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  • Description:Stila  Cosmetics (poems of Di Na), is USA famous cosmetics brand, the product easy to color, long do not fade, packaging delicate and lovely, suitable for 16 - to 60 year old women.
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    I've purchased every long-handled makeup brush Stila has available. These are my absolute favorite brushes in my collection even compared to Shu, Trish McEvoy, MAC, etc. Their customer service has always gone above and beyond to make any wrongs right.
    i decided to try out a stila eyeliner, and at first it worked sooo well. it was a rich dark color that stayed on even if i didn't touch up during the day. i thought i finally found the eyeliner to for me. but after some uses (can't approximate how every other day for 2 months?) it started to break off as i was applying it! no bueno, esp for something i put on the inside of my eyes!