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  • Description:Sheinside is a cross-border e-commerce website for street fashion, fast fashion women's clothing and accessories. Just like its name “Sheinside”, this website seems to have insight into the penetration of “her” inner needs.
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    By far the worst site in History. Placed a order April 23,2020. Supposedly shipped May 10,2020 today is now May 24,2020 and I still haven't received my package from California. FedEx says they don't have it. I have received other packages from China that I ordered after this. Full of $#*! website. Never again! Customer Service only apologizes and give you a standard message that doesn't even go with you email you sent. It seems they can't read English. I wish I could give no stars because 1 is to many.
    Worst experience ever... I placed an order in October 2020(for Christmas) received the wrong order in November (all size xs plus they are items that I never ordered) I am having the worst experience trying to return the product and get my money back ( still emailing today Dec 21) Shein keeps sending me an incorrect label that will not scan at my post office? Therefore I am unable to return it or get my money back ( over $50). Frustrated!
    I love shopping at Shein, I have only ever had to return one item to them before due to it being a bit small. I have ordered numerous items from them including shoes, clothes, fashion jewelry and hair accessories and I have never had any issues with the website. Delivery's and refunds have always been processed quickly as well considering they are not based in England and come from quite a distance away. Their clothes are such good quality for the price also and always fit amazingly. I have spent hundreds on Shein now and refuse to shop anywhere else. I love their app also, it shows previous buyers reviews under each item which helps you make a better decision on it before buying. You can earn points to take money off orders too by checking in each day, buying stuff and reviewing products you buy. I like that they do coupons and discounts every so often too. Love love love Shein! Tip for consumers:Check the reviews underneath each item before you choose to buy, as people will post what they thought of the item e.g. sizing and quality. Products used:All clothes, accessories and shoes. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    The only available USA phone number has NOT been set up?! Trying to deal with their customer service in CHINA is most frustrating and a complete waste of time. After the "chat" they always stated "issue solved" but NOT at all. Trying to request a change of address took 12 chats to no avail. They kept saying info "updated" but never gave permission to delivery company to change the address. Will never order from them again even though the prices are great!
    I ordered on Shein and asked my colleagues to join in as it was a site that looked like it had decent clothing, the four of us selected items so we could split delivery cost if needs be. SInce I ordered and tried tracking the order it keeps saying processing order and this is 20 something days back its been almost whole month now waiting on this order with no update. Till this day order is still being processed.
    This place stored my card info and then my card was fraudulently used from Manila Philippines. Its 100% this site! Beware this place will $#*!ing steal your hard earned money! I ordered something from my kid over a month ago and also never received anything! They keep your numbers and then charge your card. I'm going to do whatever I can to shut this place down... thief's and thieves hit my card for 18dollars real quick then 10 seconds later for 231 Tip for consumers:They keep your card info then use it Products used:They keep card info and then charge your hard earned money Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Horrible company. The tracking updates keep changing everyday and then suddenly disappears. I don't know what's happening with my order. It's been over 20 days and I still haven't got any updates. Worst company ever. I am still waiting on 2 orders. Don't know if they will ever arrive. I tried Shein for the first time and I am so disappointed. Shein Canada is the worst. Stay away from them. Wasted over $100. Wish I could give them a zero rating. Tip for consumers:Never use this site ever. Waste of money. Products used:Wish I could give zero stars. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    The clothes came in fairly quickly, but the items did not fit me well and were made poorly so i returned it using their return label per their return process and 3 weeks later still no refund or any type of customer service contact information that works. I'm sure others lost more than I did, I will have to try and contact my bank for an inquiry to this company and try to get my money back
    Thankfully I bought a few small items instead of a large order. I heard they had low quality stuff for super cheap, so I thought I would try it out by buying a few small items like a door stopper lock and some pet items. The items came in empty boxes, packaging ripped up. Only one item made it out of five... I talked to customer service and they said they'll get back to me within a day. It's been weeks and they refused to refund me. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I spent almost $100 placed my order on the 22 of May. It was supposed to arrive on June 1 but Fedex still hasn't received it. Like many of the other reviews on here the last update was Package sterilization complete and that it shipped. But Fedex still doesn't have it. Very disappointed in this company. If I spent that much it should have been shipped already and on it's way to me. Or at least let me know why it's delayed.
    This company is a complete scam. Their size guides are way off and even garments labeled with the same sizing (example medium) are not even close in actual measurements. Have been trying to return the garbage clothing (very poor quality) for 8 weeks and even had to open a claim on the company who continues to drag their heels and not respond. Buyer beware! Good luck trying to return something to them. You are better off flushing your money down the toilet in all honesty. Zero customer service Tip for consumers:Do not purchase from this company! Products used:All clothing did not fit and was not as described. I have included a correspondence from Shein from May 16 and have followed up 6 times with no response. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Ordered bathing suits and toppers from them back in March 2021. Now leaving April, their site tracking system says "in transit" since beginning of April when they took my money. Asked for a refund, they said my clothes would arrive the next day. Used the tracking # on USPS site, says no package. I'm out over $80. This is the second company to rip me off. I'm done. Tip for consumers:Don't! Products used:No products ever arrived Service Shipping
    My daughter ordered a bunch of things from Shein (Canadian website), fulfilled the requirement for free shipping (order was $156 CDN) but we got charged $26 for shipping, then had to pay an additional $32 CDN to the shipper (DHL) for additional duties and charges! So, I'd say anyone thinking they're getting a good deal, think again. Paying an additional ~$60 for a few pairs of jeans is a rip off. Order from a more reputable company or buy in store and save all that extra $ for hidden fees. Tip for consumers:Watch out for getting stuck with the full shipping price, plus additional duty fees! Service Value Shipping Quality
    One of our purchase deal was cancelled and the Refund amount of USD -714 (Indian Rupees - 49,613 Rs) - is not yet received in my bank account. Past 02 years we are chasing with the bank and also with Shein - but nothing worked. The reference no. Given by the Shein for refund is not traceable by the bank and they ask us to get the full refund details from Shein - which Shien is not providing so for. - Mani- salem, India
    I recently ordered from shien for the first time I absolutely love their merchandise however I never received my order from fedex whom they used to express ship my items. Long story short nothing can be done about the situation bc they marked my package delivered... Since the pandemic all of my shopping is online sad to say as much as I love their merchandise I'll never place another order just because I don't want to lose out on any more money bc of their shipping service Tip for consumers:Express shipping not worth it wait for your order regular mail Products used:None Service Shipping
    I ordered several bikinis in medium [i usually wear small bottoms and medium tops]. When i opened the packaging from one of them... the string instantly fell off the ring as i picked it up... the other bikinis came so small... smaller than my hand. They are simply unwearable. I made sure to look at all of the sizing charts and reviews for them to order the right size and it was so inaccurate. Very disappointed to say the least.
    First off let me say that, for the relatively low prices, the clothing is usually very nice. I don't mind waiting the weeks it takes to receive my items because of the low priced. HOWEVER, the site is not easily navigated at all. I just made a purchase and wanted to use the coupon code for 15% that kept flashing in front of me. On the coupon it said there would be an area in which to input the code when checking out but there wasn't…and I looked everywhere. Really disappointing.
    Bought boots around 1 months ago. Worn them couple of times and both soles are completely cracked. Rest part of boots looks like new. Asked for refund, but I got just 60% back. That were the highest amount what shop could give me. 60% for completely broken boots?! Was shocked. I will never going to buy from this shop again. Tip for consumers:The highest refund will be 60% even if your item will broke completely after couple times of using. Products used:Boots Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Product was not what looked like in picture, very very hard to locate on internet to request refund. Phone number for customer service is not connected. Finally went thru PayPal and made complaint. Received a partial payment as they adjusted price of product. Withheld $1.99. No it is not a lot but principle of situation. I jumped thru every hoop to insure a refund. They have over 2000 reviews. If everyone of them were deducted 1.99 that is…almost 4000. 00 they kept. Will NEVER deal with this company again Tip for consumers:RUN….do not use this site…. Buy from a reputable company. Be careful, I thought I was purchasing from Amazon , this was not the case….worse return friendly I have ever come across…Also number listed on internet to contact customer service is bogus , number is not even connected Products used:Men’s Pajamas Service Value Returns Quality
    I ordered my items on Aug. 1,2020 and it is now Sep. 2,2020 and I have never received my items and it was supposed to arrive Aug. 19. It has been saying it's been in CA ever since Aug. 9 and no updates have been added. The customer service is horrible as well and I can't cancel my order either. Im glad I didn't spend a lot of money on this website but I'm still very disappointed.!
    I have four items already in my basket for Christmas gifts. As a brand new customer, I really liked their clothing and prices. BUT I wanted to know if they have an extended return time for gifts that didn't work. For over an hour I have tried to reach them. I grew up in family retail businesses, and there is something really wrong with a company that can't be reached in any way, shape or form! Just don't go there, you'll only be frustrated.
    Placed an order on April 19th, on April 29th status updated to "Order shipped!" Its now May 21st and no update. I have submitted a service request twice now and just keep getting same run around that shipping takes longer due to Covid. At this rate the items I ordered for my daughter wont even fit her by the time they get here. We will never order from here again. I was leery to begin with but my daughter talked me into it. I should have listened to my gut.
    Update to my review: they contacted me right away after I posted my initial review only to do NOTHING. Didn't fix the issue and only reached out to make it look like they have customer service. Also a heads up the product is real bad, colors bleed, fit is off, poor quality. I ordered a bunch of things from their website. Once I got the order I realized that the sizing is completely off. I spoke with multiple customer service reps who were not cooperative at all and didn't want to accept the return. One of them just left the conversation half way! Final thought, I'm never shopping there again and telling all my friends so. They might have saved 20 bucks on me but they are going to lose hundreds on me spreading the word to my friends. So disappointed! Worst shopping ever!
    They do not package their clothing appropriately for shipping through USPS. Both my dresses had slits cut in them from what looked to be a box cutter. I didn't notice the second one was damaged until my boss pointed it out at work. Very embarrassing. Shein reimbursed me for the first one immediately. The second one that was delivered in the same packaging they made me ship back. Unless they improve their packaging, I will not purchase clothing from them again online.
    Ordered fast track ordering but only got 1 shirt out of 22 items I ordered, and it clearly said my order is delivered, as I said only found 1 item and nothing more. Plus the item I received was torn and missing a button. Nowhere to contact Shein, except to return back items, well I can't send back what I don't have. Yes the clothing might be cheap in price, it's not worth it if you don't get it... What a messed up company I've contacted my bank am going to let them deal with these persons cause I have no way to! Advice to all, buy elsewhere Tip for consumers:Don't use it, buy elsewhere Products used:None Service Value Shipping Returns Quality