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  • Description:American operating in high-end designer brands, fashion oriented online shopping website, with Brand, BCBGMAXAZRIA, J    Juicy  Couture moderate price more than 200 designer brands, many more are not yet in China. In addition, Revolveclothing is not a single profit shopping site, on the site can also browse to the many fashionable life information.
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    I've have been online shopping for years and revolve has the worst customer service by far. Bought a Mara Hoffman swimsuit from then for over 300usd and the colour ran when I wore it to swim for the first time. Couldn't believe such an expensive swimsuit could be of such poor quality or the item was defective. I wrote to revolve to ask for an exchange or refund on the item and they refused to do anything about it, saying it was over the number of days it could be returned. Beware that revolve sells defective products.
    I order a pant from their website, and It got a deflect. Therefore, I shipped the product back to revolve to refund my money. The customer service person on the phone told me we can't refund your money, but we can give you stores credit. I was like wtf, We got in an argument, and the problem was not resolved. So at the end, I have to call my bank for charge back. Word of advice "I won't trust this website."
    I can't believe that there are so many bad reviews. I have been shopping at Revolve for at least 8 years and I have never had a problem. They have great designers, always coupon codes for discounts, free shipping, free returns and no sales tax. I always receive my order exactly when they say it will arrive. This is one of my absolute go-to sites for clothes shopping. Love them!!!
    I will NEVER order from this company again. I ordered from them back in July and they sent me the wrong item, then when I asked them to send the correct one they told me it was sold out. I asked to reimbursed and it took 4 phone calls and two months to finally get my money back. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and order again. I ordered a dress with priority 2 day shipping and it has yet to come in. A waste of my money and time.
    The quality of these clothes are trash. In the pictures, the clothes look great.. But when I see them in person, I want to kill myself
    Worst experience with an online retailer thus far - I ordered a pair of denim from them back in February, but when I received them, they were the wrong model. Wouldn't fit at all. So I msg them asking for an exchange and they say their apologies and have put my correct pair on hold for me. They also refund my return shipping cost. Fast forward three weeks later, I get my long awaited package after paying a ridiculous amount of duties and taxes (I didn't get charged duty and tax from my first shipment so I was already annoyed). I open it up, and behold - the exact same model I originally received!! And from the looks of it, it looks like the exact same pair that was originally sent to me! I email them with frustration asking for my original order. They tell my since it was a clearance item, it is now completely out of stock. So now here I am, $60 poorer from duties and taxes, with the wrong pair of jeans that I never wanted, and knowing I would never get the pair I originally ordered. For compensation they offer me a 15% discount for my order. Useless since for sure I won't be shopping with them anymore. Still waiting to hear back to what they have to say...
    I ordered a filson backpack and instead they shipped me a filson tote which is worth about $100 less. while their customer service has been fairly responsive, and I had hopes that everything would be resolved fairly soon it didnt happened. I have not received a full refund nor a replacement shipment yet. Instead I only have a partial refund of 26 dollars even though I have already mailed back their mistaken merchandise. I am still missing a refund on the customs (which Is their responsibility since I never received the item I ordered) and the purchase price of my backpack. Update: after posting this review, I got a replacement bag shipped out immediately and a correct refund as well an email apologizing for the mistake. I'm not sure what would have happened had I not write this review, but the conclusion of this story is that all wrongs were righted and I'm probably going to order from this site again if the price is reasonable.
    I would like to write a general review about Revolve Clothing. I have used this company/site since 2011. Although yes garments are not always what they appear to be online, this would be an issue with the actual designer not revolve. It is a matter of getting to know the lines you are buying. For the most part the clothes are excellent. As far as the company itself they have excellent shipping and make return a breeze with the shipping label and return envelope provided. I have placed over 50 orders with them. Keep up the great work Revolve!
    This company is devious, Their clothes look fabulous but the quality is poor in reality and they're expensive. Also, the site is misleading for those not in the US - it says free shipping and returns. I paid $AU21 to send clothes back. And worst of all, I made an error in my initial order and advised them within minutes. I was told the whole order needed to be cancelled and then re-placed. It took10 days and a lot of stress to get a refund for the first order payment. I would NEVER buy from them again
    Not a single confirmation order, no emails, absolutely lack of communcation. I was on holiday and then... Order status CANCELED, because of credit card, impossible since they've tried it and I have more than the amount necessary. The customer service is OK,they are friendly and told me that they'll let me know when they have the product again... but at the end, I don't the have the product that I want when I want and paid for it>! Very dissapointing
    Ordered a dress for the rehearsal dinner for my wedding. It came in the week before the wedding and I felt it was overpriced. Either way- it also didn't fit. It got caught in the shuffle of wedding activities/ post wedding activities and I tried sending it back a week or two after the 30 day deadline. I emailed customer service apologizing and explaining that in all of the wedding craziness, it slipped my mind to send the dress back and I had no use for store credit. I asked for a refund and Revolve responded with an email saying they were incapable of refunding my money. Shop somewhere else where customer service actually cares about your concerns and will help you. UPDATE: A different customer service representative reached out to me to resolve the issue. I'm not sure why the original person I talked to in customer service couldn't help but whoever saw this review went out of their way to make things right for which I am very thankful. Customer service is extremely important (especially with online shopping) and I am extremely happy with the help I have since received from Revolve!
    Customer Service A+. Quality F . Nonthing Like I expeced. The Dress said nylon , spandex.. It was more like a foam tote bag.. I never ever seen anything like it.
    I rarely wear dressy pants and I just wanted to thank Revolve for the amazing quality, durable, heavy, literally water proof Arch Jogger Pants that I received in the mail today. They're so adorable, I might actually go outside to show them off! haha! No complaints, the order came exactly when it was supposed to, I'm completely blown away by the quality of Publish Brand. I will definitely be a returning customer to by these in every other color that you have. I'm a petite guy so it was an extremely difficult size to find anywhere else. But not here! thanks again :) -Joey
    they wouldnt complete my order until i supplied them with mt date of birth and social security number... the claimed they needed it for experian verification for all chipped credit cards. i reminded them the card i used was NOT chipped. they canceled my order and they have not refunded the $688.05 to my visa, now i need to file a charge back through visa. SUCH a hassle! on the bright side i was able the buy the same diadoras at and the same penfield hoodies at
    I can always count on the revolve site to filter only the creme de la creme designer styles for me. It's the only place I shop! now that I am looking for wedding dresses I am ordering from here.
    So I really liked this dress and it was only in size 0 and I asked in the Live chat, which is excellent, if it will be arriving more in my size and they told that they were very sorry but those were the las ones but anyways I submit my email so I would be notified with any news about the dress. A few day later i got an email and I see that the dress is in my size, and only that size. And just i needed information about a product that appeared in an outfit but it wasn't for sale so I asked in the live chat and they didn't tell anything really important but they did say like the outfit where I saw the product I liked was a new arrival maybe it would be arriving soon, and that calmed me very much. They are really polite but cute. I just love them. Besides they got so many stuff of so many brands and a huge price range.
    Very good selection of clothes and accessories. Shipping is extremely fast. Returns are easy, although it may take a while to process. Customer service is friendly and helpful.
    Fast shipping, easy returns! Definitely one of my favorite shopping sites. They provide tracking info and carry high quality clothes and shoes.
    Returned an item for a different size on September 26th, it's October 17th and I'm still waiting. Stay away!
    I have always been unlucky with ordering items online. Revolve made it easy to order, the shipment came fast ( Free Shipping a huge plus, Free return label as well!!) Questions though, IF you make a return, how long does the shipping + refund process take? Thanks!
    The people are nice, if you can get in contact with them. Obviously the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing, so expecting that communication once will result in a positive outcome would be a poor assumption. Their original shipping is quick. I must live fairly close to the shipping hub. However, the item I received was defective. You cannot request return online, instead you must use the paperwork they send you to return the item. Considering how quickly it arrived, I'd assume it went back equally as fast. But nothing updated online. Took days before I received an email stating they got the package, then nothing... crickets. Finally, tried calling. They make you answer a bunch of ridiculous questions and threaten to put your information into a "sweepstakes" while you're on hold. I didn't stick around long enough to see if that had real people working for them. Then, went to their "chat" option. First person said I'd get an email update later today. Then the I receive an email for a refund, not a replacement of said defective item. So again, back to chat. Waiting forever to see what the heck is happening. They will send me the item and remove the refund. I'm curious to see if the "charge" for the item shows up on my account before the money from the first purchase is added back into my account. I'm not thrilled with their playing with my bank account, not reading or following instructions on the return, and having awful customer service. Overall, will not use them again.
    Fast and free shipping and returns, but refunds take 14 business days. I think although many companies will say it can take "up to" 14 business days for a refund, usually they refund faster, not in Revolveclothing's case.
    Revolve has BY FAR the most reliable customer service ever (and I tried many fashion website since I like online shopping). Their price matching is so great, their agents are so nice, it's a pleasure to buy from this website! (unlike shopbop which has not a bad CS but is not as good as revolve). Also the shipping is nice, they changed their shipping recently for a more reliable free international shipping (RDD) with tracking (8-10 days to France generally) and the most enjoyable part is there are NO duties or taxes because the package go through United Kingdom before it reaches France. My FAVORITE shopping website by far.
    i ordered 2 bras, one of which had one of the straps that were supposed to be attached ripped. i could see why it can be overlooked upon being sent out because it was a very strappy item. i contacted them and they offered to send me another one. fast forward 3 weeks, what do i get? the same bra with a sad attempt to be SEWN BACK. I wouldn't have minded if they had just told me i could take it to a local seamstress to have it fixed, i was under impression they were exchanging me with a new one. the worst part is, the stitching they did was falling apart when the new bra had arrived in the mail for the price, hideous service
    First they attempted to not stand by the 15% discount, they then had my order delayed for over two weeks while they fart arsed around in admin. They still ended up over charging me not taking into account the changing currency and date of purchase- god help them, can they get anything right? The aus company appears to be directed through a number of ABN (Aus Business Numbers) which I can only assume is an attempt to skimp the aus government of GST. They also have a very tacky american voice message recorded to tell you the opening hours of the Australian number- this is always on- they are NEVER open. So.. morally they are corrupt, financially they are fraudulent and customer service wise? I'd have an easier time jabbing myself in the eye with a pen. Kindest regards, You haven't heard the last of this. PS... I had to give a star to post- please believe it's an illusion!
    great service!!
    FALSE ADVERTISING FOR SHIPPING. Did not get my clothing in time for my vacation and the customer service was completely unhelpful. I will only shop with SHOPBOP from now on. They guarantee their packages and are much more professional and helpful in their responses.
    My Customer Service experience with Revolve (and Yana) have been nothing but outstanding!!! Will recommend to everyone!!! XO
    This is one of the best online shopping for ladies apparel, that there is out there. For up-to-date fashion and accessories, and a lot of really wonderful casual clothing, perfect for our modern and practical lifestyle. First, the website is user friendly, you really get to see the clothing well, and get a feel for the designers they use. Only downfall, is not experiencing the true quality of the fabrics (touch is the only way), but they do their best on describing the items. The ease of purchasing, trying on and then returning, is exceptional, and so quick. I usually hate online shopping, due to the repackaging of return items and the visit to the PO... this is all made so easy, when shopping with Revolve. Almost hassle free, which is why I shop with them, and end up buying a lot of clothing from their website. I've been a customer from the beginning, and all they constantly improve their site. Well done Revolve.
    They have beach glam wedding dress ideas that are all under $1,, love this. I never shop anywhere else.
    I used to purchase a lot from Revolve but my past few experiences I am DONE with them!! It took over 2 weeks to get refunded from my returns! They sent out emails that they received my return but yet even after making several calls, speaking with management still took 2 weeks to be refunded!! Seems to me Revolve is using their customers to fund their business! Buyers just beware you will no longer get your money back when they receive the return!
    I ordered a pair of white shorts from Revolve. They arrived in a timely fashion. When I tried them on, I was on the fence and decided to send them back in exchange for a smaller size. Every time I have reached out to the customer service, they have been very responsive and helpful. My new smaller shorts are in the mail on their way. All in all I would say I had a very pleasant experience shopping with Revolve. I would order from them again.
    They are extremely deceiving with their shipping. It says it will arrive in 2 days. When I called in because I didn't receive it they THEN say it will be a week. What's the point in advertising that shipping? The worst part is the customer service. They aren't willing to help or accommodate at all. They just kept telling me it's not a guarantee.. but I didn't learn that until after it was ordered. Such a joke. Learn the lesson I didn't and don't shop here!!
    I've ordered g-shock watch as a birthday gift for my nephew, of course the first thing they did is to charge my credit card. After this the shop tried to write off some more money from my card. Transactions were blocked by my bank. After this Revolve wrote me that I need to verify my identity, meaning a I have to send them my ID and a copy of my credit card (!). After spending an hour with their customer service I was assured that the order will go through. It did not. Next morning. I received an email stating that my order was cancelled. After I called them, I was told that my order was rejected by their risk management manager. So two days in discussions with customer service, no money and no purchase. The money were returned within a week, but considering that was usd 500, which were held by the shop, I believe Revolve is a scam for milking our money.
    I was interested in purchasing a sale item that was completely sold out on every site except for FWRD who only had one left in stock. I spoke to a lovely representative named Yana via live chat and email who managed to hold the item on hold for me for a whole six days which is usually unheard of with sale items. Yana was extremely pleasant to deal with and was in co stand contact during my hold period to ensure my item was secure. FWRD also offered a price match service which helped reduce the cost of the sale item even further. I was extremely impressed by the customer service as it is so rare now a days to receive truly good service in retail. HIGHLY recommend shopping from FWRD.
    I have placed an order and it was my first time and after reading these reviews I must say I was a bit worries or concerned but I just had to have the dress on their site that I could not find any where else!! I took a chance and placed my order and got my shipment within 2 days and I loved it but was a bit too big so I called REVOLVE and asked to exchange and the rep was so friendly and kind about it all and processed my exchange correctly and had it sent again within 3 days without charging me again. This site is great, its all a matter of situation as obviously some people had a bad experience but mine was GREAT!! such cute and unique clothes and free shipping both ways!! I will certainly shop again thank Revolve Team!!
    Terrible customer service. They promise discounts to attract customers but deceive you in any way possible. I will never use their service again as they had promised to manually apply the discount to my order but did not.
    I purchased a swimsuit from Revolve size Small. It was sooo not true to size, that it fit more like an XXS! I only tried it on once before sending it back through the mail for a return. Well, they just emailed me to say they won't be returning the item due to the bottoms being damaged or worn. The tags and everything were still on! I'm beyond annoyed. Will not be shopping from their site again, as I find all their items ill-fitting or different than they look in the photos. UPDATE: The customer service rep spoke to the manager and was able to get a one-time return on damaged merchandise for me. This was done without me even having to ask for it, so I have to upgrade them to four stars for handling this incident with professionalism.
    I purchased a swimsuit from Revolve for my destination wedding. I tried it on, realized I needed a new size, and immediately put it in the mail. About three weeks later I received an email stating that the product was damaged, and they were sending it back to me. Why would I wear a swimsuit in early April and return it the next day for a different size? This is horrible customer service, and terrible judgment. Given that this was a very expensive swimsuit, and most things on their site are expensive, I would expect better. I thought about ordering more things from Revolve for our trip, and for my bridesmaids, but this will most definitely not be happening. I will be spreading the word about how terrible this site is. DO NOT SHOP HERE! Find another site with product that is equally as cute, but they know how to treat customers with respect.
    The bridal selection at is a welcome addition to this already amazing clothing site. My bridesmaids are going to look modern in a refreshingly trendy and cutting edge way, thanks to you!
    Not a fan of boring gowns and I love the edgy wedding shop on your site. I'm going to have my Bridesmaids get their dresses from it and I'm eyeing a few of the wedding gowns!
    I really really want to like them. I love their clothing, I love their style, I love their instagram but I really can't stand a company that makes you work in order to receive your items. I ordered a dress 4 weeks before my birthday, received it 2 days later (as expected) and it didn't fit. I returned it for a larger size and 10 days later, had not received any e-mail notice saying they received the dress. When I called to follow up, the person I spoke to let me know that they had received the dress but it would take another week to process and get the new one out. Okay. One day before my birthday, I still had not received the dress. I called and was given the option to pay $45 to get it by 8pm the next day, otherwise it wouldn't arrive until the following day. I cancelled the order immediately. Fast forward to 3 weeks later and I still have not seen a refund on my credit card statement. I've tried calling their customer service line multiple times all week and it never rings, then just results in a busy signal. The fact that I've had to go out of my way on every occasion to see results is ridiculous. I would NOT recommend shopping here to anyone, you can find most of the clothing they carry at other (more dependable) sites.
    I just found out that Revolve has a wedding shop!! This is my favorite site as they always carry the hottest designers and now I can get wedding attire too?? I'm in heaven!
    It's too bad their customer service is so bad because they have some nice clothing. I was a pretty good customer but the bad service I recently had made me not want to shop there again.
    DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE! I ordered a dress for NYE and paid for expedited shipping which was supposed to be here by noontime today. When I looked outside and it was not here I called their customer service line immediately. They told me that their risk management department flagged the order and it was never shipped, but they charged my credit card, anyway! I have been on the phone with one of their customer service representatives (Candace) who basically said that there was nothing that she could do and that the order has been cancelled, but it might take 48 hours to refund the money back... So now it's NYE, I have no dress and I'm $300 short of buying one!!! After reading the latest review I'll definitely be taking this clothing company to the better business bureau because I've never heard of any risk management team putting an item on hold and yet taking your money, anyway! Here is what they sent me- In the email it says that they will be contacting me shortly, that obviously didn't happen! Jessica L Malcolm, Before we ship your order, our risk management department has requested to confirm the following information: 1) That you, Jessica L Malcolm did place the Order #10919371 with 2) That you are in fact Jessica L Malcolm We will contact you shortly to confirm this information. If you would like to expedite the process, you are welcome to call us directly at 888.442.5830 and ask for Customer Service. Thank you for shopping with us, Team REVOLVE REVOLVE Customer Service 888.442.5830"
    Fantastic website!! I just ordered a pair of cheap mondays and they came in a timely fashion!!! Excellent! I would recommend!!
    Super quick shipping and free, and super cool products
    I'm a customer from Singapore. Its's my first time buying an item from this website. Upon buying, I didn't check the review but after waiting a few days I began reading it but most of the reviews was not a good thing to hear. Eventually it didn't happen to me. Thumbs up to all the customer service. It did takes 2 weeks to arrive but worth of waiting!!
    Always my favorite, fast shipping, awesome clothes