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  • Description:Professional brand limited discount website, mainly sales of high-end brand clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry, watches, fashion accessories, usually discount are as high as 70%. Modique would have to purchase of second-hand goods sales, tagging couplers for 8/10Condition, namely what we say normally 8 into new.
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    I loved your website and all of the wonderful bargains that I received for monies spent. Are you opening another site? I have been checking for months to see if your site was up and running again, however, when I typed in your company's name, it stated that site cannot be found. Regardless of the negative responses that I have seen on the Internet, I never had any problems with Modnique. I would LOVE for you to reopen your website again.
    When is the US government going to shut this site down for good. Modnique is nothing but fraud, a company that scams the hard working average person of his/her hard earned money. They are just like any other thieves out there. I placed an order a year ago. They accepted the order, took the money and never shipped the goods. I requested a return for another item I purchased from them. I received the RMA number and shipped the item back. They accepted the return and shut down their site a couple of days later. I only found out about their bankruptcy by googling them when I couldn't reach them. Please shut this company down for good. The government has an obligation for doing so.
    I ordered a lovely jacket by Buffalo, and although it arrived in good time, it arrived with the anti-theft device still attached and it cannot be removed without destroying the jacket. I received no solution from their HELP line. No RMA, no offer of exchange, nada, niet!
    I ordered a bag and never received it because when they closed for a few months there was no customer service when they reopened the same guy told me too bad they don't have to give credits from before their chapter 11 sales
    At first prices were excellent, shipping was too, good service, great free return policy to Canada Then everything changed!! The prices skyrocketed, the shipping was taking on average one month or more, the customer service was non existent and no more free returns I once received a shipment of boots advertised as leather which were most obviously not I had to pay over $70 to ship them back! On average received at least one item per order that was either wrong or damaged I will never shop at Modnique again and would certainly not recommend it to anyone
    I ordered a coach bag at a great price. I got it a week later. It is exactly what I ordered. Just beautiful! I love it. Couldn't be happier
    THEY KEEP CLOSING AND REOPENING AND SCAMMING MONEY, I RETURNED A ROLEX WATCH AND A LV BAG, I HAD TO TAKE STORY CREDIT FOR THE LV BAG. BECAUSE OF THEIR POLICY. THE NEXT TIME I TRIED TO SHOP THE SITE WAS CLOSED DOWN. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT TRUST AT ALL and/or told me that 2 matching light fixtures of the order of 3 (not matching), which I placed on Dec. 2 2014 were backordered til 1st week of Feb 2015. I said I'd wait for them. By Feb 5th, two hadn't arrived, so I emailed them and said I never even received a Tracking # let alone the items. They gave me their excuses by email and then said they were backordered till 3/16/2015! I then became suspicious so I started shopping around for the exact same product and they told me this item was completely discontinued. I immediately informed and they gave me this resolution. They told me to find several fixtures similar in styles and price so they'd be able to ask the vendor to work with me on prices because of the whole ordeal they put me through. I had to cancel my contractor which I hired to install the items on a certain date, etc. So I spent hours finding fixtures in those price ranges and have it meet all of my needs. Original price was $220.00 for $55.00 each. I buy from flash sale sites all the time, this is what they do, slash the prices. Well, it was a waste of my time because Laura O. gave me a special 10% off coupon code the very next day. I don't think she ever called the vendors. I have been a buyer and manager of several retail stores for 20 years, so I know these types of business practice. I have been buying on these flash sale sites for years and if there was ever a problem like this the vendor always absorbed the cost on another item and made it right. I've asked my other flash sale site about my situation and they said this scam it's a very real problem and gives them a bad reputation, where you buy at a low price and then they tell you a month later that's it's backordered/discontinued and they of course have nothing comparable in that price range, just to get you to buy something much more expensive. I gave this company many chance's to resolve this issue. I have saved every email exchange.
    I hate the new site. I can't find anything! Lost me as a customer!
    The NEW MODNIQUE SUCKS... They are totally off. The old Modnique was better.They lost me as a customer.
    Modnique service is a nightmare; they promised a refund to my credit card on three different emails and did not honor it and then Diana T promised a credit and 'GUESS WHAT' no credit. Than they went out-of-business and are now starting again. Beware buyer. Their products are wrong sizes and some handbags are not leather and appear to be used. I have emailed and called and no response. They have lied to me and taken my money. Please check out other reviews and it will confirm what I am saying is true.
    Placed a purchase on 7/4/2014, for $99.93, never received anything, never got any email, they are now back on line, they must be a bogus site attracting customers money, just to steal it, they have no intention to make any delivery
    Old modnique was great until I bought two items at the beginning of summer 2014. As it was mentioned before, I never received the item and their phone was off and website is down. Good thing I paid with my credit card, so I got my money back! But regardless, I am not going to trust a new Modnique website/company...
    I really miss the old good site Modnique, as they had some great brands, europena and other international brands at very good prices. The price/value.ratio was very good, meaning you could find very good deals also comparing prices for the same items with those of other sites. I've been a customer from November 2013 till June 2014, The only bad thing is that they were forced to file for bankruptcy on July 2014. Now the new site, except for the name, has nothing else to do with the old Modnique. It doesn't offer international shipping, it has merely half of the brand Modnique used to offer. Definitely one cannot find any good deal any more. The detailed ratings refer to the old Modnique site prior July 2014, and the Overall rating refers the new after July 2014.
    The new Modnique is so disappointing. It is nothing to see, no good deals, nothing. I miss the old Modnique so much.
    I really miss the old good site Modnique, as they had some great brands, europena and other international brands at very good prices. The price/value.ratio was very good, meaning you could find very good deals also comparing prices for the same items with those of other sites. I've been a customer from November 2013 till June 2014, The only bad thing is that they were forced to file for bankruptcy on July 2014. Now the new site, except for the name, has nothing else to do with the old Modnique. It doesn't offer international shipping, it has merely half of the brand Modnique used to offer. Definitely one cannot find any good deal any more.
    I feel bad the company is going bankrupt, as they had some great stuff for very good prices compared to sites like Gilt, etc which are expensive. I had not read reviews/news, and ordered 2 boots from them(for a real good price!) 2-3 weeks back and they were delivered in about 10days! I am very happy with 1 pair, but the other is uncomfy, but dont wana risk returning it and not getting the credit! confused what to do.
    I bought numerous items last year for Christmas gifts and loved everything I received. They had amazing deals, great selection, fair shipping costs and good quality items. I will no longer purchase anything from the site since it has been taken over. Every single review I've read is horrible! Shipping costs to Canada are crazy and the selection is poor. Sad that something so good is now so defunct
    $73 for postage and handling for a pair of shoes to Australia!! WHAT A JOKE The old site only charged $15 for P&H and this wants to charge $73?! Come off it
    Never ever shop with them! Lost over 1000 dollars - can't even get in contact with them since the email and phone has been disconnected!
    I would like to know if we can do a class law suit against this company....out of $1600.
    I had no problem with them before but recently I was waiting for my order and it never came. So, I wanted to check and I could not login to my account and then I see a note orders that made in July through August not our problem we can't help you with them....I will never shop there again.
    Never had a problem with them, had good customer service when returning an item or cancelling until I placed an order on June and never received it, their website stated under construction but they failed to mention the fact that they were going bankrupt, the way I found out was online on a website, now they launched a new website recently but I'm not going to purchase from modnique again.
    I've bought from Modnique for the past 2 years and had no problem with the items or shipping as they were very quick.However i have purchased 2 orders in early July worth more than $500. 1st order was made on - 9th & 2nd order on 10th July. UP until now i still have not received any of my orders. Only learning now from goggling Modnique i found that this company has claimed bankruptcy.I'm very disappointed in the lack of treatment towards their customers like myself and will never buy off this site again!! I did not receive no email notification for the product nor any info in regards to the company status.One of my purchased was made via Paypal and another with my fiance's credit card. I WILL dispute the money owed for both orders as the goods were not delivered to me - wish me LUCK!!
    Designers and companies beware. Do not list on their site. We ran a sale with them, sold and shipped what sold to them. They promised to pay us, yet three months later we are still waiting. They avoid us, are rude, and refuse to lay us. We didn't ship what sold for free. It was shipped and they stole the piece from us.
    'm from Australia, It use to be Awesome company, I used it & trusted it completely for 2 yrs or so but my last few orders from Jun & July went down the drain as company got closed without any warnings or notices. With more then $1000 involved.. Fortunately PayPal got it all back for me even after there 45 day policy. Luv using PayPal.
    I'm another victim from Australia , my last order was not send , I lost hundreds of dollars, pulse all my store credit , did anybody knows how to contact them, I have seen the new Modnique but is not the same, my advice don't buy from them .
    I am yet another victim of Modnique. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. They closed their doors with somewhere between $150-$170 of my cash in credit, with no warning whatsoever. MODNIQUE IS A FRAUD. BUYER BEWARE!
    I had over $600 in credits that just completely DISAPPEARED into thin air on July 31st - I wasn't given a warning & was told by the "new" Modnique that perhaps my credit card company would take care of the loss???? Seriously? They should have let the consumers know they were closing their doors & allowed us the opportunity to at least redeem our return credits. I've purchased thousands of dollars worth of clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc from Modnique over the past 2 years with FANTASTIC results until TODAY! Realizing they STEAL from their customers is a shock - I can't get over the fact that they aren't planning on doing anything at all to resolve this matter with the consumer! This can't be legal???
    Read all the reviews of people who have been left high and dry when modnique went out of business without any notice. If this is the case, why is back online trading as usual? Surely they can't be allowed to keep scamming people, especially those people who have no idea of the history associated with this company.
    Guys, I also got scam!! I've place 2 difference order never got them. I put through a card dispute with my bank within 1 weeks I've got my money back thanks VISA. So please contact your bank as soon as possible.
    This is pretty sad that a company can do this to so many people shame on them they also did it to me too I placed a order on the 7th of July they charged my credit card and I tried to email them right after I made the order that my credit I had didn't submit and that I wanted to have them re-credit back my credit card and I wasn't getting a response from them I just found out today that they ran off what a bunch of cowards this will really affect the online shopping! I know it will make me Leary to shop on line now. And what's with their website saying it will be back soon!
    I own a clothing business and have had my items run on their website.. One of the companies buyers whom I have a relationship with told me that they filed chapter 7. Luckily I was able to get my money for the sold merchandise but there are a lot of vendors that never got paid and even more consumers like you whom haven't received their goods either. Good luck to you all
    Can anyone help me regarding This website and were sister companies and a few months ago they separated but as customers were assured it was business as usual I have spent a significant amount of money on both these website merchandise and am ver concerned as they came with warranties and the ability to purchase letters of authenticity for the items and about 2 months Bidz noted the site was down for maintenance and any questions or concerns to continue reaching them through their email adders which now I cannot seem to get them to respond that way as wall. Now the very same issue has risen with is there anyone out there that can shed some light on this matter or have both sites closing down for good? I truly loved everything I have purchases from both sites and the people whom I gave or sold to were equally impressed. HELP please
    I had the same issue as everyone else. I contacted my credit card company and filed a dispute. Tell them the truth about the bankruptcy. Tell them to Google it. I received the credit back to my card in just a couple of days. I filed the dispute last week and the credit appeared already this week.
    I received some items. But I didn't for other expensive ones since last month. I Just contacted the bank and file for a dispute for unauthorized transaction.
    Hi, Im from Kuwait,I ordered recently 2 Dolce Gabbana bags and one ring and one necklace from the same brand and 2 referent dresses worth more than 2000$ and they just disappear, last time i check my order and the case was " waiting for vendor" so i don't know what to do, are the vendor gonna send the order? did the money with modnique or with the vendor, what can i do have my money back
    Hi can please some one tell me what is going on i have a $250 credit plus i purchase $158 dollars worth of garments what has happen have they close down?and what is going to happen with the money people have paid who is responsible now for the money please can some one respond thank you
    Hi, Learn by your mistakes and pay with Paypal. Ask for a refund from your bank.
    I just posted a note in the Apps Store to notify the rest of the buyers who are still waiting for their items and who are still trying to get hold of the company. Hopefully this will safe them from wasting their valuable time which I could have saved if I knew the company has gone down. I was checking the website and trying to log on to Modniques Apps everyday! SAD and ANGRY!!!!!!!!!
    Oh my.... It happened the same to me, I had a credit of $80.00 also. Did i lost my money???
    I placed a $750 order a month ago and this happens. Some of your are out $80.. try being out $750
    #MoneyBackfromModnique #modnique
    The company was not a scam operation. Their parent company Bidz dragged them down with debt. The lender bank foreclosed on Bidz, which encompasses Modnique. Happened very quickly. Initiate a charge back from your credit card company if you have an order that is not being fulfilled. As far as merchandise credit vouchers, that is a loss you can't recoup with any company that goes under. Too bad for Modnique. Actually a good website. But this is a risk you take buying on any of these online discount fashion websites. No one knows the internal financial goings on,and they can be cut off in a New York minute.
    I have replaced an order in this site a month ago, but there is no response, they don't ever answer the calls. How can i get my money back? Could anyone advise me? Thanks,
    I can not believe that these thieves had done this!! It happened the same to me, I had a credit of $80.00 that never could be used and they closed with the money of the people!!!
    I'm in the same situation as all other reviews. Very frustrated at the activity of this website. This is shoddy behaviour and these people are disreputable. I hope I'm still in time to open a dispute with paypal! Horrid scammers.
    I can't believe these guys have just cut and run! I've been having a dispute over the cost of returns and suddenly...nothing! I still have one order outstanding and a refund on returns which cost me $50 in postage!! OMG!!! How can this happen??? I've always been happy with the product and service however in the last couple of months the quality in some areas had dropped off as did the customer service. Does anyone know if ther will be any form of compensation or indeed any form of communication from these people. I'm in Australia so I doubt I'll ever see my $200 odd again...unbelievable!!
    As a former modnique employee I'm terribly saddened by the issues these customers are experiencing. My BEST advice is to simply contact your financial institutions and issue a charge back or dispute. They should be able to assist. As for modnique, don't expect anything from them. They have shut down.