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  • Description:Fab is a creative product sales site. From the creation within 11 months, the site sold 1000000 pieces of goods, that is, every minute 2.6 pieces of goods sold. At present, the valuation of the company has more than $1000000000.
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    I ordered two identical knitted hats and they only shipped me 1 of them. The packing slip said there were 2 shipped in the same package, simply not true. They don't have a phone number for customers to call, you have to email them instead. I was informed they no longer have stock of the item I ordered. Buyer beware!
    I placed an order and they cancelled my order after I enquired on how long it would take to ship. I was told by customer service that there was a glitch on their computer and items were not in stock. Hard to believe all four items. I ordered were out of stock. Wasted my time looking through... Never again
    I placed 3 orders, only received one and of the 2 items in this order one looked liked it had been sewn by a child. I returned it and paid postage as they said they would reimburse me but never did. I have recently started a claim with PAYPAL for the 2 missing parcels that I ordered on 31.3.15 and not received but for some reason they found in their favour. DISGUSTED AND DISAPPOINTED DO NOT ORDER - NOT EVEN THROUGH PAYPAL
    They falsely advertise clothing, ship you a completely different item, completely wrong size, and then you get to pay return shipping which if not in UK is quite expensive. They lie and show photos of clothing that does not exist. RUN RUN AWAY. NEVER TRUST THIS COMPANY NOR THIS WEBSITE!
    Do not order if you are expecting your item to arrive by a certain time. I ordered a gift on 10/14 and on the website it said it will take 3-5 days of shipping. Well it's been 16 days and no updates. I contacted customer support 3 days ago and all I get are fake responses apologizing with no action attached to it. I checked USPS tracking and it still has not left their original sorting facility. It's way too late for me to gift this item. Considering every single time I've ordered from Fab (3 times) the item arrived at least 7 days after the estimated arrival date, I'd NEVER order from Fab again.
    This site has the best customer service ever! Quick response too! I had a item that broke after 5 months and emailed them and they gave me a full refund without any question or sending it back!!!amazing!!! They could have just said call the manufacter...but they didn't, just gave me a full refund!
    Rip Off! Need to be reported! I purchased a t-shirt from their site and the shipping was $5.95 to my address. I've then later realised after checking my bank statement that they charged $19.95. I contacted them via email and received an automated response. I then replied and got no response back. Their "smiles guaranteed" moto is a load of S#@T
    Been a relatively frequent purchaser on Recently not satisfied with purchases. Beach cover up had a hole right in the fabric; not on seam. Next item was pillow covered in canvas. 2 seams were completely ripped apart and packed like a drunk had done it. Needed it for an occasion so had a seamstress repair. A week ago I received a $438 stool that arrived with NO instructions whatsoever. Was impossible to put together and there were 3 of us. One person was a finish carpenter and his verdict was that it had a design flaw. Contacted the "crackerjack" team that turns out to be nothing more than smoke and mirrors. I have blocked emails. Junk mail because they are a junk outfit. It's like they're selling 2nds or items that wouldn't sell in a regular retail channel. Stay away from FAB.
    I've only ordered twice from, but so far I'm pleased. My second order included several different "storage and organization" items for my home. The prices at were less expensive than the exact same items on I received the order all in one box, quickly, and the items exceeded my expectations. While I agree that some items seem over-priced, my experience with is that quality costs a bit more and is worth it. If you want cheap, shop somewhere else. Plus has some unusual and fun merchandise.
    Excellent customer service!
    I was concerned about some of the negative experiences I read about here but I had excellent service from Fab. The item I wanted was out of stock so I set up an email notification for when it was available. When I got that, I ordered it (for $15-$20 less than I found it on any other site), it shipped immediately and arrived, exactly what I ordered in two days (without expedited shipping). I would certainly order from Fab again.
    I ordered three items on 12/7/13, and box was shipped promptly. Too bad the box was empty. Just realized it when I went to open box to wrap gifts. Called and spoke to someone and she claims she will get on it. But frankly, this is the first time in over 10 years of online shopping that this has ever happened. I am extremely unsatisfued and after I get these item, will NEVER shop here again.
    Orderd a games console 32 days ago and still not arrived
    I have been buying from Fab since October of last year and overall it's been a positive experience. I have made purchases from just about every category including perishable food, vintage clothing and housewares, jewelry, etc. While I agree with other buyers that shipping could be a little speedier, late delivery is not always the case. Keep in mind that on some items, they gather orders and then have the featured company ship directly and this can add quite a bit of extra time. I deleted the app after they revamped it at the beginning of the year. Its hard to navigate and I find browsing more difficult if I don't go in with something already in mind. I'm still making purchases but not nearly as frequently as I once did.
    Some of the coolest and most different merchandise ever. Love looking at what is available, especially love their t-shirts!
    get emails from FAB and always take a look, this email said they were having a sale so I decided to do a little impulse buying. after nearly an hour on the web site and a call with customer service full of heart felt I'm sorrys etc. could not place an order. the email said click her to begin shoppings turns out it does not work with all browsers and you have t exit, turn on another browser and begin again. complete waste of time. Interesting merchandise but not worth my time.
    I have used Fab for nearly 8 months, a fairly early adopter, and had bought 25+ things, with no problems. A couple of late items, but nothing to moan about. I did recommend people to go to the site, even though recent sales were getting more and more tacky, and eventually recommended 10 people which earned me the title of "Fab Friend" and recieved £30. "Great!" I thought, but as there was nothing I wanted the day I got it, I left it. The day after, I tried to log in, only to find that my account had been "deactivated", with no email or contact or anything. After enquiring and not hearing anything for a week, I decided to embarrass them on Twitter, in which case they were apologetic and said they would look into this. I then recieved an email saying they thought I may have 'abused' their invite system. How? I am yet to receive a response. All of my friends that I invited live in Yorkshire, however, and all are at separate addresses, on different computers, to different emails. Staggering. Poor show Fab. I will still be recommending you to people who are looking for something like you, I will recommend they STAY AWAY.
    TERRIBLE shipping and I have blocked them and also called spam in my email account. Tried to luck... canceled an order that I had for a Christmas present and no email to tell me...NOTHING!! Just had to look around to see that my account was never charged...well charged then reversed then charged then reversed?? What the.... I have given them 3 tries and 3 strikes!! YOU ARE OUT!
    Although I appreciate the speedy customer service response, I am very dissatisfied with the 29-day delivery time. I'm also dissatisfied with the quality of the product delivered. The poster was a low-resolution, blurry, photographic reproduction. For the price of the item, I expected at least a higher resolution digital reproduction. This experience has given me grave doubt about the quality and description of the items listed on Fab. That makes me sad as I love the Fab website and the intent behind the mission. With such a long delivery time and questionable quality, I doubt I'll be ordering from Fab again. Sorry it turned out this way, I really wanted to be a huge fan of Fab.
    Majority of items are WAY too expensive!
    been to this site over and over and over...if you are a "yuppie" and like spending way too much money for something that looks "chic" or "unique"..then have at it...but the stuff they offer...NOT worth the prices they put on it...
    Here is my experience: I ordered shoes($93), a scarf($17) and a PB variety ($16)a few days ago. As usually your account gets authorized for the full amount. Today Matt called me that there is a second charge. Called Fab and reply was: one item ($17 out of the total $126) was shipped so we dropped the first authorization and authorized for the rest. Ok so a grand total of over $230 is now authorized because authorizations take a while to be released. Customer service was super friendly but could not help. Second call I talked to the supervisor. He explained this is because they ship from different vendors so all the items are charged different times and suggested three way call with our bank. Guess what by the time I called the bank over $300 were authorized because the third item shipped! The lady at the bank was shocked. Talked together to the supervisor and he explained she could take it off. Strongly recommend you stay away because if you order 4 items for $200 total you might get to a $800 authorization really quick unless you are calling your bank for updates every few hours.
    I love the merchandise on this website. Browsing here is a great way to find inspiration and discover new designers. Since they are new, it seems there are still some holes, but they make a conscious effort to continually improve. Any time they have made a mistake, they have quickly given me $10 credit to quell any dissatisfaction on my end. I have bought from them when they first started, and shipping time was definitely a problem. Now I see most of my shipments coming through within 5 days. I commend them for being such a hardworking team.
    I have placed 3 orders with Fab, each order took at least 3 weeks to arrive, one of them took 5 weeks. Will not shop there again.
    These people are complete thieves!!! DO NOT SELL YOUR PRODUCTS ON FAB!!!!! They steal your products when you send them to get shipped and say they never received them!! Next thing you know they're selling your product on any given day without your permission, therefore pocketing the money. THEY ARE THIEVES!!!! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WILL POCKET ALL OF YOUR BUSINESS' INCOME FOR THEIR OWN! BUNCH OF $#*!S IF YOU ASK ME!
    It's a great way to be introduced to new artists and products. But search the artists/designers/companies online and you will fine more info and selection and see that sometimes the prices on Fab are inflated and that the discount isn't usually more than a few dollars. Especially with the vintage sales. Most of those items can be found at 60-80% cheaper if you just take the time to explore Ebay and Etsy for the same or similar items. I did take the chance on 2 purchases that I regret. Total waste of money. One item doesn't work and the other was a necklace with a chain that looked exactly like ones out of toy vending machines at the grocery store. Also both items could fit in an envelope but were put in ridiculously large boxes. Both items took over 4 weeks to arrive and by then I didn't even want them anymore. But alas no returns allowed. Fab is fun to browse but do your research before you purchase and make sure you really want it and can afford to throw some time and money away if it doesn't work out. (My rating is really 1.5 stars but its not an option.)
    very nice site with good filters on the category pages but the design looks a bit to bland but helps the clothing stand out, not a fan of massive image banners on the home page.
    Five stars for content (quality, uniqueness, fun factor, diversity) of products for sale. One star for order processing and shipping. Be prepared to wait a LONG TIME for anything you order. I placed two different orders, both projected to take 2-3+ weeks to get to me (ten days so far). Very simple items (a T-shirt and a couple of coffee mugs). Thus the three stars.
    I love Fab, and have certainly bought some amazing things on there. Their speed of shipping has got better, and there is an order progress bar which is really great. The only issue that I have is that their DHL shipping numbers aren't recognised by DHL. I am currently waiting for 2 different orders, both of which are showing as shipped to me (they haven't been) and DHL can't help. Drives me a little bit crazy, but the products are brilliant, so worth the inconvenience.
    trying to get information on DHL tracking for shipment supposed to be on way - DHL do not recognise awb no. No response from Fab yet, at a loss to find out how to locate or track said package :(
    OK. First, makes you sign up just to see what they have for sale. Next, they are selling these DISGUSTING fish tank things by aquavista. 4" and put live thick "aquariums" you hang on your wall- and put live fish in! ANYONE that knows ANYTHING about fishkeeping knows this is beyond cruel- not to mention all you'll have hanging on your wall is dead fish. refuses to reply to comments about this horrible item
    They have really cool, unusual merchants and items at a discount. Every day it's like a new store. Every item I've gotten has come correctly and on time. After purchasing an item I later got an email from Fab telling me their description had been incorrect. When I called about it they offered to return the item or give me a site credit. I appreciated their excellent service.
    Interesting stuff, though most of it I would never buy. BUT, their login sucks. I register, have access for a day, then when I try to relogin, it says my password isn't right but it recognizes my email address. I try to get a password reset email and it never comes. Happened to me with multiple email addresses now. Come on, unfab!
    They take forever shipping your item.. not to mention customer service is HORRIBLE. Half the time, the girls that pick up the phone sound you woke them up from their naps. STAY AWAY!! caters to people who appreciate really good design...and deals. Once signed up, you get emails featuring products in specific categories, that have exceptional aesthetics. However, and here is a marketing lesson.... This type of site caters to people who will make an impulse purchase. You don't go looking for the products, you see something, and say, "I want that!" Impulse purchase = I want it now! This is where's business model really, really, really falls short. The average wait time to receive the product is approximately 3-4 weeks. The problem is that the "seller" has to ship the item to, who then turns around and ships it to you. That's insane! It results in unnecessary delays, especially since it appears that the sellers wait for the sale to be over with before they even begin the shipping process. When you can get something direct from a manufacturer, or from somewhere like Amazon in 3-4 days, 3-4 weeks is completely nuts! Although I absolutely LOVE the products they have, I am now just googling the product and finding that I can pay a buck or two more, and get it somewhere where they actually ship it right away. - you seriously need to rethink your business model.
    Love this site. Credits when friends join and when they make their first purchase. You will find some crazy or unusual things on this site. It is entertaining and yet fun. Low and High end products of all kinds.
    I love the quality of products on this site. Their inspiration feed makes them a lot like pinterest / fancy with the option of buying the items, which is a plus! Delivery time sometimes takes longer than expected, but their customer service is great. They follow-up and respond to any questions. I'm hooked!