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  • Description:Sheinside is a cross-border e-commerce website for street fashion, fast fashion women's clothing and accessories. Just like its name “Sheinside”, this website seems to have insight into the penetration of “her” inner needs.
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    After shopping at Shein for about two years and returning about half of everything I bought due to poor quality fabrics, items not looking like the pictures, things not fitting properly, and damaged or defective goods, the last straw for me was the undercover investigation which turned up very concerning information. If I needed a reason to stop shopping at Shein, I found it. I will not support a mediocre company with unethical practices. Good-bye! Tip for consumers:Expect low quality and prepare to be disappointed. Products used:clothing, shoes, belts Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    By far the worst site in History. Placed a order April 23,2020. Supposedly shipped May 10,2020 today is now May 24,2020 and I still haven't received my package from California. FedEx says they don't have it. I have received other packages from China that I ordered after this. Full of $#*! website. Never again! Customer Service only apologizes and give you a standard message that doesn't even go with you email you sent. It seems they can't read English. I wish I could give no stars because 1 is to many.
    Worst experience ever... I placed an order in October 2020(for Christmas) received the wrong order in November (all size xs plus they are items that I never ordered) I am having the worst experience trying to return the product and get my money back ( still emailing today Dec 21) Shein keeps sending me an incorrect label that will not scan at my post office? Therefore I am unable to return it or get my money back ( over $50). Frustrated!
    I will never buy from here again, especially from these online stores. The Garments looks great on their ads/ website, once you physically get theses items in your possession, they look awful, the quality is super cheap & poor. I'm super disappointed in the way how things turn out based on quality differences from what appears to be nice online from what we see physically in person
    Ordered July 22,2022 and paid $12.99 express shipping. Got tracking saying it shipped 7/27/2022. Still haven't received items. Contacted the company several times. Only got back to wait wait wait. It's been in Memphis TN since 7/27. Finally they allowed me to put in a refund request. Total was $71. They are giving me back $45. I did receive one item. Impossible customer service. Not at all worth ordering from there. Tip for consumers:Dont Products used:One and only shirt received Service Value Shipping
    Received order fairly soon, however outfit was clearly worn! Sleeves inside out, one half rolled, random buttons unbuttoned, and stained all over! No way to contact customer service! Grrrr! Online says I can print a return label and find a box and then bring it all the way to the post office! I don't have a printer & how inconvenient for your mistake! I need a UPS QR code! Was hoping I'd have a positive experience with this site but I've been let down! :( Tip for consumers:You get what you pay for Products used:Stained two piece set long sleeve long pants Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I ordered a lot of clothes from them. The strapless bra came missing a part of it, but I couldn't make a return since it's personal item. Tried contacting the customer service and there was no real human replying at all. I also want to return several other tops due to their poor quality, but there is literally NO WAY I could get a return label. This is a total scam. Do Not buy anything from SHEIN!
    SHEIN is a great place to shop if you're looking for affordable fast fashion but. If the item doesn't have any reviews then you're definitely taking a gamble. SHIPPING: about 3 weeks arrive QUALITY: 3/5. All the items were a bit thin, which is fine for late Spring and Summer. However, the shirts I purchased came out so thin, you could easily see my bra underneath. I would advise staying away from anything white on SheIn honestly. OVERALL: You get what you pay for. I think SHEIN is perfect for those who want to stay in trend for the season on a budget. I wouldn't expect the items to last very long tho. I'm including unedited photos of the off-the-shoulder top I purchased in black and white. You can see how see-through the white one is.
    Returned items and did not get correct amount. Said things were not in parcel. Lies! I have proof of posting with weight so they could check. THEN they kept £41 + for "processing fee". No mention of this previously. Terrible customer service and total disregard for their potential customer. Out to make money and cheat. Raising complaint with Paypal. Tip for consumers:Do NOT use Shein unless you want to be ripped off. Products used:clothes Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    The only available USA phone number has NOT been set up?! Trying to deal with their customer service in CHINA is most frustrating and a complete waste of time. After the "chat" they always stated "issue solved" but NOT at all. Trying to request a change of address took 12 chats to no avail. They kept saying info "updated" but never gave permission to delivery company to change the address. Will never order from them again even though the prices are great!
    Very bad service. I ordered a set of clothes for me and my children since September 2022 and so far I have not received anything. They sent me a message that the shipment was returned to the sender for a reason I did not understand it and it has been more than 25 days and I do not know after what is the solution after they have executed two items from the total order and I send ticket for them so I still waiting best solution Service Value Shipping
    This company steals your money, it is insanely hard to resolve issues, they resolve them in ways that only work for them then they make excuses. Once you get fed up of not being able to contact them and go to social media they simply block you and remove the negative comments. Any company that has to hid that much is definitely up to something. Never ever buy from shein Products used:I didn't the order was wrong Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I ordered on Shein and asked my colleagues to join in as it was a site that looked like it had decent clothing, the four of us selected items so we could split delivery cost if needs be. SInce I ordered and tried tracking the order it keeps saying processing order and this is 20 something days back its been almost whole month now waiting on this order with no update. Till this day order is still being processed.
    I placed an order on March 20,2020 for 127,50$ and up to today never received any items from them when I check the tracking keep saying it was returned to Shein, tried contacting them several times to resolve this issue without any success and its only automated massages that's not related to your concerns, been so patient waiting after I called my credit card company and it was over month to dispute it, so now I am short on 127,50$ never again buy from this SCAM, lesson learnt in hard way. Tip for consumers:stay away from the SCAM Products used:Shoes, jackets, skirt, etc. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I bought some clothes for my puppy and followed the sizing chart. The clothes arrived, however, only 1 out of 9 outfits fit! My puppy is 4.5 lbs and size small was too small! I've try emailing SHEIN and I got no answer. I don't even want a refund, just 1 size up on some items and 2 sizes up on others. I thought I found the online store for all of my puppies clothes. Major disappointment. I'll give them a couple of days and see if they respond. I'll keep you posted. Tip for consumers:Go 1 size up and pray that's all you needed to get the right size. Products used:One coat. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    By far the worst site in History. Placed a order April 12,2021 today is now May 7,2021 and I still haven't received my package from USPS says they have not received the package from the shipper. I have received other packages from China that I ordered after this. Full of $#*! Website. Never again! Customer Service is not responding to you as well. It's a scam, I am trying to get a refund through Afterpay, they cannot refund unless SHEIN cancel the order, which I am unable to do so, $87 is down the drain, It seems this is how the scam to make it cheaper for consumers. Really bad business practice, if you can't contact the vendor Tip for consumers:use it at your own risk, Hit or a Miss Products used:shoes Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    This place stored my card info and then my card was fraudulently used from Manila Philippines. Its 100% this site! Beware this place will $#*!ing steal your hard earned money! I ordered something from my kid over a month ago and also never received anything! They keep your numbers and then charge your card. I'm going to do whatever I can to shut this place down... thief's and thieves hit my card for 18dollars real quick then 10 seconds later for 231 Tip for consumers:They keep your card info then use it Products used:They keep card info and then charge your hard earned money Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Bought a pair of Mary Jane shoes and the strap broke the first day she wore them; didn't even make it to the first class. Cheap material and awful workmanship. I should have known better; no response to my email to their "customer service" either. Tip for consumers:Avoid Shein Products used:None unable to wear
    I order some Men T-shirts and they charge me fir it, however the day after they send me an email to let me know that they can't take my order because theirs fraud department said my shopping is not trusted. I just dont get. Why they charge me but they said I might be a fraud.? Now I have to wait 14 days for my refunds and I can't buy somewhere because I have no money. I will never, ever order anything from them anymore. Tip for consumers:Not sure Products used:Shirts Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Dont waste your money. Seriously, I've had more aggravation shopping with this place. Go for walk and enjoy life. Zero stars if possible. Cheap ugly fabric, not as described. Packages marked as delivered, when NOT delivered. Finally arrived way later and an item was missing. Back to the dispute center. Argh! I don't know how they are in business at all other than people not believing these reviews. Go enjoy your life somewhere else!
    Horrible company. The tracking updates keep changing everyday and then suddenly disappears. I don't know what's happening with my order. It's been over 20 days and I still haven't got any updates. Worst company ever. I am still waiting on 2 orders. Don't know if they will ever arrive. I tried Shein for the first time and I am so disappointed. Shein Canada is the worst. Stay away from them. Wasted over $100. Wish I could give them a zero rating. Tip for consumers:Never use this site ever. Waste of money. Products used:Wish I could give zero stars. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Very cute shoe comfortable. Doesnt roll off, fast delivery, however product not so strong, my shoe broke 5mins after putting them on hence the four stars. But overally they were beautiful shoes
    Most of their things are slutty and very ill fitting and cheaply produced. If you look hard enough you might find something you can wear to a nightclub rather than a strip club or orgie with a bunch of disgusting perverted weirdos hanging out there, but few and far between. Most won't make it through two or three washes. I was so disgusted and repulsed by the brand I destroyed or gave it all away Tip for consumers:Save it for legal reasons Products used:None. It was put in the TRASH Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    The clothes came in fairly quickly, but the items did not fit me well and were made poorly so i returned it using their return label per their return process and 3 weeks later still no refund or any type of customer service contact information that works. I'm sure others lost more than I did, I will have to try and contact my bank for an inquiry to this company and try to get my money back
    They send spam almost every day, even though I "unsubscribe" and confirm it, with every message. I can't go to my account settings and unsubscribe that way, or else it is a maze that is impossible to find. So, if you buy just one thing from SHEIN, be prepared for spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans, spam, spam, spam and spam.