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  • Description:Sanrio (San Liou) is the world famous cartoon character brand publishers, the design of living supplies, stationery, school supplies, gifts, clothing and other supplies around the world. The Hello  Kitty is the most representative figure in the Sanrio image and the most popular. The current issue of its commodities include adult life, children's bags, backpacks, travel rod box doll, personal supplies, stationery, paper products, watches, clocks, phone accessories, electrical appliances, cutlery, Home Furnishing supplies and automotive supplies.
  • Sanrio Review

    So I ordered a nice big shipment from Sanrio from the first time not knowing what to expect, week passes and I find out that during the shipping process my items were damaged. Then I contacted Sanrio by email informing them, yes they did respond but instead of just sending a new shipment right away or issuing a refund at the same time they had to file a claim which took up to 21 days, and if it didn't go through I had to personally contact my card company and have them speak to Sanrio's "fraud" department to get a refund. I should also add that I had glass products in my shipment, also keep in mind that this has taken up an entire month and I still haven't received any products nor my money back. The fact that a brand and company as big as Sanrio would be so cheap to a customer is disappointing.
    I got a $25 gift card here and bent over backwards to buy this onesie I dearly wanted off their website. So, I spent my own money aswell as the gift card. I get the onsie in a LARGE and I am 18... As the girl was modeling... Fit her great! Fit me like a toddler onesie! So dumb!! I returned it on MY own money a WHOLE month ago and I've emailed them several times about getting my refund. They won't even respond. Totally rediculous. Just buy from the Sanrio store If you like their chactaters.... Cause the costumer service is the worst.
    There may be cute stuff on the site but you can find it in brick and mortar stores. I made the mistake of ordering from this site. First, I wanted to amend my order immediately after placing it. I used the site link to email customer service. Two weeks later, still no answer. Second, the package made it from Calif to Penna within 40 miles of my house in 4 days via Fedex. After that, it dropped off the face of the earth. No tracking updates are available. I called customer service- no answer- what a surprise. $60 down the drain. Merry Christmas.
    I kept getting an order error message, so I called my CC company, they showed 5 duplicate orders approved by Sanrio. I emailed Sanrio, twice, sent a customer care request, even looked up their phone number left a message, no responses at all. Now an order I wanted to be rushed for Christmas, cant go through and now Im on hold with my CC company trying to get these 5 transactions cancelled. Never ordering from again! My girlfriend will just have to find another obsession.
    Reading all the reviews I was on the fence for months whether to hit the pay button. I decided to process half the order and see what to expect. I was not sure this was a trusted site. Order was processed and shipped the next day. I received it within 4 days. Thank goodness I didn't have a bad experience. I will purchase the rest.
    I CANNOT for the life of me place an order at It always says 'error'. I don't know why the heck it would say that. My shipping/billing address is correct and my I have just enough money to buy what I wanna buy. completely SUCKS!!!!!!!
    Beware if you want to purchase things from its online store. I did not get my package, and it still charged me $. They did not take any responsibility. Horrible customer service. Horrible. Horrible!!!
    Sanrio gave me the absolute worst customer service I have ever received. They did not ship my order, and they did not refund me the cost even though they didn't ship. I would never recommend anybody use them directly to purchase Sanrio products. And I most certainly will never use them in the future. I decided to purchase my products elsewhere.
    Oh! I love Hello Kitty so much! The other characters are also cute! I love shopping Sanrio items.
    This is Hello Kitty Heaven! Our daughter loves you guys, keep it up!
    This is a really good site. A must visit for any hello kitty fan, regardless of age!
    Wow, the characaters are so cute. They are dreamy and adorable. I love love visiting the site.
    I really love Hello Kitty dolls. Just found out that there are a lot more toys that I can possibly collect. Thank you Sanrio.
    Really cure stuff on here if your a Sanrio or Hello Kitty Fan!
    This site is freaking adorable! It has been one of my faves for years. I love Hello Kitty and all the other Sanrio characters. Love shopping on this site.
    I cannot even begin to express how happy shopping sanrio online has made me. Before I moved, I would always do my HK & friends shopping at a tangible store,but since the move (8 years ago)there isn't a store within 50 miles of me. This led me to do online shopping at when I am not back in my hometown visiting. Everything I have ever ordered is perfect, genuine and on time, although I must say that the shipping fee is only worth it if ordering plenty of items.
    Hello Kitty Forever - I don't know what kind of childhood I would have had if I didn't have my BFF, Hello Kitty. How could I have gotten through school without scented pens and sparkly erasers??? Now I no longer need to feel guilty perusing the aisles at the Hello Kitty store (it's distracting to shop when there are a bunch of 7 year olds running up and down the aisles)!!! This is a great site that even offers... Hello Kitty in pave diamond?!! Hellooooo KItty!!!