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    You can't call them and they say they answer emails quickly. They do not. They also would not answer my simple questions. Instead they said I should get the hint and go to a dealership. Rude or what?
    My order was acknowledged immediately, I received the confirmation email within minutes, an email of shipment early the next morning with USPS tracking no. and two days later exactly what I ordered was delivered. Makes me doubt the veracity and integrity of the bad reviewers. The company did exactly what they advertised in an expeditious maner. Good job, Centercaps!
    I have been waiting for 5 weeks for my hubcap . after. Waiting 3 weeks I emailed the company and all I received was a tracking number in response. When checking it out , it showed it had been shipped the day I orded it then disappeared in the USPS system . I wrote back with that info. I received a reply of we are looking into this and will get back with you asap. After a week I asked again where is my cap. I am getting no response. All I want is what I paid for.
    I would not recommend I ordered a set of tire pressure monitors through ebay and went on vacation. I came back from vacation and saw that they had not come. I double checked on PayPal and saw that there was a refund of the money that came in three days after I had ordered them no explanation no nothing, sent them an email message to ask what had happened and didn't get a reply.
    I also whish I had read the reviews. The center caps they sent for my Toyta Tundra did not fit. I followed the return instructions that were provided and thought that I would quickly recieve a refund. When the refund never came I called the customer service line and was told that there was no record of my purchase ( this was after I provided all info on their feturn form) and that now I should file a dispute through my credit card company. This company completely sucks.
    I searched online for a cheap replacement hubcap for my 2009 Tacoma. I certainly didn't want to buy a new one and a lot of what I saw online were sets of 4 and I only wanted a single replacement. had a single one for a good price. I placed my order before I saw all the horrible reviews online. If I had seen them first I would not have ordered from them. I ordered on Friday, July 11th and received my hubcap on Wednesday, July 16th. sent me an email with tracking info on Monday, July 14th. The hubcap arrived in a bubble wrap envelope and was in good shape. It had some minor scratches but all the spring clips were intact and it looked as good as the other three caps on my truck. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone needing a replacement.
    site mixes your shipping and billing address together making an address that doesn't exist. Little to no customer service dealing with credit card company because centercaps will do nothing. If there was a zero I would rate them zero. Do not use them!!!!
    These guys are awful. Completely clueless, terrible customer service. Would absolutely stay away from them at all costs.
    Ordered a replacement Toyota Corolla hubcap-paid $100 less than the price quoted by the dealer. Hubcap was in great condition-indistinguishable from the other three hubcaps. The replacement came in about a week--no problems. Not sure about other reviewers' experiences--mine was first rate.
    All I can say is wow I will never buy anything online again without checking the reviews. Every review here is dead on...gently used my a** the retaining clips were broken off 2 caps and all 4 were scratched to hell...don't learn this lesson through the school of hard knocks like I did
    This e-mail back to tells it all. Two days after I entered the order, they replied that the product was not in stock. Website looked good. Unfortunately, I did not check the reviewes or I would not have used this company. Here is the e-mail that I sent them. "I didn't realize that your product was not in stock. I had several options but decided on your company. Unfortunately, I assumed that I would get the service that I am accustom to from the online companies that I deal with, so went with your company and even expedited the shipping to get the product here. Now too late to shift gears and a birthday present that will not deliver. Just so you aware of the expectations of an online company that represents itself as the leader in this type of product. If you didn't have the product, it should have stated so on the website. If you had to have it shipped direct from the manufacturer , you should have done it. Bad Bad Bad reviews to follow."
    I wish that I would have read the reviews first but as others have said it does seem like a reputable business. well I was dead wrong I am still waiting on my cap to get here so I cant comment about the condition just yet but I can say that they did not give me a tracking number I had to get mine from PayPal. when I did look it showed me when ups finally got it well they held my cap for 4 days before they even shipped it so far it has been 11 days since I ordered it and still not sure how much longer it will take as the tracking its updated daily it is still showing the ETA as a date that has already come and gone. I have sent them emails and no reply im guessing the reason there is no phone number is so that they don't have to face the fact that people are very upset about the whole process new/used shipping times etc. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM IT WILL ONLY FRUSTRATE YOU!!!!
    When I ordered from, I wasn't skeptical about the sight at all. The website appears to be reputable, and they appear to have almost any cap for any brand. I ordered from them without looking at a single review, which I thought I would regret after I read what people had to say about them. After I read the reviews, I found myself nervous and uneasy because of the slander I was seeing, so I emailed them for a tracking number to ensure that my object was indeed in the process of sending. While they failed to provide me with a tracking number and only sent me a reply saying that my item was in fact on its way, the process ran considerably smooth. All I purchased was a centercap for my Volkswagen, and while I'm sure the size of your order definitely influenced your experience, mine was positive over all. The item I received was gently used, just like the description said, and had a few small scratches, which I didn't mind. They were only one day late on shipping (they claim it takes three days, it took four for me). Not a terrible experience at all. Leave it up to the people of the Internet to scare the $#*! out of you.
    If there was a zero star I would give them that. I never received a confirmation email, just an email from PayPal with their receipt. The 4 caps were crammed into a 6x9 bubble mailer, arrived with three caps broken. I asked about returning them and they just say they need the email confirmation from them. I never got it and can't seem to make them understand that if I didn't get it I can't provide it. They just keep emailing me a note that says "again, we need the confirmation email", like I'm stupid and don't understand. I will file a dispute with PayPal if I haven't heard from them by Monday. Stay away from them, shop somewhere else.
    I saw some of the review, after i order and thought old $#*!,But as it turns out , I'am very please with service and product,and will do business with them again,,
    Have not received merchandise has been over 2 weeks, unable to contact.
    Very bad---I purchased a new hubcap( clicked - New & Used OEM Factory & Aftermarket Car )...recieved a used dirty hubcap for the same price as a new one. Company says they only sell used hubcaps. Said I would have to pay return shipping and restocking--for a refund --not worth it----Do not buy from this company!!!!!!!!!-----read the dozens of negative reviews
    No customer service! Order at your own peril. Before ordering a center cap I emailed them asking if the part would fit since the p/n did not match my manual. They said yes, I ordered the cap and it does not fit. There is no phone to contact them and when I emailed with the problem 4 times I get the standard response to send it back. No one reads your emails.Before I spend additional $ sending it back and then getting charged a restocking fee when the error was theirs, I want to know if they have one that fits. I am trying to send a fax and hope someone will read it this time, but am not optimistic. -
    This is the absolute worst website. After 2 emails, 3.5 weeks waiting for my centercaps, 1 vague response stating that the caps had been shipped (but with no tracking number available), I disputed with my credit card company. This merchant is what makes online buying not fun. I ordered my caps from a different website and received the brand new caps within 2 business days.
    I ordered a single centercap for a 2001 Bonneville on 12/27/10, and it arrived in the mail 12/31. It fits well and matches the other three used ones on the vehicle. I also thought I was buying a new one, but I am satisfied with the service and product for the $9 (delivered) I paid. The only paperwork enclosed was a business card. For those who need it the address is 181 Hills Creek Road, Wellsboro, PA 16901; Fax 570-723-8744 (no voice number provided).
    I ordered before reading reviews of this site. I think they are reading the reviews, my order came in 4 days through USPS. They were a few scratches, but so do the others on my 2001 car. However, I was miffed about the fact that they have no phone number, you get no receipt, it comes in an envelope instead of a box, and all you get with the package is a business card with the same info you get online...nada.. It was my worst experience with an online vendor, and I deal with a lot of them...
    Got what I wanted in a timely fashion. They saidd gently used, and they were. Saved about 40% over dealer prices, and nothing some wax and tar remover wouldn't make like brand new. If you want new, step up to the pump, open your wallet and pay the price. You can't sit at home on a computer and expect to rebuild your car like it left the factory. Remember, the caps are slightly used, adn so are the wheels on your car that you are putting them on..........
    I'm another dope who suckered for the scam. Wish I'd read these reviews before ordering.
    In My experience with, this is one Co. you should stay away from & the old AXIOM, BUYER BEWARE!!!!!! Really is True in this Case. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE A SCAM! They did send me this E-Mail " I can assure you we are a legit company: Well all I can say is They do not act like ONE . This Co. does not even deserve a star, that is how bad they are. So I say again PLEASE BUYER BEWARE!!!!!! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY THEY ARE A SCAM!
    Site is dishonest. Fails to notify that it sells only used parts. That information is buried in the fine print on the FAQ. I would guess that a question they are frequently asked is, "Why did you send me a used part when I thought I was ordering new?" My caps arrived heavly rusted, corrosion eating through the chrome, scratched. Would not recommend this site to anyone
    Sells used and broken hubcaps as new. No phone number. Consumer pays for restocking fee and return shipping for defective products. Avoid this scam!!