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  • Description:From America popular leisure apparel brand, is gap   (Gap) one of the brand of the  . Old  Navy nature and sports Americans favorite leisure style into the design concept, design colors, bold and lively, let old Navy (  Old    Navy) has become a national brand make known to every family across the United States are the most popular and most representative.
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    Never ever had any trouble! Now it's time to shop for great summer deals.
    Amazing in every single way! Always great prices, better than thrift stores! Great place for basics, love the simple stuff, and the sports bras are the best!
    My granddaughters gave me a gift from OLDNAVY. It was to small so I took it to the store to exchange for the proper size. I usually wear a large to Extra Large. Nothing in the store that was labeled ex large, X1, X2 or any of the large sizes fit me. I then ordered a couple of the X3 online: It was too small....their sizing is completely wrong....and I did order the 3X for adults....
    I find their clothes unnecessarily expensive and their discounts deceitful, but good quality and skinny jeans should be skinny jeans not the exact opposite. Didn't really enjoy it, but good enough
    I had so much fun shopping at Old Navy!! Lots of sales, and super cute clothes. The employees were helpful and very nice too, which is a big plus. I'll keep shopping there.
    I love to shop at Old Navy they carry a vintage style that is cheap and comfy.
    Esta padre pero solo permite tener envíos en eua
    They have cheap clothes at cheap prices. If that is what you want or can afford then this is your store. I definitely feel uncomfortable in the setting of the store. It feels like a bargain basement environment with ugly not made well clothes laying all around. Their new ad campaign is an in your face mixed race couple. Not sure how that does anything but cause attention which can offset their lack of quality or appearance of the clothes they offer. The bottom line is to make a buck from whomever and however.
    For the prices they offer, their products are pretty good, although their stuff is obviously not like American Eagle and Hollister
    ... in favor of OldNavy; yet another store with a "gimmick"!
    Another antiquated business that needs you to create yet another marginal internet account instead of using top-level single sign on SSO providers e.g. Google, Facebook
    Love it!!! The dresses are such a great deal (sales ladies!), and if you are tall---big score- the fit for length is spot on! Sometimes the clothes in store fit too..go check- if not- try in store- go home and order Tall! Or parking lot to order if it's really cute! Great value for a few dollars! Do have to say to watch arm holes this year? I don't get that btw?? Easy fix...don't sew? Tank top works! I order usually twice a month or shipping! Coupons! Email for more coupons! Free WiFi in store so you can pull up your coupons while in store!! By far one of my most favorite places to shop!! Keep it up Old Navy!!!
    Very good sales, clothing made well, true to size/
    I was happy with this website
    Great customer service! The price is right! Fast delivery!
    amazeballs great praise the lord! they are wonderful.
    I love Old Navy. It's my go to store for casual clothing at affordable prices. Trendy, colorful, relatively cheap compared to other stores and just makes you feel bright and bubbly. I've bought boyfriend jeans, tees, shorts, tops, shirts, jackets and winter clothing here for men, women and children. Can't go wrong. Good value for money!
    I had some issues regarding my order but their customer support team is very cooperative. they guided me each and very concern about my order.
    I have an addiction for Old Navy which is why I'm so broke! Everything I wear is mostly Old Navy even though they are pretty expensive. I know they have their little sales every season but you're still gonna be paying at least $50 for just two pieces of clothing. That includes the veterans and student discounts added in. If you want to spend less than $20 don't expect to get much. You'd be lucky just to buy their candies and knick knacks at the front checkout line. However, I have a certain style I like and Old Navy is the only place that has clothes I genuinely like. Old Navy may not be for everyone especially with their ridiculous prices. Gap isn't any better.
    Great expectant date & customer service
    Great clothing selections.
    This is my fall back shopping for nice stylish stuff Not really as high quality as gap, but lower prices Super deals sometimes
    They have pretty good prices and a variety of clothes. I like their sandals for the summer when you're at the beach, because they're pretty inexpensive but seem to be pretty durable.
    While all the clothes that Old Navy offers aren't top quality, their customer service and free returns ensure that you are only left with what you want and can use. The prices and sales are great, and at least half of the clothes are ultimately comfortable and wearable.
    Shop online all the time and alwys get a great deal and free shipping.
    love this site , im addicyed to shopping on this site.
    I love old navy for my kids and husband, thought I would love their plus sized line for myself but I hate it. The clothes are cut without curves in mind. I bought one pair of jeans that sagged in the crotch area (I'm 5'10") and slid off my bum. Never again. the tops are too short if you're tall, and too boxy if you're short. But old navy does have fantastic basics like tank tops and tights. Fast shipping, I have never waited more than 2 days for anything to come in. Good quality: the kids outgrow their jeans before they wear out. T shirts have some fade issues but no more than I'd expect. Quality hasn't changed over the years, and the prices are basically unbeatable.
    i like to shop there for my teenage it has the styles that they like with a good price for me
    Solid place to shop.
    Decent place to buy clothing.
    Cheap clothes good if you like a fleamarket atmosphere. All the clothes are off the racks and unfolded.
    Good clothing selections.
    Good clothes here.
    good clothing selections, decent prices.
    I bought track pants for around $5 and it was great!! Very affordable prices, comfy and well used. Very easy to match because it is black and white. I have used them for pjs often. Highly recommend their items for affordability and comfort.
    My dad told me to join the navy. This is not the navy. Name is highly misleading.
    Good clothing selections.
    I bought Big N Tall t-shirts and they are trully their size, Also bought kids t-shirts and also great, their pants are true to size and maybe even bigger. I can trust that whatever clothes I buy will be great!! The website is easy to buy from and to return. Their prices are great!! and the quality better than some other name brands. would highly recommend.
    I love how Old Navy constantly have sales. I can always find something to purchase and very cheap but good quality as well. Love this store.
    Good clothing selections. I am a pretty big fan of it.
    The prices are tight and I would recommend their clothes to a relative or a friend
    Their clothing is of some of the lowest quality construction and materials that I have seen. To top it off they charge as much as or more than many of the manufactures do for wearables with good construction and materials.
    I recommend this place for its clothes! I only bought from here once, it was pretty cheap and it only took about 1 & 1/2 weeks to get to here in northern Canada!
    I love getting products from Old Navy fantastic clothing selections.
    Just love the cloths here :)
    Been to Old Navy, a lot. Like their clearance sales. Great styles and value!
    its ok
    Great place to shop for cloths that look good, fit well and are comfortable to wear!
    Great product sizing and prices. Their sales are amazing. Most of our children's clothing is bought here.