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  • Description:Planet&nbsp; Shoest Earth&nbsp; Inc's Earth&nbsp; Shoes series of an international famous brand. It is made of high quality materials, including hand sewn technique, high quality leather, suede and durable soles and exquisite workmanship. The product features are: flexible, breathable, reduce the <br caused by the shock when > move, outsole with a certain degree of flexibility and firmness.
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    Ordered shoes. Shoes came damaged. Asked for money off or send new pair. They said to return and they would send new pair. Then I never heard back from them. Had to contact them and tell them I got the notice you got the shoes, but I haven't heard when the new ones were sent out. Then I received an email they credited my account and did not send shoes out. What a PITA. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing over there, I would of never of gotten a credit if I didn't email and ask what was going on. Not worth it! I'm done, stick to zappos, amazon, anyone but them!
    This was the worst online shopping experience I ever had. A order my girlfriend a pair of Bearpaw boetis on 11/3/15 for my gf bday on 11/10/15. The boots they sent was defective and return back to sender on 11/19/16. I never received the new pair of boots. I was told that USPS delivery my order and just left the box outside on my porch. When I came home of course the package was never there. I call Planet shoes they been doing this long on going investigate since November and now its February I never heard anything else from Planetshoes every time I call I'm on hold for minutes and then told to call back tomorrow. I will never order from PlanetShoes again. My girlfriend never received her bday boots. meanwhile Planetshoes have their money.
    The company has performed horribly regarding a recent order I made with them. I was looking for a pair of comfortable shoes and checked out various brands and read excellent reviews on Naot shoes and decided to order a pair of their Pilot boots from Planet Shoes at $200, shipping free, estimated delivery 3 to 5 days. The company processed the order fast, I'll give them that, the money was out of bank account in moments of placing the order, and they did send me a order confirmation informing me that they had dispatched the shoes. So far, so good. I then waited and watched the tracking info they'd given me to see the progress for the shipment via UPS. I ordered the shoes on Dec 30th and after not getting them after a week, I rechecked the tracking info and noticed the shoes were sitting in a UPS depot miles away from me and no longer slated for delivery to my home address. I then called UPS and they told me to call Planet Shoes, so I contacted Planet Shoes customer service, where I was told that "I had informed UPS" I wanted the shoes to be picked up at the depot, I had most defiantly had not done anything of the sort. But once that seemed to be cleared up, the woman there at customer service [Shayla] informed me the shoes would be requsted for delivery to my home again. Of note: I never did get a reasonable explanation as to why the shoes had been held up at the UPS depot, but I wanted the shoes, and so was willing to wait a little more and was told that they should be with me in another few days. The woman at customer service then sent me an email apologizing for the delay, and offering me 15% off my next purchase with Planet Shoes, [ A pretty unlikely event, I must have thought at the time, but she was trying I told myself] then I noticed that she had written to me as "John," when in fact my name is Gregory, it's on the order form, the credit card account info & the delivery address. Not a good sign I thought yet again. So I again waited on the delivery and after a few days, i.e. three, I again looked at the tracking info and yet again the package was still designated as "hold for pick-up." At this point I'd had enough and I called the customer service place yet again and they assured me that they would contact UPS and the package would be with me as soon as they could get it on the next days delivery truck. Well, I wouldn't be writing this if that had happened, and another few days went by. I called yet again and asked for a supervisor, and was passed along to a man there named Dante who listened to my complaint and agreed to cancel my order and refund the $200. I asked him to email me a comfrimation to this effect as I was feed-up by then with Planet Shoes promises and he said that he would take care of everything by the end of business that day. Guess what? He didn't! What a shock. Anyway, I called back yet again and finally got put through to someone there named Doug, who in fact did write me later that day and send an attachment which showed that the order had been cancelled and that a refund should be credited back to credit card/bank account in three to five business days. What a saga. I leave it to anyone who has read this to make up their own minds about this company, but for my two cents I'd have to say they "SUCK."
    I was a fan and loyal customer, but no more. I've now called six times about a refund I have yet to receive. Each time I call, I'm promised action "today." It still has not happened, despite speaking with the "customer service manager" this morning. I will never order from this company again.
    While I agree with most of the positive statements about Planet shoes my one complaint is that every time I returned a pair of shoes I was not refunded until I called and complained. So in spite of the interesting styles I will not purchase from them.
    I purchased a pair of shoes online and was prompted at checkout to sign off for the planet rewards program which offers credits towards future purchases. I knew that I would be making several other purchases so I signed up for the free service and paid extra on the shipping (they say to offset the environmental effects) which was supposed to have earned me extra planet points. During the checkout process, there was a computer glitch during which the computer opened 2 accounts for me- both with the same name and email address. I didn't learn of this until later, when I saw no points in my account and called customer service. I was advised of the computer problems and told the accounts would be combined. I went on to make several other purchases within the next few weeks (enough to earn $40 off the order). I check my account and I have 0 credits/points. I called customer service and got an agent that clearly had no common sense. She advised me that 2 accounts were opened in my name and that is "illegal" so the accounts were merged and I lost all of my credits/points. I explained the computer glitch and she kept repeating "Mam, our policy says you are not allowed to have more than 1 account". I again tried to explain that it was a Planet shoes computer error that caused the duplicate accounts. She repeated the same idiotic statement again. While talking to her, I tried to open another account using the same email address & name and the computer notified me that there was already an account with that information- which proved that it was a system issue on Planet Shoes. She repeated the same mantra again. She did not have enough common sense to understand that "stealing" discounts from customers is bad business policy. Especially when the company is at fault. I gave up with her and typed all of this out in online complaint form and it was ignored. No response at all! Don't waste your time or money on a business that only cares about your money.
    I ordered shoes whilst staying in Canada for a month. Ordered 27th May they were not shipped until 3rd June. They were told the date I was leaving Canada for UK 13th June. Tracking showed delivery to Halifax on 12th. On 12th that changed to15th, when I was no longer there. Had to ask hotel to forward them to me still not received shoes today is 20th July. So it looks as though they are missing. Cost of additional posting to UK $C49 shoes cost $C200. The reason I ordered them was because they had narrow fit which are not available in UK. So I have spent $C250 dollars and the shoes still not arrived. I cannot claim from them because only the shipper can claim and the claim forms do not allow anyone out of America to complete a form for either US or Canada. The time from MA to Halifax NS was ridiculous.
    Received my shoes VERY fast. Bought shoes I loved in Florida and wanted another pair. Couldn't find them in the stores here in Ohio but Planet Shoes had them. So nice to find a place I can count on for great service. Will be buying from them again.
    Never received my shoes. Called three weeks after they were meant to have arrived, was told it would be a couple more days. A week later still no shoes. I called , was told my address was undeliverable . I have received multiple packages at my address. When I asked for a refund I was told I have to wait for the shoes to be returned to their warehouse. This despite my never having received the shoes.
    I am keeping my original review (see below) but adding 2 stars to my original review. The reason I'm updating is that I was contacted by them with an apology. Since this is not something the consumer can expect from the majority of online retailers, I have revised my rating accordingly. Still, the fact that they sent the wrong color & that I was unable to procure the correct color before they sold out because of their inept "customer service" will still keep me from recommending them. Here's what I originally wrote: Don't want to spend another hour writing about these shysters, as I've already wasted too much of my precious time dealing with them. Long story short, they sent me a BRIGHT ORANGE pair of shoes when I'd ordered a light blue. Two emails were simply ignored. I was forced to talk to one of their retards, who was as rude as can be. When I insisted that I needed a UPS pickup because this was, after all, THEIR MISTAKE, the idiot (who refused to tell me his name) placed me on "hold," which was just his way of hanging up but he was too pussy to do THAT, since maybe his shyster boss man was listening in. There was no return label in the package, just this VERY WRONG, UGLY pair of shoes that you wouldn't pay $10 for at Salvation Army. I will be taking this to the BBB & to my attorney. I'm done with playing Nice Guy with these kinds of shysters.
    I ordered Chaco shoes from PlanetShoes 10 days ago, and I got them today. The website said that they would ship in 2-3 days, but it took nearly a week. However, that is all I have to say bad about PlanetShoes. I emailed them to ask why my order hadn't shipped, and it shipped that day. The representative was also very polite and helpful. The price of the Chacos I ordered was $20 less than almost everywhere else I had seen online. They also had a great amount of choices and sizes. When I got my Chacos today, I was quite happy to see that they were in the original Chaco box. After shipping, the order only took 3 days to get here, so I was happy with that too. Overall, the order was good and I was happy with my purchase. I would recommend buying from PlanetShoes and I will probably buy from them again if I buy similar-type shoes again.
    Planet shoes has unique, GREEN shoe styles that are eco friendly and comfortable! I love to support businesses like these that are community minded and give back. Plus their shoes are stylish and easy to wear. They honor free shipping on orders over $49 and free returns!
    You will find my original complaint at the bottom. After several attempts of rectifying this situation, and getting nowhere, I wrote a bad review. Then, a customer service person with access to all the transactions that had gone wrong, contacted me and apologized greatly for all the mix up. They not only reimbursed me for the shipping but added some $. I've ordered shoes from them since then and will continue to do so in the future. The initial annoyance was intense. But things can go wrong for all kinds of reasons. Stay Away. They send me the wrong shoes, (a fur lined winter model that was advertised as summer wear) then refused to take responsibility for it, insulted me by feeding me back totally bogus information about the product, clearly indicating that they had not bothered to look into this matter at all and flat out refused to reimburse me for over $30.00 dollars in shipping charges (I live in Hawaii and we have to pay 9.95 for their free shipping and over 20 in case of a return). Sloppy, incompetent management apparently, but lots of attitude and not a sign of taking responsibility for their misleading advertisement and incompetence. If I could give no stars, I would.
    Planet shoes has feel good footwear and is made in Europe! I love thier vivo bare foot collection - they are so easy to travel with and are comfortable to wear. They have a huge selection of shoes on sale too. If you refer a friend they give you a $10 credit.
    I recently bought three different shoes from this company. I returned one without difficulty, and I kept the other two pairs. They have a great variety of styles, and they are reasonable priced. I really like attractive and comfy flats. Sometimes it can be challenging to find what you are looking for at a local department store. I really liked the selection on this site. So far, the shoes have kept up well.