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    I using Apple vacation about 8 years, always was pleased experience, but not this time. The costumer service very bad, looks they don't care about clients at all. I got lessons from last booking vacation. Very bad. I never again will be using this company.
    UPDATE: I know nobody has posted on this board lately, but I am finally fed up with this ordeal. On March 8th I spoke with 'veronica' from apple who promised to follow-up on why I have been unable to book a room since Feb 12th, and why nobody from apple has ever followed through and returned my calls. It has been 6 days with no return call, I left her another message today. To make matters worse, I emailed Mr. Stitt from Travelzoo on March 9th, 5 days ago. I have received NO response from anyone there either. So because of some major confusion at Apple when trying to book this replacement deal offered at apple, lack of communication, and no desire for anyone at both Apple and Travelzoo to followup on my issues, I'm now out $2800 bucks for flights and no room. Below is the letter I emailed to Mr. Stitt at Travelzoo. Dear Mr. Stitt: I would like to thank you for your efforts on behalf of myself and other fellow Travelzoo Members that are left without unfullfilled accomodations from Fresh Trips. However, in my personal situation I have been left with no resolve after multiple and repeated attempts to make a booking with Apple Vacations at the Grand Sunset Princess. I originally contacted them to make a booking on or about February 12,2016. Originally, although I called the 'dedicated' line, I was transferred around for just under an hour as nobody knew what I was talking about. Finally, I spoke with an agent that AGAIN said there were no rooms available for my dates, but promised to research it and call me back. I received no call back as of Feb. 15. I called again, this time the agent I did speak with had no idea what I was talking about, but promised to find someone who was familiar with this ordeal and return my call. I called several more times (Feb 17, 20, 22, 23, 27, March 2,3, and 8) to attempt to make the booking with the same outcomes as above, not once did an Apple Vacations member return my call after calling repeatedly just trying to make the booking per your email. I will tell you there was once I was actually able to speak with the "dedicated agent" (which by the way even though I called the 'dedicated number' again took 3 phone transfers and being on hold for 1 hour 20 minutes). This agent told me there were no "project Travelzoo" rooms, but the representative actually made a booking for me this time at their listed rates, then she was to 'try to get the rooms approved and price adjusted'. Of course she stated she would finish looking into the matter and contact me within 2 days. Of course, as predicted she did not contact me back. I called the agents direct line several times over 2 days asking her to return my call. She did not call. Instead, she emailed me back after my latest message saying " the travelzoo project ended 2/23/16, sorry". As you can imagine her response made me very angry as I had spent the previous 3 weeks attempting to make the booking your email said I would be able to book. So, of course I spent this past week or so trying to talk to supervisor at Apple Vacations, more phone calls, more promises to return my call which AGAIN never happened. Yesterday, I called again. I spoke with someone that actually followed up and had supervisor Daniel return my call. Once he did, he realized I needed to speak with Veronica, who also called me back as promised. Anyhow, she stated Apple is trying to secure me a room and would contact me in a day or two. As you can imagine, I don't have much faith despite the recent efforts from Apple by finally returning a call. While I understand this situation was not created directly by Travelzoo or Apple, you did offer a potential resolution, which for some reason I have been dealing with roadblocks. I am reaching out to you to get a resolution to getting an accommodation. Because, as it currently stands I have nearly $3000 in airfare I stand to lose which had already been booked. I want to book my 2 rooms at the price paid for the base room $798 each (with fresh trips I upgraded one room for a larger unit for $180). It doesn't necessarily have to be at the Grand Sunset Princess, I would consider less costly options.
    I've been using Apple to travel for 22 years now and I've never had a complaint with them. To be completely honest, I had a bad experience with a square deal once, but it was the hotel not Apple themselves where the problem lie. Guess I ought to elaborate and say, the hotel was gorgeous, everything Apple promised, but no one spoke English! Other than that(which is a discount deal so I mean you get what you pay for) no problems with flights, hotels, transportation, or tours. All were amazing... and I'm a spoiled, demanding brat so, trust me that's saying something.