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  • Description:ZAGG (Logitech) was founded in 2005, dedicated to electronic products currently on the market popular with screen film, keyboard, protective shell, Headset and portable charger. ZAGG the most disruptive products for invisibleSHIELD (invisible shield) screen film, there is no doubt of high quality is almost all mobile devices with high essential goods.
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    So I got sucked in; I want to protect my £1050 IPhone 13 Pro and it appeared that Zagg has a European distribution channel. It doesn't. Instead they expect you to wait three weeks with no tracking for the most expensive screen protector on the market. Which hasn't arrived almost two weeks later. I don't care if it washes my dishes and home schools my kids; this kind of service is absolutely useless. Avoid. Then avoid some more. Update 5th May 2022 - the screen saver has cracked in two places with no known impact. Customer services is proving near impossible to contact. And you have to pay a lot to get a warranty replacement. This purchase is haunting me... Tip for consumers:Avoid at all costs Products used:Waiting for a screen protector Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    25£ for a normal screen protector that you can find in every phone shop four time less the price. I thought I would have protector forever or at least a phone life "4 years"... after one month was already broken very easily. I went to claim the warranty and the ask me pay 11£ for delivery when buying something from the website delivery is totally free. Service Value Shipping Quality
    Don't waste your time on this screen protector. It's poor quality and peels away. On top of that, they expect you to pay for shipping to send it back to get your money back when they know their screen protectors suck. I would understand paying shipping if I straight up just didn't like it, but it's not worth a fraction of what they charge or the shipping. The cloth that came with it left more lint/dust after cleaning it a few times. The screen protector itself now has dents all in it from something simply rubbing against it. Don't waste your time or money.
    I have been a longtime customer of ZAGG (more than 10 years and 7 phones covered over my entire family all at one time). ZAGG screen protectors are good but when you crack them and try to get a warranty replacement you have a 50/50 chance of actually getting it without waiting 1-2 months and having to contact them multiple times. It is not good business practice to handle customers this way. "Lost" is the owrd they use when you call then to ask what is taking so long but I have had this happen to me more than 8 times and it is always the same response. BUYER BEWARE! Tip for consumers:They will give you a hassle when trying to use the "free" replacement warranty. NOT worth the hassle as other companies offer same warranty and get you the replacement within a week. Products used:InvisibleSHeild XTR Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    This company tried to charge me for shipping twice for warrantee replacement and then told me that they mailed me my product but they sent it to the wrong address and they sent it to the wrong address because it was my fault. Even though, they had me select my billing and shipping address as the same and they were able to charge my credit card. This place is a scam Tip for consumers:Go with a different company Products used:Invisible shield Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I ordered screen protectors and cases over two weeks ago but never received them. I called Zagg three times asking them to trace the mailing on the package but they refused to trace or mail replacements. When I told them that I don't believe that I should have to pay for items that I never received, they threatened me saying that "they take payment charge backs very seriously and contesting the credit card payment isn't allowed!" Apparently, sales revenue is Zagg's top priority while delivering product and customer service isn't even on their radar. I will be contacting the credit card company to contest this charge. Next time I will just order through Amazon Prime and get the items in a day or two or I could also go to one of the several local Zagg stores in my area. As I reflect on the headache of dealing with, I have to admit that Zagg products are way overpriced and the warranty process is poorly supported and also not really a warranty since they charge you again even under warranty and also charge way too much for postage on an item that weighs less than an ounce. I would rate Zagg zero stars if I could. Tip for consumers:Don’t order from unless you like big headaches, disastrous customer service, never receiving the products but still paying for them! I strongly suggest ordering from Amazon Prime which does deliver the products and has excellent customer service. Products used:I never received the products. They never arrived! Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I have Recently bought a iPad and needed a screen protector. Well, I stumbled upon zagg's website, and they had one for 20 bucks. LITERALLY ONLY 20 for their highest of the line protector series. Soooo, pretty cheap. After I was done ordering, I decided to inquire about my iPhones nasty screen protector. The screen protector for my iPhone had a bubble on the side. So upon registering my warranty, I contact customer service and asked them if anything can be done about the bubble on my iPhones screen. Quickly, without any hesitation they offered me a reduced fee for warranty replacement shipping, and a 50% off discount for being a new customer. Overall experience is a 10 out of 10 Tip for consumers:Give them a chat if something is wrong, they will make it right Products used:Screen protector for iPad and iPhone Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Zagg key boards JUNK,, The keys quit working and after just less than six months of owning Zagg the hinge went bad (would not turn to open or close) this is not the first key board I have owned from this company. I Continue to buy their product and good faith thinking it was just a fluke getting bad hinges with the keyboard but this is my last keyboard with them. So today received my warranty keyboard (I had to pay shipping to receive it) Company charges you to ship out warranty replacement. This one has the same problem broken hinge. I guess they have no quality control of their company. You would think sending out a replacement they would check to make sure it worked. Don't buy Zagg! Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Only buy this product if you want an overpriced that shows every scratch. I bought 3 to cover new phones. Within 3 months the cover is almost opaque. All were registered so applied for replacement under warranty. Website is not able to complete this task so called them and waited on hold for 30 min only to find out they charge$7.99 for shipping. No way you should have to for any cost on warranty, I said warranty all 3 at the same time for the $7.99. No can not do that all 3 would be charged the $7.99. Tip for consumers:use another product Products used:invisiblesheild glass fusion+ Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I purchased a charging cable at the Apple Store and it randomly stopped working 4 months later. It looks brand new and wasn't used often as it was a spare for my car. I contacted Zagg to submit a replacement through my "warranty" and they wanted me to pay $8 "shipping and handling cost" to send me another cable. Cable shipping costs are $2 at best, and for $8 I can order a 5-pack of cables on Amazon. So essentially they want me to pay more money for another cable, which may again break within a month or two. I do not have faith in the product and now the company and their scammy warranty policies. Tip for consumers:company warranty policy is a scam, if you dont want to waste money, try a more reputable brand Products used:zagg mophie lightning cable 1m Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    This place has the worst customer service I've ever experienced. Buy a different brand! One that stands behind its products and cares about their customers! Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    They ask me to pay 8.00£ for "free" screen replacement postage. No way! Prefer 4-6£For brand new better quality from ebay. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    They either don't have what you want or shipping takes more than 17 days. What good is a warranty if it can be backed up by their product? Tip for consumers:Go somewhere else. Products used:Glass screen protective cover. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    If you like to be aggravated with a Bluetooth product that ceases to work after 4 weeks -then the IFrogz Flex Force is for you! After 3 replacements (all with the same problem of the headset not taking a charge and all becoming inoperable within a month), I'm throwing in the towel! This is an inferior, unreliable product.
    Their products are subpar. They say that their products are covered by a life time warranty. This is a scam! They will overcharge you for shipping of the replacement product to the point they are making more profit from defective subpar productd they sell. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GARBAGE! Tip for consumers:Stay away from this company and their total crap product. Products used:Screen protector for a smartwatch Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    They sent me a faulty product. I returned it. It took them a month to register that it was returned (after the tracking number indicated they had received it) but they still never refunded my money, nor replaced the item. Tip for consumers:Honestly, just avoid them like the plague. Products don't work great anyway, but the customer service is abysmal. Products used:None, they all malfunctioned. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I bought one of this companies expensive screen protectors thinking it would be of good quality with the price and lifetime warranty. The damn thing cracked while in my pocket and I got a nice shard of glass in my thumb. Also the lifetime warranty is basically a scam because you have to pay $7.99 for shipping and then the thing takes 3 weeks to even arrive. When it said it came with the warranty I thought it would be free. Better off just getting a Onn $4.99 screen protector from Walmart works just as good or better and isn't a waste of time and money like this company.
    Whatever you do steer clear of Zagg at all Cost they got me for over $200 after being a loyal customer for 7 years on top of that they lied and said they did not receive my original Morphy juice pack it was damage mind you so I had to have a replacement they then charge me an extra $106 I had to send the replacement back to them. So I'm out my original item, I'm out the replace my item I purchased, and Over 200 dollars just so they would stop charging my my card... They are the worst customer service and supervisors that I've ever dealt with in my entire 33 years of life it's a big money scheme and they will get you I promise
    This is the worst you could experience! First, they make you pay for the shipping in Pounds, although you must not pay for the shipping, then you will receive an EU adapter when you are living in Australia! Then you need to return the faulty product, and you pay for the shipping! The devices are not worth buying and it's a total rip! Products used:3 in 1 Wireless Charger- Mophiepad Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Waiting 2 weeks for replacement glass emailed Zagg no response. They even raised delivery charge. Got my new Google phone screen protector at Costco in30 minutes installed. Guess where everyone should go for screen protectors? Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Mine cracked within 30 days but I dealt with it until it got so bad I couldn't stand it. What they don't tell you with there lifetime warranty is even though you show proof of purchase when you register it they want it again and expect you to pay shipping to get a replacement plus pay to send it back. Don't waste your money!
    I ordered my replacement screen protector on March 22. It is now May 9th. I have logged in to see the status of my order and track my package, that states that it's enroute... the "estimated delivery date has changed 6 times now. I feel like I'm being scammed, but I got their website from an AT&T store. Products used:Screen protector for an iPhone 11Max Pro Service Value Shipping Quality
    Brought in a phone for a screen repair. After realizing that face recognition and other features were not working I went right back a day later. I was then told that the phone was water damaged after they realized they broke it. The phone was perfect the day before except for a cracked screen. Total BS and not a professional company. Products used:Screen Repair Service Value Quality
    This company is useless the products are useless and the customer services are even worse they ignore all emails they offer a guarantee which means nothing as you can't replace anything the best thing to do is contact your bank and get the money for the shoddy piece of not very good quality product this company is a real shambles Tip for consumers:Don’t bother best go elsewhere as you will not get the guarantee that you deserve Products used:Invisible shield screen protector Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Hello, I would like to thank you for your service. The screen protector I bought for my old phone is great. It fits greatly.