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    Logik television, Currys own brand, completely broke down after barely 14 months. The local store where I bought it were not interested in looking at it, and told me to email customer services in Harlow,who I was told would reply in 24 to 48 hours. Nine days later and following reminders they still have not dealt with it. Appalling.
    Bought headphones, to be delivered the following day. They never came. After trying to deal with customer service, writing several emails, going to the actual store a couple of times, and phoning them (all to no avail), I decided to email the CEO, Sebastian James. You can find the email address on google (it is public). On the same day, I received a phone call from the head office (exec team) with an apology and my immediate refund. I am rating the second star only because of this call.
    made several purchases totalling £717 none of which I was informed would be out of stock. delivery expected today instead got an email informing me of delays. phoned up only to find my daughters laptop was out of stock everywhere except North Wales (i live in the Home Counties). the smart watch and two phones were also not in stock. why sell me something that they dont have. i now have to wait 5 working days to get my money back and its just as well I have savings or my daughter would be present-less this xmas a fact i did point out to Curry's extremely unhelpful staff but that didnt seem to phase them. the Grinch is alive and well and teaching the currys staff to be anything but apologetic and helpful. merry christmas Currys
    Love Currys, such great prices. Have purchased quite a lot from Currys recently and they have constantly been best on price, by a mile. Good products, good service & good communication. 10/10
    Staff seem to think you're a bother if you need help or ask a question. Not good customer service but good range of products, however I wouldn't shop there again.
    I bought a tumble dryer from Currys...and it was delivered unwrapped..I made the mistake of signing for it, then discovered it was not only scratched but busted open at the seams due to presumably being dropped. I turned it on and the drum seized and filled the room with smoke. Called the returns number for Currys KnowHow delivery firm and was told I had to call the manufacturer for an engineer to come out and verify that the machine was faulty. Took another day off work to deal with the engineer who took one look and said it's falling apart it's been dropped. Made another long and frustrating call to Currys who appear to have set up a system of customer service designed solely to drive the customer to despair. Currys wouldn't take responsibility for the machine and nor did Indesit...Eventually Indesit called Currys to tell them the machine was damaged in transit and Curry's made an appointment to come to collect the machine. I had to take another day off and stay in for the collection....and they never turned up....and didn't call to tell me...I had to call them in the evening to find out what was going on. They picked up the machine some days later...a month later they still had not processed my refund. I had to call them on numerous occasions to chase up the refund...the refund was made after 6 wks but they made a mistake and I never got it...I called them again (each time waiting for at least 10mins for someone to answer) and they made another refund...again they made a mistake and I never got it. After two months I got through to a man who passed the case onto his manager as in his words, "it was getting a bit silly." I got the actual refund for a machine that almost burned my house down over two months after I'd told them it was delivered faulty. The customer service told me that the guys in the warehouse were delivering unwrapped goods in an attempt to speed up delivery with the result that a large number of goods were being returned having been damaged. The incompetence of this company left me in disbelief and massively frustrated and cost me days holiday and call bills. Never again will I do any business with that wretched company. The family favourite firm on the high street seems to have morphed into some sort of hideous incompetence ridden company from hell....from the warehouse where I guess the machine was dropped, careless and unwrapped delivery to a customer service that couldn't deal with a simple case of a returned item and refund. It staggers me, absolutely staggers me that this company is still in business.
    Really dreadful experience. They said I could get a refund, but then they absolutely refused to do so.
    If you buy anything from them, you deserve their service. Rude and arrogant and have no product information at all Don't think their sister business PC World is nay better. At least Comet was cheaper than them and you did not expect a service. Great for browsing but not product information but go and buy at John Lewis
    If you are thinking of buying an LG sound bar in a sale, don't go to Currys in Chichester! I got one today after they told me it was compatible with my LG television, I get it home unpack it, turns out it's not, so I repack it and get in the truck and take it all the way back, to be confronted with the rudest little arse I've ever come across, who said if I didn't calm down I would have to go Portsmouth to get my money back as they didn't need this because his staff had had a hard day! Hard day? It's a shop! You have hard days on the buildings, and anyway as the assistant told me, "Its cheap because it's a couple of years old" £150 cheap? I was led to believe it was cheap because it was in a sale, not because it was old and incompatible with a television of the same make which incidentally I bought in a sale a year ago in the same shop, and it transpires that it is so old no sound bar is compatible so what exactly is the truth Currys? And they should win a prize for arrogance and rudeness, talk about the customer being right, no not in Currys in Chichester,