and horrible customer service? This was my first time ordering from their site and my last! I will also go on a mission to show the 9,000 followers on Facebook, 2,000 on Instagram and every other social media site I have, the MANY complaints against ELF. I refuse to spend a dime on any of their products and will make sure EVERY single person I know ( and in my line of work I come in contact with a lot of people from all over the world) know the truth about this scandalous company!
    What originally happened was that elf gave me a $3 refund for 14 missing items I had paid for and didn't receive. I made a previous review describing the terrible experience. After three emails and a message I left on their voicemail, I received the rest of my refund for those 14 items, and they sent me a 32 piece eyeshadow palette set (all about the nude) with two studio brushes, and an eyelid primer, along with a postcard from an elf representative apologizing for the bad experience I had. The refund, free gift and apology pushed a button in my heart, so I felt obligated to tell everyone that they resolved the original issue, and they went above and beyond by sending me a free gift. Even though this experience with them was pretty bad to begin with (because half my order was missing when it arrived), I'd say that I'd shop on their website again in the future. It did take a few emails and a few days to hear a response from them, but they managed to at least give me my money back so I'm satisfied knowing that they take care of their customers.
    In october I ordered a few items from elf, which took about 2 weeks to arrive. Once my items did arrive, the first product I opened (a Lipstick) was broken. I emailed them right away, and they said they'd deliver me a new one right away and gave me a 5$ gift card (which I appreciated). However 2 months and a few emails later, and I still have yet to receive the lipstick replacement (oh yeah and the 5$ gift card does not work). I've tried chatting with them (no one replies), I've tried emailing them (no one replies), I've tried calling (and due to call volumes being so high they aren't taking calls). "Customer service" is non existent at elf. At this point I don't want anything more to do with elf, they can keep my money and the lipstick they never sent to me, but I will definitely never order anything from them again. I have never been this frustrated with a company before, if I could rate then a 0 I would, because 1 is too high.
    Great prices. Great product. I had no problems at all with them. Thanks for being 1 of few great sites to online shop.
    Ive ordered from elf a good handful of times and I can honestly say I love it. I mean sure I'd rather order 10 things from MAC or Urban Decay but you can't beat the price. Literally almost everything is under $6 and the quality (depending in what you buy) isn't too had at all. I recently bought about 10 items on cyber Monday from elf and they had a 50% of their whole store sale. I mean you seriously cant beat that. I'm just saying don't expect to get 100% pro makeup but it is deffinetly worth the price!
    Elf only sent me 6 out of the 10 products I ordered. I was so mad. If they thought I wouldn't notice that they must've thought I was stupid. I then tried to call the number and it sent me straight to "please email us instead" ... Ughhhhh. So then I went and sent them an email and they didn't even respond. I sent them an individual email and filled out the contact form online. I couldn't believe this happened to me. I thought this was a good brand but I was wrong. This was the first time I ordered from them and I will never go back.
    e.l.f. already makes amazing products for pennies compared to their competitors. No complaints there, and if there's a problem, their customer service takes care of it for me in a jiffy. (I've had a few cases of an item being incorrect or not included, and they were swift to correct it.) My only complaint is that they can't seem to keep up with demand on some of their more popular items. These will sell out in days and can take months to become available again. And while the site layout has been improved as of today, it seems to have removed some of my favorite tools like the wishlist option and the ability to be notified once an item is back in stock.
    I bought the cream blush and bronzer last Thursday for vacation next week thinking surely it will be here but coming now at the end of Monday it still has not shipped and every review I saw said that it normally takes a week. So the entire purchase was in vain because I'm not going to be able to use it for my vacation. Awful shipping. Would rather shop in store, but there is less items :/ ugh
    I love ELF. I have 1 teenage and 1 pre-teen daughter who love makeup. ELF is definitely worth it. We have so many items of all types and I don't have to freak out if they drop the eye shadow or lose a mascara at school because it's cheap. The quality is as good as if not better than most drug store make-up. When they get older and make their own money they can choose to buy expensive , over priced make-up. I rarely wear make-up myself, but most of my make-up is now ELF.
    For the low, low. prices the ELF had their products are the best. I have purchased quite a few items now and they perform better than some of the pricier cosmetics. You can purchase a whole load of cosmetics from them for about the price if 1 item from revlon
    Yes the products are cheap and my order came just fine. However, a month later, I received a subscription for Vogue Magazine that I never signed up for. Turns out, ELF sold my personal information (and possibly credit card) to a company called Other customers have had the same problem with ELF. Please do not order here. Your information might end up with a third party and your credit card could get charged for something you never even ordered.
    I own a lot of Elf products and i am constantly looking for new releases and items sold in stores. But, recently the site is soo slow that it makes it very frustrating to make an order. I understand that the deals and low prices means that there is constant traffic on the site, but they really need to figure out a solution. It took me over 3 days of constantly trying to place an order for it to finally go through. I was very frustrated and annoyed and i do not plan on going through that much trouble again. If they do not fix this problem soon, I will switch brands and shop somewhere else.
    Very cheap products! Pretty slow shipping, but everything arrived eventually.
    Great deals, really affordable and decent quality on most products. Only complaint is the minimum total amount for free shipping is a little high, and has gotten much higher in the past year.
    May 19: Signed up on ELF website and placed an order (with international shipping to Montreal, Canada). May 20 early morning: Confirmation email from ELF: order is shipped. May 21: "FedEx Delivery Exception" due to "Improper or missing paperwork - Missing Commercial Invoice". "Shipper requested shipment to be returned - Unable to deliver shipment returned to the shipper." (tracking information from FedEx website) May 21: In the evening I send an email to ELF customer service (it was past their business hours to call) inquiring about my order. ELF immediately replied with an automated email apologizing for the package being "lost in transit" and asked whether I would like a refund on my card or have my order reshipped, if the latter, to confirm my shipping address. I wrote back that I'd like my order to be reshipped and I provided my shipping address once more. May 22: Confirmation email from ELF: order is shipped. May 23 to 28: Nothing, and no tracking record on FedEx website (ELF does advise that the tracking record will only update once the package has crossed the Canadian border which could take up to ten days). May 29 - 6:30 am : FedEx tracking update: Package has "Left FedEx origin facility" on the 28 and is "On FedEx vehicle for delivery". Estimated delivery: Thursday May 29. May 29 - 2:30 pm : DELIVERED. I am satisfied with the products and service I got. However, due to the issues they seem to be having with shipping and customer service (based on myriad complaints I've seen from other customers), I am not ordering online from ELF again; the anxiety of not knowing whether or not you're gonna get your package is not worth it. Buying their products in-store, if you can, in your best bet.
    E.l.f is a great place if you just want to start buying makeup unfortunately it broke me out and the foundation/concealers are orange on me and that's no good. Otherwise it's pretty good :)) they just need to work on their color selection.
    I love elf. I ordered all-over concealer, black eyeliner and mascara, and "fantasy" lipstick. I got them within one week and it all was great! They even gave me a cute little drawstring bag to keep it all in!
    I love elf their products are very good quality and so affordable That you dońt hesitate to be beautiful... The accessories are incredible especially the brushes are soooo soft and the nail polish is perfect .. I'd like to buy à lot of thèse but they increase the price from 1euro to 2,50 euros and the only thing That makes me hesitate to order is the shipping price at home it is 6,95€ In France it is huge ( most of cosmetics sites In France offer the shipping from 15 or 20€ )
    Great site. Easy to navigate, affordable prices, and the products are surprisingly good for the price you get them at!!! A gem :)
    Really pleased with the everything E.L.F has to offer! Their customer service was great each time i had a question or needed to contact someone about my order. Shipping was relativity fast considering i live in Canada. The only problem i have with this site is the shipping price is so high :(
    This website is great! I've ordered several times and I am satisfied with every order. Both the prices and the shipping is very low, and they always have offers which makes it even cheaper! The last order I made was about 17 nailpolishes, for 15£ I think. They arrived very quickly and the quality is great! And the don't dry in the bottle eigher, so I am very happy with them!
    I would really recommend this site. First of all: the prices really cheap with good quality; then if you like something out of stock they send you an e-mail when it's back on stock. And the shipping time: super fast I've made my order monday and by friday I had my products (I'm in Italy). Good quality, good price, fast shipping: perfect!
    This site offers makeup for the thrifty person...I have ordered from here several times and have only had one problem...they didn't send me an item that I had ordered...a quick email to customer service and the money was deposited back into my account...The makeup from the site is just as good as any drugstore brand (cover girl, maybelline, revlon, etc). The site offers promos all the time and many times shipping will be as much as your order so you may want to order with a friend. Arrival time for your purchase is usually about 7-10 business days. Read the reviews of the items you select and order based on these reviews as some of the products don't always get good ratings...For the price of the makeup, it's worth a shot to see if you like their products or not...if you do, you have found a great site, if you don't, you aren't out alot of money.
    Let me start off by saying that E.L.F indeed used to have outrageously long shippings times and seemingly non-existent customer service. I've also heard of people not getting everything they ordered, but it hasn't personally happened to me. In 2009, a group of friends and I decided to order together from them online. Needless to say, we waited forever for our items to come. After reading quite a number of negative reviews from others online with similar issues, I vowed never to return to their website. I thought to myself then: Drats, I should have been smart and looked up reviews -before- making the purchase. If only I had Site Jabber to guide me back then. Haha. Now, lets fast forward to 2011. They have gone a long way since 2009! I've made two purchases from them this year (with a little convincing from my friend the first time, who wanted to split shipping costs with me), and each shipment arrived in about a week. I ordered at least 10+ items each time, and nothing was ever missing nor did I ever get the wrong product. I think it's safe to say that E.L.F. is now okay to purchase from. I haven't had to do any returns, so I can't vouch for how good their customer service is, but I'd love to hear from someone who's had a recent experience with returns/customer service! Overall? E.L.F. gets two thumbs up from me. If you're like me and you've had unsatisfactory experiences with E.L.F. in the past and are thinking of buying their products again, I definitely encourage you to give them another try. If you've never purchased from E.L.F, I highly recommend their products. Their studio brushes and eyebrow kit are particularly good for the price you pay :)! P.S. Some of their products are also available at Target! Update: Kay, I just made another purchased order recently and got the specifics on how long it took for me to finally get the product: I ordered it on the 21st, a confirmation was immediately sent to me. Another e-mail saying my order was shipped came on the 22nd, with a FedEx tracker. No activity on the tracker until a couple days later (can't remember when), but it said my package wasn't shipped until the 24th (um, why 2 day delay in shipping?). It will arrive tomorrow on the 30th. Almost a week to ship for a whopping $6.95 paid in shipping... Granted 2 were not business days, still... That took awhile :(
    i love this website..i have pretty much everything..i love there brushes from the studio line..they are so soft! and they don't shed...the ones that are a dollar are not that great..
    I wish ALL women knew about ELF (eyeslipsface)! Almost everything on that website is under $5, and most of the time they do specials (right now it's free shipping on orders over $25!) My co-worker introduced me to this- she's bought over $30 in supplies- says all of them work fabulously and the shipping was fast! She's addicted to this site and I have to admit, I'm addicted too! The makeup on this website isn't "fake" makeup either (you know, where it looks pretty in the case but not on your face) - it's high quality stuff! I'm so sorry to get you addicted too..... :)
    I've ordered here several different times. The make up is really inexpensive without having to sacrifice quality. I especially love the studio brushes. They're just as soft as the ones my friends by from Estee Lauder or some other expensive brand, and they're 75% cheaper! The only problem I have with them is that it takes about 2 or 3 weeks before I it arrives. I don't even get a confirmation from shipping until about 5 days after I've ordered it. Other than that though, the make up is very worth it to buy and i will continue to buy it. Just don't expect it any time soon.
    One for the ladies a company worth using and honest - I have brought quite a few item from this company, they are reliable, good value, and the speed of delivery is second to none.  My last order was ordered in the afternoon and arrived the next morning now if thats not quick I don't know what is. I just thought that instead of my moaning about the other company that I'm having trouble with I thought that I would let everyone know about a truly excellent company that really stands out in my book. sandranewp