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  • Description:Nashbar was founded in 1973, is a professional bicycle supplies online brand retailers, known as the "bicycle rider shopping paradise", the main products include bicycle used shoes, clothes, pedal, helmet, sunglasses, nutritional supplements and sports drinks etc..
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    I bought several bikes from them. The majority of my purchases came in a very bad condition, with even local bike shop unable to fix them. Some "new" bikes came with the used low quality components installed. It was extremely difficult to return the bikes. Nashbar easily reneged on its promises re. returns and replacements. Very rude customer service and product support. Only the low prices, smoke and mirror marketing and deceptive policies keep them in business.
    The "deals" are far from it since they overprice to begin with and good luck with battery powered stuff on sale. Poor experience with purchases that were inferior. You have to look long and hard at the catalogue to find a real deal and then it is buyer beware.
    Ordered two pair of cycling liners. Great price, great service, and exactly as described.
    Had a good experience buying from Nashbar. Needed road shoes fast and got them within a couple of days as promised. Hovever, was surprised that I had to pay sales tax. Turns out tyhe are owned by Performance Bicycle, so if Performance has a retail location in your state, you have to pay sales tax when you buy from Nashbar
    I love this cycling internet store and have been buying from these for over 15 years. One of my favorite retailers. :)
    Great deals although sometimes it takes a while to get them and sometimes the sizes for clothes are limited but still, very, very hard to beat the prices especially on the Road Cycling side of things.