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  • sells international prepaid calling cards and phone cards, let people, from all over the world, when speaking to the huge cost savings using ordinary telephone. Since we accept international orders, your potential customers can be located anywhere. Unlike other VoIP solutions, such as Skype, the user is not confined to their computer, or Wi-Fi. Use any phone, our phone card including cell, and from several countries.
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    When you first go to the site they have good calling rates to other countries, I got 30$ worth of time from this site for 5.3 cents per minute and when you use it a couple of days you check your account and it seems that everything is going normal, and I continued to use it. A while after I realized that the amount i was charged was a lot more than I actually spoke so I became suspicious (Note: This website does not have a calling history that you can not view as a customer) so I started logging my calls and I realized that I was being charged several times more than my original rate, and so I called customer service and they checked and saw that this happened and returned a small amount of my money back to the calling card, and I started using it again make sure to log my calls as I am doing it and I was still being overcharged but slightly less than the first time. And I think that this isn't a bug or a glitch in their systems its just the way they make money that is why they offer such a low rate but overcharge you!