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  • Description:Petco is American largest pet supplies retailer, headquartered in California, 2014, Petco more than 1000 stores in American existing. The goal is to help all customers have become a great pet parents, Petco not only provide products more various service and information consultation.
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    I have personally made 5 separate comments regarding the leopard gecko enclosures at the location in Carlsbad off of Vista Way. They are kept in fine grain sand which can cause severe ailments including metabolic bone disorder which is irreversible. It would take 20 minutes of time and materials on site not 5 feet from the habitat to fix this issue. This petco location is actively killing the animals they're trying to profit from and refuse to make this simple change for the good of the animal. Tip for consumers:Buy from somewhere who meets animals most basic needs. Products used:None. Quality
    On Sunday evening went to Petco at Killingly Common's in Dayville, CT. With my 7 yr old son who got a starter fish tank for Christmas. The associate in the fish dept. literally refused to sell me any fish stating the tank was too small even for a few neons. This not only crushed my 7 yr. Old but infuriated me. She was basically rude, far from helpful and I will never go back there. I'd add proof of purchase but.. Service
    Buying online w/this retailer is best way to go with Petco, esp where there's not much competition on pet supplies, although now you must pick up the online order at the local store. Local store is a franchise and prices can be marked up as high as they want. Knew the pricing as had purchased online before - so was aware of cost - bgt the box of aquarium filters online for just over $7 w/local taxes, then picked up the order at nearby store. While there, checked the store price for same box of filters - quite an eye opener as it was $28 before taxes! Tip for consumers:You might want to check price at the local store first before going online. Much depends on how much competition there is where you live, as that will keep prices down to where they should be. Products used:Aquarium filters Service Value Shipping Quality
    Bought 9 fish. When return home 2 was dead ne t morning. Took it back and they want me to pay more for the same fish. WHY this scams. Just exchange thats it. Will never shop to petco. They sold me fish with eic. Service Value Returns Quality
    Petco (475 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, CO 80226) will literally steal from you. I bought a $60 bag of dog food (left it at the register, Drove around to get my truck, and they asked for my receipt when I purchased it less than 60 seconds before) the manager with the Australian/New Zealand accent wouldn't give me my dog food or a refund. To add insult to injury, she said she would give me a 5% discount if I wanted to buy another bag. Thankfully I got my credit card company involved, but petco will literally steal from you. Don't ever come to this establishment.
    Jack the manager asked me and my wife to leave after making the comment that the mask that we are all requiring to wear was a waste of time ( me and the wife did have ours on) and the staff member made the comment that you wear them if you dont want to get others sick and i told her that thats mental to be-leave that. Jack then asked us to leave. We will never go bad to that poorly run store. Location - 205 Ken Pratt Blvd #280, Longmont, CO 80501
    Dog $#*! customer service. Petco repeat delivery is dog $#*!, it kept sending items early and I had to go out of my way to return it to the store. Anyways, the representative wouldnt let me explain the situation and he himself was confused about what was happening instead he "escalated" the problem but, nobody got back to me about what was going on. Rude customer service employees Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I order from Petco every 1~2 month to get pet food and haven't had bad experiences. I would buy from them much more often but a lot of their supplies go out of stock very quickly so it doesn't leave me much choices but to buy elsewhere or in-store. However, there are a few things I would definitely keep in mind as a customer: 1. Their same day delivery is $35+ and there's very little mention on the product page that the item is delivered by DoorDash. Personally, I don't mind since it's free, but it would've been nice to know sooner as I felt bad not knowing that I had to pay gratuity or tip to the driver which is optional but I felt like a jerk not doing so. 2. They cancel pick-up orders without reason. Although it's usually because they're out of stock, this should be specifically mentioned to the customer. At the end, I still get an email from Petco asking me to rate my item but the item was out of stock so I never got it. Overall, my expectations are not high for a pet supply store. They get the job done, they delivery my items, customer service treats me with respect so I have no complaints. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Petco is the worst at grooming. I've taken my dog here for almost two years never had issues always listened. Last few times I've taken him they are not listening to me they barely cut his hair. I'm tired of paying $80 for an awful haircut. I WILL NOT BE BACK
    As a Veterinarian (now retired) I've been with Drs. Foster and Smith since their beginning. Never really liked Petco but was forced into ordering from them due to the buy out. In the past year, they have shown that they do not care &/or have any respect for the Drs. Foster and Smith customers by Discontinuing almost all of their products (without notice). Not a good business practice. Because of this, I have informed my colleagues, family & friends about this & will join the ones that have already stopped ordering.
    I wanted to come here and leave a review because I think most reviews are left only after a bad experience. I really like my local Petco (Eureka, Ca). It's large, clean, organized, well-stocked and the employees are (surprisingly) knowledgeable, helpful and friendly (without coming off fake) I LOVE getting the 10% discount for shopping and purchasing online and picking up myself at my local store. I only live 10 minutes from Petco so the entire experience is so easy, and the 10% discount is a big incentive for me. I just did my first online order today through Petco for a rather expensive purchase; a Lay-Z-Boy dog sofa (I know, I know! Ridiculous!). I chose to order it from Petco over every other online shop, including Wayfair, because A) they had the best price - at least $25 less than everyone else B) they got better reviews than Wayfair C)I'm hoping if there are any issues or problems I'm not at just the whim of a corporation on the phone, I can get help via my local store (this is according to Petco). The couch is due to arrive Tuesday Jan 27. When I receive it I will come back here and finish my review. Fingers crossed I'll be leaving 5 stars!
    Petco has the very worst customer service. The customer reps are incompetent. Very frustrating to deal with. Suffice it to say I will never order from Petco or step foot in a Petco store again. Many stores come and go and there are at least 6 other on line stores providing pet products. Go elsewhere Tip for consumers:do not use for online shipping. Petco has the worst customer service of any on vendor. Go elsewhere for you pet needs,,,,,,, Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Great variety & constantly changing stock makes it fun to accessorize the fur kids. The store is very clean & employees are friendly.
    Petco needs to stop carrying saltwater fish. The staff barely has minimal knowledge on the care of such delicate animals. They have animals together in their tanks that eat one another in nature or otherwise cannot peacefully co-exist. The salinity in their tanks is always way too low. The light in the tanks is completely inadequate for the photosynthetic invertebrates they sell, if not sold, said animals die in a few days to a week. Lastly, EVERY time I go to Petco their entire stock of saltwater fish are always infested with White-Spot disease, otherwise known as Ick.
    For the second time in 3 months, an order I placed online for same day pick up has been canceled. When I place the order in the morning, the inventory is available, and a few hours later I get an email saying the order has been canceled. The first time this happened, I let it pass. This being the second time, I can no longer trust Petco to meet my pet care needs. As a result, I will be switching where I shop for my pet food and supplies.
    I had called petco customer service because my repeat delivery of dog food should have arrived since the money was taken out of my account and I got an email stating I was not going to be charged until it was back in stock. The person I spoke with told me they are out of stock of Merrick backcountry big game 20lbs bag. I was told they had the 10 pound bags in stock and they will do a 2 day rush delivery free of charge. So I paid for the 10 lb bag 5 days later I did not get the dog food and called the service number and was told the 10 lb bag is in back order. There should be no excuse for all this to go down the way it did. I'm disappointed in the failure of the service I received and disappointed in the repeat service. Tip for consumers:Repeat purchases does not guarantee your product and will be charged notified a week later. The was no hassle for a refund. Service Value Shipping
    My vet has faxed in approval 4 times and Petco claims they did not received. I never had this problem with any other on line pet RX company. Don't use PETCO!
    We went to Petco because my daughter wanted a bearded dragon. We decided to go to the Petco in Hollywood and thank goodness we went there. The day before we had gone to pet smart and we had a bad experience. Anyways at Petco an employee named Manny helped us, he was very friendly and knowledgeable about the animals. The animals encounters looked great! Manny answered all our questions. We felt very welcome, it seem like if we knew him for years! So if you go to Petco in Hollywood and need assistance ask for Manny he is great!
    Great place for fish and aquariums! Employees are friendly and helpful. The only issue I had was when the store was understaffed and had to seek out help, but they did a great job when they were able to help me. I live an hour away from three different stores and always swing by when I'm in the area. Great selection of Bettas, aquatic plants and aquarium supplies. Will continue to shop at both the Springfield, MO and Rogers, AR stores!
    Went into the seekonk MA store to pick up filter media for my aquarium. While there figured i scope out other items thaat they carry. First it was an employee looking for something in the isle that i was in. A few seconds later the employee and a manager were in same isle. Both left isle and emplyee in pet dept comes in isle with the emloyee from earlier, looks at something on the shelf, making a few comments then left. I have worked in retail for over 15 years and know exactly what they were doing. Very unprofessional. Will never go back to that store again. I will order off amazon first. Tip for consumers:go to petsmart cheaper Products used:filter media Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    NEVER buy an animal from Petco, not even a reptile, the animals they have there are sick and guaranteed to die within 1 - 10 weeks, I bought a bearded dragon (Just wanna note Petco only fed them 5 crickets a day, also they sell bearded dragons when they are too young, also they put all 5 crickets in the cage and if you put that many crickets in the cage they will eat the baby dragon, oh did I mention the crickets were huge... they can choke on those crickets) and the humidity was 80 way to high (at Petco) I bought her to rehabilitate her and I couldn't she had URI and she was underweight and also she couldn't breathe out of her nose so she had to breathe out of her mouth and tail rot/mouth/scale rot it was bad, but then she died :( So after that, I wanted a new bearded dragon, But I got it from a Breeder and it was so much healthier But there was one thing I liked, that they fed them greens and apples. Their care is next to torture Petco gets those babies from mills. Whatever you do, please don't purchase ant animals from Petco, if you buy them you're basically giving them the money to torture more animals. Please don't buy one. PLEASE
    Petco just wants money I got a pet rat for my bday and they didn't let me buy another one my dad bought the big cage and they where like noooooo you cant get another rat because the cage is to little we had to buy another cage for another rat the cage is GIANT I loved Petco but now im changing to petland
    I called everywhere for male parakeets and they said they had them. When I get there they have no clue whether they we're male or female and worse yet they we're not handled at all. So it's been over 3 months and I can't even get near them. They should be handled by everyone so maybe you could have a pet instead of just a bird. Products used:Parakeets, food, and toys for the birds Service Value
    This is the worst store and I highly recommend you DON'T shop here! I went to their website to see if they had deworming meds for my dog and the results showed they had 5 in stock. When I got to the store there were 4 boxes of what I needed on the shelf. I took it to the checkout line and the clerk grabbed the box and left. She didn't say anything to my husband or I…not hello, how are you or even to tell me she had to go check the cabinet to grab the actual medication since only the boxes are put on the shelf. Finally she came back and very rudely says, "we don't have this!" Mind you, these are the first words she spoke to us. Instead she could've nicely said I'm so sorry but it appears these are out of stock and I'll have the boxes removed from the shelf. My husband then asked her why the website says they have plenty and why there were also 4 boxes on the shelf? Again in an extremely rude tone she replies with, "I'll remove them from the shelf." That's not what I asked. I reminded her it was extremely frustrating for people who look at the store website ahead of time so they don't have to go to 10 different stores to come in and find they have none even though all the boxes were on the shelf, but then it's even worse when the clerk is rude and clearly doesn't care. I was the jerk because I needed something from her store. So because I expressed my frustration to her store, her website and her bad attitude she says to me, "don't ever come back here". Well guess what…I only went there as a last resort and I now remember why I stopped shopping there years ago. The animals are in poor condition and are marked down because they've been in the store so long, you have terrible customer service and you have nothing in stock even though your website says you do. I have no problem with never going back. Shame on you Petco!
    I ordered a product from the Patchogue NY store, paid for it (with PayPal) filled in everything, including who was picking it up, phone number and email. My friend had 3 pages of documentation at the store, and sales person couldn't find the order. Colossal waste of time.