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  • Description:America famous tide Shop Street, online retailers, brought together more than 300 garment brands, including the big monkey, clover, Harajuku lovers, with the Youth Street brand clothing primarily, very suitable for love publicity personality, sports and leisure wind young man.
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    Had to go through PayPal to get my money back. Never got the pants after months of waiting. Another nightmare is their other PLNDR site which only accepted store credit returns and it expires without any warnings or notifications. And of course, their customer service is a joke. They only have a person there to strictly apologize for the inconvenience instead of actual performing a real service.
    Okay so I ordered one expensive sweater for here because I decided to treat myself. After bragging to my friends, they were quick to tell me they have heard many horror stories about Karmaloop so I logged online to read reviews like you are doing this now. To my shock, I read reply after reply of terrible stories of how people were more or less scammed and didn't get their product. Suddenly, my stomach got sick and I thought that I threw my money in the drain but i remained hopeful. After 5 days (i got normal 4-7 day shipping), my sweater was delivered. For starters, I dorm at Cal Poly Pomona in the LA area of California, so my address is pretty weird already. The sweater got here in good condition, right size and everything and I am so happy with it. However, i am not sure if they sent it or an Undftd retailer sent it because for some brands they do send from the retailer, and the return policy for my sweater says specifically to send it to Undftd and not them, so maybe I just lucked out. Anyway, I just wanted to share since people make it seem like its the worse site in the world. Check the date I posted too, its one of the most recent ones.
    I use to order from this site and never had a problem but now their a hot mess. First i checked my order out with my paypal account so all the information they need was there. When I checked my order status they was sending my order to the wrong address an old address. I contacted them on this issue and they was not able to help me thanks god my grandma still live at that address. Then i get the shirts in the mail and he shirts was L and two extra extra large when I order a L and two M on top of that the shirts look like males shirts. Then they said i order the 2x like seriously at the time i order my tops they didn't even sale them in a 2x and they still don't and that was not an option. I'm so upset with this company and i will never order from them again.
    Anyone who's have a problem with your order with Karmaloop contact Better Business Bureau they will help you get your items that you ordered, I will never order anything from them again.
    I wrote a review earlier and this is a follow up. At the time I was still waiting for the correct item to be sent to me after they cancelled my first order with no explanation then when I ordered again they sent the wrong item I sent it back and had been waiting for replacement with the correct item. I never got it. They issued me a refund instead over a month after I originally placed the order. Their service really sucks!
    I did the live chat with Wesley like the comment below. I emailed 4 karma loop reps and got nothing. I did notice most of the emails I received from all the reps read the same, word for word. I don't think Karmaloop actually has employees. Automated customer service? After many emails I chalked it up to $130+ lesson. What I learned is NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM KARMALOOP. Before I purchase anything on line I find reviews and return policy. I really like Zappos. Easy to work with, great reviews, quick delivery.
    The site obviously has some organisational issues, but they got around to me in the end. I suggest using live chat to deal with any issues as you speak to the same people in a far quicker way. Great pricing and customer support, as well as a hell of a selection.
    I had a gift certificate with my own money from items i had return and now its no longer active because they went into bankrupt. But wanna steal my money and still update the website with new items and they didnt even want to notified me with an email of this issue. Save your money and buy somewhere else!
    Awful scam
    My son had me order a bracelet and it's been a month and still haven't heard or seen anything
    I can write a review, or just let you read my convo with their support staff: Wesley has joined the room Wesley Hello, how can I help you today? Me Order Question Wesley what is your question? Me Hi there. 2 of the 3 items from my recent order were out of stock, so I'd like to cancel the last single item Me Invoice #8967006 Wesley thanks Wesley last item has been shipped Me ok well id like to send it back and get a refund shipping refund because the flat rate shipping for one item is not worth the purchase. is there anything i need to include with my return? Wesley you will not get refunded for shipping Me why does your webpage allow customers to purchase items that are out of stock? Wesley We have issued you a refund for $32.93, which will take between 2-7 business days to be fully processed. Depending on your bank, it can take up to 30 days for the refund to appear on your bank statement. Me i appreciate that, but when you have flat rate shipping - most customers don't want to pay 9$ shipping for 15$ shirt. it would make more sense to check with the customer than to cancel 2/3 of the order the same time you ship the single item. i just received the out of stock/cancellation notice no more than an hour ago Wesley has left the room
    karmaloop got products from karmaloop in January and February 5 orderers im jusr recibe 2 incomplete,,, they say they will fix, jajaj im still wating, they are a big thief they never send me a tracking number never... im so mad I know is not enough to demand but if some others want to do we can demand all together I don't know just im mad, Micaela was the person answers my emails, then she never answer again phone number doesn't work , im sorry for my English lol
    I get Karma Loop emails constantly crowing about the discount codes, 40% off any item no restrictions etc, etc. But when u actually pick the items to buy, SURPRISE! None of the codes work! So basically they get you on the site with the promise of a discount and at the checkout they pull the rug out from beneath you. How is this good business? I just wasted 40 minutes of my time shopping only because of the discount and now theres no discount? Im not wasting my time with that BS site any longer, all my Karma Loop "discount" emails will be sent directly to my trash. They used to never pull this garbage, guess they are desperate for funds but they just lost a long time customer. Peace out Karma Krap, I am guessing Karma is putting a big boot in your ass as we speak!
    What a joke of a company. I ordered on TWO occasions, both of which failed to ship my product. My fault for ordering the second time, I should have never ordered from them again. I ordered a t-shirt & pants needed for an event, I received the pants and thought my shirt would come a couple days later. A week passed and still no shirt and the order history didn't say it was shipped yet. I sent an email and got a response letting me know I was getting refunded the order in 2-7 days because the item was out of stock. Umm, I was pretty pissed off because no one cared to email me and let me know this? It would be nice to know so I can order another shirt, or maybe the same shirt in another color or size if necessary. I let them know they didn't ask me any of these questions providing me ANY customer service so that I wouldn't have to RE-ORDER, pay shipping!, lose my promo code that was only happening that day oh and wait another week for the shirt! Instead they failed to do this. But whatever, I let it go because she said she could get me the promo code again. So, off I went to re-order the same dang shirt in another color THROUGH a chat rep because i was about to get charged shipping again, but since I got my pants why would i pay shipping again?!! Thankfully, the rep gave me another code to take the shipping off I used paypal and it took the money out of my account right away. Low and behold, I get an email two hours later saying the shirt is out of stock. Lmao, you're kidding me right. Better yet, the account history said I am only getting refunded half of what I paid. Excuse me? So I chat with a rep and she said she will have to look into it because she doesn't know why that happened. This was six days ago. No response. I have emailed three-four times again and I can't get anyone on live chat either. So now I am filing a claim with paypal. DO NOT order from this website, they will take your money and you can't even call them! There is no one to answer. Lol pathetic.
    Horrible company. They owe me $70 but continue to ignore emails. It's been months. Then I see they're bankrupt. No wonder...
    This is just an update from my previous review of this sinking ship of a company. If you ordered something and used paypal, and you haven't received it and it has been within the last 180 days, file a dispute with paypal. Karmaloop will be unable to provide tracking info because they don't intend to ship your order and paypal will refund your money. Do not wait for Karmaloop to fold, because then you will never get your money back!
    I ordered $100 worth of merchandise from karma loop for Christmas and FOUR month later I still don't have my clothes. It seems I'm not the only customer this has happened to. I refuse to let this company steal from customers. TOGETHER LET'S FIGHT THIS. THIS IS NOT OKAY. I WILL BE SUBMITTING A COMPLAINT WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. I SUGGEST YOU ALL DO IT TOO.
    Karamloop is all $#*!ed up I oderd 2
    I order a hate a month ago to be deliver to NJ still no hate. They don't respond to email or phone calls just take your money and that's it. They don't even deserve a star at all
    If I could give it a less I would. Ive been dealing with karmaloop/plndr for years with no problem. Now I've spent close to $200 around Feb. 13,2015 with no worries until a month past so I emailed them then waited like 1-2weeks till they finally responded with the same bull$#*! automated email everyone else got. So after I sent like 2 or 3 emails they said give it 3 to 5 business days to receive your refund. Its been longer then 5 business days, where the hell is the refund. Didn't use PayPal, so I'm wondering how would I go about getting my money back. Would it be through my bank....once I have the opportunity of getting my money back I will not be using these 2 sites again, they lost a loyal customer.
    They've scammed hundreds of people. Is there no way for any of us to get our money back? This is complete bull$#*!.
    Purchased a shirt for $50 and haven't received anything for almost a month. They kept on sending me emails about how they were "restructuring their website." It was all a lie. They were actually bankrupt and now they won't send me my product OR my money. This is BS. Straight up SCAM
    Ordered items 7 weeks ago, no answer to emails no shipping number! Looks like I've been had!
    it took about a month to arrive then they overcharged me, i emailed and called them with no response just file a complaint with the better business bureau
    I must've lost close to 200 hundred dollars due to Karmaloop's incompetence the past few months. I've got about 150 dollars worth of merchandise that hasn't seen the light of day since nearly a month. They haven't answered a single of my messages (I only sent two in a matter of 3 three weeks) despite the fact that they stated that it'd take 3-5 days for them to respond. I've been ordering from Karmaloop for years, but after this storm of mediocrity there's no way I'm going through the hassle of paying money and not receiving my merchandise. Complete disgrace of a company with no shame in stealing money from customers who have stuck by them despite their terribleness.
    I've heard Karmaloop hasn't paid their vendors since last year, so they stopped shipping until the get paid. Go figure.
    same complaint as everyone , ordered some new balances in January and they said it was out of stock now I'm waiting for my refund I've tried calling and emailing to no avail . I want my 100$
    CURRENT STATE OF THE COMPANY: I have purchased items from Karmaloop in the past, but it seems to me that the holiday season proved to be a difficult time for them. They haven't recovered from whatever warehouse or internal issues they have and orders aren't being shipped, while customers are being charged. This company has horrible customer service from the previous times I've had to deal with customer service. Currently, it seems like their site only sells things that are "Shipped from vendor," which means the items aren't even shipped by Karmaloop. You can't use promo codes or gift cards on these items either. So all the promo codes they tweet about or have plastered on their homepage are garbage. MY NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE: Last November, I ordered an item but accidentally chose the wrong color. I e-mailed them right away (their phone hours were closed at that time) and more than 24 hours later, a representative said she will help me change the color and asked what color I wanted. I replied to her the corrected color but a few hours later, my order got shipped WITH THE WRONG COLOR. I called Karmaloop and explained the situation, saying their customer service rep said she can help me change the color. They said they couldn't do anything about it since the item is shipped, even though the rep specifically told me she will help me. They said the only thing I can do now is to ship the item back to them and they will ship out the correct color. The customer reps have to be more responsible in dealing with situations and they should learn to put an item on HOLD if they know a customer has an issue with that order and want to alter the order. Almost everyone that I have encountered through customer service is extremely incompetent and rude. QUALITY OF ITEMS: For the price, a lot of their clothes are poor quality. I only bought things because I had Karmaloop Gift Cards. Karmaloop didn't use to be all that bad though. Prior to December 2014, orders were always shipped out in a pretty timely manner and items arrived in about 1.5 weeks or less. I don't know if this company will make a comeback with all of these negative reviews and their recent neglect of customers and seemingly fraudulent behavior. It's crazy what a few months can do to a previously successful company.
    THERE ISN'T ENOUGH TIME IN MY DAY TO WRITE WHAT I HAVE BEEN THRU WITH THEM. MY FIRST ALMOST $500 ORDER WAS A TOTAL RIP OFF. I ORDERED SO MUCH BECAUSE I WAS SUPPOSED TO RECIEVE 40% OFF EVERYTHING AND FREE SHIPPING. Well instead they took it upon themselves to apply some code that was buy one get one free, and only applied to 2 items! Then they charged me 24.99 for 2 day shipping which I didn't want or need. Wanted free shipping as advertised. Before I knew all this had occurred, I quickly placed a 2nd order of almost $300 and. Things needed to be returned and the nightmare ensued. I am still fighting with them since xmas. My first two returns were refunded incorrectly. It's like they just gave me whatever they felt like or don't have an accounting department to figure things out. When I was able to speak to a human back then, some of them were so snarky and rude i felt like strangling them thru the phone. Every time I was allegedly connected to a manager, I was hung up on, unable to get through again after spending hours explaining and holding. I recently returned the sweatshirt that came almost 2 months after xmas and they are pretending not to have it and offering a store credit. That would normal be fine with a company I trusted but as it is, my existing two credits mysteriously disappeared when my son went to use them. So I guess they are offering a virtual store credit just to make it sound like they are doing something. From what I read, they are in financial trouble and not paying their vendors. Hence, vendors are not supplying their product, yet that doesn't prevent KL from selling them and taking payment. All this is just a taste of what I have gone through and it still ain't over. If anyone knows how to start a class action lawsuit, please let me know. I am ready to drop a bomb on that place. Except I kind of feel bad for the employees because they are being put in a terrible position, and probably being paid in "store credits" at this point. I don't see them being able to survive this. They really fu**ed up this time and I doubt they will be able to make a come back.
    Yes I'm giving Karmaloop 1 star because they own Plndr and hundreds of people is going through the same dilemma as I am. From missing items, waiting games and stealing yes they cancel my order after a month wait and of course I try to contact them line is down and emails. Never got a response and they kept my money never been reimburse.
    I've placed an order with KL on February 27, 2015... As this is day 10 of the 5-10 business days they are allotted to get your $#*! shipped on its way to the customer, I am growing more and more concerned. Especially after reading what others have already posted. I ordered a t-shirt and a crewneck sweatshirt, both from the KITE clothing section of Karmaloop. Today I tried my hardest to get in contact with any form of customer service other than their @KarmaLoopHelp bull$#*! and had no success. They just tweeted me saying my items were "drop-shipped". Meaning they are suppose to be shipped directly from the vendor. I then tried to contact KITE through their customer service email, have yet to receive a reply.
    i ordered three shirts no tracking number or anything
    Where to start, This company has the worst customer service I have ever experienced, There is no call centre to call when you have a problem, the live chat is not operative, if you email them as they advise you to you will be waiting over a week for a response and when you get one its a copy and pasted email with no information concerning your personal order. So I have been waiting for orders that date back to november 12014, they dragged it out and kept telling me it will be sent within a week, Nothing ever showed so I asked for a refund, it has been weeks and I have not got any refunds, and the amounts they keep telling me are all wrong? this has got to be illegal? how can they get away with taking your money and not refunding you? is there any legal action that can be taken because they have basically stollen from me, and by the looks of it many others too.
    I ordered a hoodie on February 13 and still haven't got it after 3 weeks!! I'm in TX btw. I've emailed them about 4 times with no response. I finally opened a PayPal claim today and sent them a message through PayPal. Do not order from them!! This is outrageous!
    Same review as everyone else; I was told my product wasn't available after waiting weeks, offered a refund that would take 24-48 hours to process, got NO refund 2 WEEKS later. This sure used to be good and now it's bull$#*!. The quality went way down too. Don't bother. I have no idea how to get my money back as they don't respond to emails or phone calls and the chat is down.
    I have also been ordering from Karmaloop for years & this is different...First, they used to have more branded, well made items (like Free People, Betsey Johnson) I have to really look through a bunch of junk to find quality items...Although THE REASON FOR THIS REVIEW is because I ordered almost $300 worth of stuff 1/28 & it is now 3/5...Was recently informed that EVERYTHING ordered was out of stock :0 ...Now I keep getting this stupid email about trading my cash into merchandise credit..Why would they even think anyone wanted merchandise after already waiting over a month for the last, doubt you can even use promo codes with the credit vouchers...that store credit/code is a joke...There is no costumer phone service right now... ("We are currently restructuring out customer service department to better serve you") yeah right! ...the live chat never email response...i even sent an email to owner & conveniently he is"out of the office"....what?? Greg Selkoe, the self proclaimed "leader of his rebel army" who said "Karmaloop pledges to keep killing $#*! from now until eternity! If you ever need the CEO, Founder, and Owner Greg Selkoe this is his cell phone # 617-216**** and this is his email ***". ....Where is he now??..Seems they are still "droppin all these fantastic new items"..I sure get emails from them about 10 times a day!...I want my refund...why is it so complicated...This would never happen at a legit store...They may have been a trustworthy company before...But not anymore...I will be filing a civil suit if they don't get their act together...something is just not right... If you haven't received your items open a claim with the CC company, Paypal; whatever form of payment that was used...
    Seems everybody has the same problem, karmaloop take your order and money and never deliver the product, or a refund, or even a reply to tell you what's going on for that matter. Absolute fraud website that needs to be shut down and fined majorly
    I've ordered from Karmaloop in the past & never experienced the bull$#*! until NOW! The customer service sucks so bad it's frustrating! I start school in a few weeks and STILL don't have the items I purchased. No email, call, text, NOTHING! After I get my money back IN FULL i will never buy from this site again. I don't understand why they accept the payment if the items are either unavailable or out of stock? That'll just further complicate things and piss off ALOT of people. They're only getting 1 star because I couldn't put up a shooting negative star on fire with "$#*! this scamming site" written in bold letters on the side.
    I placed an order for Emerica shoes on February 3rd. Two weeks after waiting for some sort of shipment confirmation I emailed the company and was told that it would ship within the week. At the end of the third week of waiting, I get an email from 'karmaloop' customer service stating that my order was cancelled because they would not be receiving the product from the company. I was then given the option to choose a refund or a store credit. Of course I wanted my money back so I chose the refund and was told it would take up to 48 hours to process. It has now been 10 days since and I still have not gotten my refund. Tried emailing them too but to no avail. So in total about a month of bull $#*!. I'll most likely have to take the case to the bank at this point since it doesn't seem like the want to refund my money. In any case I would suggest staying away from this site. The chances of you not getting your product is very high. And the chances of you being robbed of your money is also very high.
    My order was never shipped and it took them weeks to tell me that the they did not have the item at their warehouse.I could not reach any customer service representative and eventually i was offered a refund or store credit with 24 to 48 hours.Its been over a week and still no damn refund.Terrible business that lacks in ethic and is just stealing money.They got a 1 because they could not get a zero.I will never order from there again but i sure as hell want my money back.
    Ordered item and was charged at the time the order was placed. About a week later received email saying item was unavailable, and asked whether I would like to receive credit with them or refund. Requested refund but never received any sort of confirmation, and refund was not received in time-frame they specified. I am now disputing charge with credit card company. Email also said they are restructuring their customer service and so phones are not operational. Wow, don't know what to say about that one. They deserve zero stars, stay away.
    Ordered from karmaloop and never recieved my package! TRIED to contact them with no response untill I was forced to speak to the through Twitter. YES guys you can only get in contact with there $#*!ty customer service over TWITTER! Even then it's a hassle to get an response. I tweeted the owner seko who pretended to acted Concerd and was told to message dm him . I did only to never get a response. Overall do NOT ORDER FROM KARMALOOP!!! U WILL NOT GET YOUR ORDER
    I ordered from this website on Jan. 13th. It's now Feb. 23rd and no package. I tried calling and there is no answer not even a dial tone; emailing with no response. This company is SCAMMING left and right. Please don't order from them unless you are making a goodness of your heart donation.
    Worst place to shop.. even stuff from China ships faster than karmacrap. SMH!!
    Have sent 3 emails to them without getting a reply. " Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a reply from our support staff. " Is slowly turning to 24 days to 48 days It has been two week since my order has been placed and it still shows shipping pending. Future buyers may face this problem too. Beware.
    This is one of the WORST, if not THE worst, online shopping experience I have ever had. I'm only giving them one star because I don't think 0 stars was an option. Shipping? Took over a month. Once it did ship, I was dinged for $110 in duties and taxes on a $149 package coming from the US. I just ordered a pair of Zanerobes off of Zanerobe's website for $80, and they came from Australia 2-3 days later, with a pre-paid $24 in taxes and duties that I was fine with paying. Service? Practically non-existent. I had to e-mail several times before I received a response, and when I did, it was a stock response from an "employee". Quality/Value? My Zanerobes came and immediately I knew something was up. They were thin, low quality and not what I am used to with Zanerobe products. Looking into this myself, as I feel as though I was given a low-quality, imposter Zanerobe product. In conclusion, it's simple - DO NOT order from this company unless you want to pay hidden fees for subpar products.