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  • is one of the UK's three skin care products website, belonging to the theHut group, to support the global free postage, selling brands include Benefit, Clarins, Clarisonic, Jurlique, L'Occitane. Types of goods is very rich, the majority of brand in Europe, and plant products accounted for a large proportion, there are many niche high-end brands can be found in the, a very selective.
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    Wish I'd read the reviews on here before ordering but unfortunately I saw there overall score was very good on Trust Pilot and didn't read any actual reviews. They took more money than I authorised payment for (isn't this fraud?) They then called me a liar and denied this happened, until I produced a screen shot of the transaction at which point they changed their story and still tried to deny responsibility. I finally got them to refund the difference only to find when my order arrived that the free gift worth £22 which had enticed me to buy from them wasn't in the package. Cue more emails back and forth in which they again completely failed to provide any customer service and called me a liar again. Each time you reply to an email you get a response from a different person and each person tries to fob you off with various reasons in which you the paying customer have no right to what you were promised. An absolute con to get people to buy and they obviously have no concern about repeat business from the way they treat customers. After having such a bad experience I went back to Trust Pilot to try to see why they have such a high score. It's because any negative reviews are removed at their request, there are numerous low scores annotated that they have been removed at the request of LookFantastic. It's disgraceful that Trust Pilot allow this, I for one would have avoided them like the plague had the negative reviews been properly counted into their overall score. Easy to get high scores when you only allow good feedback!
    I ordered shampoo, conditioner in one order and two packets of Imedeen sun tablet s in another. The shampoo and conditioner arrived, severely damaged, damaged, lost about 50 percent of the shampoo. The tablets, ordered on Jan 11 has not arrived. I asked for a replacement and after 1.5 month they managed to get one packet here. They said the have set out replacement for packet no 2, which never came, They said they sent yet another replacement which also did not arrive. Now, May 13 they have sent out the 3rd replacement and because I told them we meanwhile have moved offices, they refuse to be responsible for getting this packet to me. I have written countless mails, having to log in on their website. They don't answer the questions you ask in you mail, it is like a robot is replaying, it really is like talking to a wall. They should close this website, especially after I read here that some of the product they are selling may be copies and not original wares, that is a horrendous thought. Don't ever buy anything from them.
    keep taking money from my account every month even though have been trying to cancel for months! Repeated emails sent to them but customer service is appalling! What a scam- speaking to bank tomorow to try and get money back and stop it!
    Order 67940324: My order was placed in March 2016. The ETA for my order was towards the end of March. I never received this order, never received the "dispatch" numbers, and requested a refund instead. I initiated a refund at the beginning of April, but it took me a few emails (and a threat of opening a claim on Paypal) to even get a reply from customer service. Fast forward to May 4, 2016, and I had ONLY received the $10.09 refund for my tracking, yet they claimed that they had 'checked my account' and could confirm that a refund of $74.28 had already been made on April 26. NOTE THAT I DID NOT RECEIVE THIS REFUND - and I emailed them with a screenshot of my payment account. Later, they began claiming they couldn't refund me because I 'had a dispute open on Paypal' yet, the claim had already automatically closed on April 28, and they had still posted me with a tracking refund on April 30. (Which to me, doesn't make sense) Again, I had to send a screenshot for 'evidence' of the dispute being closed. Update: So finally, today: (May 20, 2016) I finally received the refund. However, this is after weeks and days of emails sent back and forth, me posting reviews, reporting the company to the FTC, threatening to gather online upset consumers to report them to various authority, posting publicly about my experience on their Facebook, messaging them on Facebook, and finally asking them to put me in contact with authority figures from The Hut Group and the owner of LookFantastic (with a list of names, position, email, phone, etc). I am writing this review of my experience, because I feel that other consumers should KNOW and UNDERSTAND what this company's customer service is like before doing business with them. From other reviews I see across different websites, I see that this is common problem with this company. I am furious because it took this much grief and hair pulling to get a proper and true refund for an order that was never received. I swear I have a couple gray hairs just from dealing with this company. And I'd also like to note that I got a refund of 74.27, not 74.28 - which is what I was actually due. Big deal, one cent - but seriously? After all that, they post the wrong amount? But I am done dealing with this company; I just take issue with the fact that if they rip one cent off of a million people, they still profit. And that is something I do not believe this company deserves. AT ALL.
    Can someone please help me, I made a order through look fantastic. I live in Australia and this was the only website I found with the stuff I wanted!! Now on the online tracker it says it has been delivered but... No parcel at my house, no slip saying I need to pick up a parcel and none of my family members have seen it! I tried calling the customer service number and it says the number you have dialled is disconnected! Can't find an email address either! Help please.
    I made my purchase only because there is a free gift. Then they said the free gift doesn't apply to my order. Complain about that then said free gift subject to availability. There is no terms and conditions when I clicked on the free gift link, it just went straight to product selection. What a scam to lure people in!!!!!
    i created my account with Look Fantastic twice, ordered a bunch of items and after 3 days, when i tried to login, it says that my email address and/or password does not exist. i tried to do a forget password, and the email response i get is, my email address does not exist in the system. what the hell!! first time i thought i was my mistake, and recreated the account and reordered the items. checked on Day 2 and items were in ' awaiting stock pick' status. try to login on day 3 and account does not exist. after recreating my account the 2nd time, i sent an email to Customer Service with screen shots of my 1st order and CS responded that they could not ship the items due to security reasons. Look Fantastic - if you dont ship to Malaysia, get the country out of your list. but don't freaking take all my orders with my credit card details and then proceed to delete my account!! worst thing, there is no way to contact customer service unless one has signed up for an account!! idiots!
    They are fine until you have a problem. Their customer service contact is terrible. They simply don't reply. Their chat facility is rarely working, but when they do respond on it and. You make the complaint they don't respond. You can't email, you must submit a form each time you make contact. I had purchased a faulty product, it took them 3 months to acknowledge receipt of returned goods, after almost 20 attempts at contacting them and after having to prove postage. They eventually offered refund, as the card I used to purchase product was out of date they refused refund and offered credit. I was so tired of fighting them I agreed to this. I spent my credit, and I am waiting 3 weeks for delivery! Received an email yesterday telling me that they had to cancel part of my order, no idea why, and no sign of credit. I'm dreading having to chase them for the cash, again. Save yourself a lot of time and energy and AVOID this appalling company.
    I made an order for the wrong item by mistake, and put through a cancellation request within minutes, before purchasing the correct item that I wanted in the first place. Request was denied, because they just will NOT lift a finger to provide any help to their customer. Instead, they let the order go through the slowest mail delivery with no tracking, and after several return requests they sent through a return form marking the item as "unwanted" by me, denying any responsibility so they can avoid paying return postage. Lamest excuse for poor customer service EVER.
    I don't write many reviews but felt I needed to this time. I placed an order with this company and then looked at these reviews (I know I did it the wrong way round). After reading so many bad reviews I was really worried that I wasn't going to get my order, the free delivery or the free gift and that perhaps I should have shopped elsewhere. I called them up and asked if I could cancel the order as I had only placed it the evening before but the staff member said this would be tricky as the items were all in stock and it would be despatched later that day. I was very sceptical but agreed to wait a while and call back if I had a problem. Two days later and my order arrived, it had been shipped by recorded delivery, was very well packaged and included a gift bag with lots of sample sized items plus a full size tube of self tan (which I won't use but will definitely pass on to a friend or relative). Overall I have to say that I have no complaints at all from this company and am baffled as to why there are so many bad reviews on this site.
    Ordered the item and believed it to be next day delivery as thats what it clearly said on check out. Then when receiving the confirmation email, it said I would be expecting the delivery the week after. When contacting the team they said I was in the wrong when i clearly saw 'next day delivery' on check out. I could have used another discount code if i knew i wasn't going to get the item on the next day. The team showed no empathy and didn't offer a discount. When enquiring about returning the item they told me i had to pay for the returns!
    First 2 orders came without any problems and I was quite happy with the products also. My last order though, not so much. The order arrived with a missing item and a "gift" not in line with their promotional advert. First couple of messages of a long thread were dealt with fast and quite professionally I might say. They then sent a replacement for the missing item (I haven't received it yet though) but totally ignored the second part of my enquiry about the "free" gift (supposingly of a value over gbp50 while it only contained 3 sample size items of little to none value). Ever since any attempt I made to sort it out was either totally ignored or was being forwarded to another department to deal with it, without success I doing that I might add. I do not expect much at this point -especially after reading all other reviews- but I wish they could be reported to an authority or something. It s totally unacceptable and I would assume illegal to mislead the general public via false advertisement.
    I ordered s product from the website at the beginning or January. It still has not arrived. The company sent no emails or correspondence to advise me the order had not shipped or was delayed. I contacted them 3 times and I usually get a reply within 48 hours with an email saying the order will be sent out shortly and sorry for the delay, and nothing. I have been waiting over 2 months for my order and still no sign of it!
    Everything is good until you have a problem. They charged me for anorder I did not place and now I am struggling to get my money back. Scam!
    Repeatedly sent me emails offering 20% discount. As soon as I put items in the basket the discount code is invalid. Emailed them and was told it was because the item I was looking to buy - Jane Iredale pure pressed powder refill was already discounted. Googled the item and it was the sane price everywhere else or cheaper. Would not buy from them on principle.
    I ordered over £100 worth of goods with a voucher code for 15% plus a free gift. The free gift never arrived and when I queried it I was told that some of the order didn't qualify for the gift. Had I known the exclusions I would not have purchased the items from LookFantastic because I could have got them cheaper elsewhere. There were no exclusions stated on the advertisement for the code and no link to point me to anything like that. When I explained this to the customer 'support' (for want of a much worse word), I received absolutely nothing back! I emailed the feedback team, I sent another support ticket online, I tweeted and sent Facebook messages. The latter has only just responded...over 3 months after purchase! Nobody is taking any responsibility for the false advertising, nor do they seem open to upholding their offer. ASA have been informed. This isn't the first time this has happened either, a family member had the same problem last year and was met with a brick wall. I also notice that LookFantastic attempt to remove or block every bad review of their services & fail to respond to a lot of customers who have problems or take responsibility for their actions. Be warned, you probably won't see a fair report on a lot of review sites.
    Received my order and one of the items appears to be empty. Called customer service and spoke to Abi who was totally professional. She apologised, advised me of what she was going to do to resolve the issue and has given me a time scale of when this will happen by. Shame my item is faulty but that isn't customer care's doing. In hoping that my complaint gets resolved speedily.
    Buy local and in your own country. If you have any sense. Dreadful customer service. They admitted I was due a refund after countless emails and promised the money would be back in myadmitted I was due a refund after countless emails and promised the money would be back in my account. That was 4 weeks ago
    as a loyal customer I cant really say how happy I am with their product distribution and packaging never the less the great products offered.. but what makes a great company is how they keep that loyalty going.. I recently made and expensive purchase from lookfantastic and one of the canisters came empty, so I did what any customer does which is contact customer service and provide photos of the issue, well looks like you can only contact them via their web page and there is NO help email if you want to follow and reply with the same complain number, they reply to your e-mail but you can only submit reply via lookfantastic website also it only allows one photo to upload.. so I sent several Complaints back and forth and customer service insisted I take different angles of the bottle "which I did".. their final reply was they were sorry but they will close this thread I gave them one star because they have amazing products and offers but sadly they broke my loyalty and trust in dealing with them again
    Absolutely agree with most of reviews! Scam awful company! Misleading shady dishonest horrible customer service! I would recomend to stay away as its west of time any way! They send promotions to email you buy thing then they would just cancel by telling it's not in stock! However, it's still on website! After millions calls to useless customer service they would tell you there was pricing error you not gonna get your items! As I send west of people time! Plus very very dishonest and shady!
    Bought some ghd straightners for christmas for my wife they were faulty and i told look fantastic and asked if i returned them could u send me another pair they said no i had to return them to ghd for repair,they were still brand new i didnt want a repair but a new set they wouldnt exchange them said all faulty goods need to go back to ghd we have a procedure in place ,also i needed to print a reciept and labels to return to ghd i said i dont have a printer in which they said ask a friend to do it for you i ended up ringing ghd and they were great they sorted it for me n sent me the labels, i will never buy off look fantastic there customer service is crap if you buy anything electrical off them be prepared to send them back to the manufactors,if i was u avoid buying off this company be warned
    I ordered on the 26th, and after querying why i did not receive a tracking number on the 27th they said "there has been a problem in the warehouse which has resulted in your order being stopped prior to dispatch...we are looking into this for you". It is now the 31st and after a few more emails they repeat the line above and ignore my request for refund of shipping costs. Avoid like the plague.
    2nd time not to receive free gift. Added on to order so that the value was enough for the gift (as I would of bought the gift item soon anyway). It did not arrive. Customer service is horrendous. I contacted them to say it had not arrived. I received a reply which didn't relate to the question at all. I had to contact them again - from scratch through your orders on the website as you cannot reply to their message. They then replied and said the gift wasn't available and would send another - but could I contact them to let them know if I wanted this! Again back through the website to contact them. Again this did not show up. 3rd time contacting them and I receive a message to say sorry about 2nd item not arriving please contact them again for a £10 voucher. Ridiculous. Staff cannot deal with problems or the company is a con!! Either way I will never order from them again
    Scam Company! Lookfantastic is a terrible company to order from. I spent almost $100.00 on product's that I never received. Got one response to wait at least 30 days and now has been a couple of months and no product or response to my last emails of concern on where my order is? No telephone # to call directly to talk to a representative. the website says to log into your account to send an email if you have any questions but now does not allow me to log in after they "shipped" the order that I did not receive. Can anyone help with this?
    I tried to return an order after discovering that the products did not match the descriptions on the website: most of them were much smaller sizes than stated. I've now sent four emails to their so-called 'customer services' department and received a range of unsatisfactory responses, none of which suggest that their staff have even bothered to read my messages properly. The latest response states that as the boxes had been opened, the order is no longer in 'pristine condition' and therefore cannot be returned. How is one supposed to know that an order needs to be returned without opening it?! Their approach to customer service seems to be to reply as unhelpfully as possible in the hope that the customer gives up. Their responses also come from a 'do not reply' email address, making it impossible to engage in a discussion about the problem. I will never use this company again, or any of the other companies that fall under The Hut Group parent company.
    I've used lookfantastic in the past with no issues so always thought of them as a good company. However, I will never be using them again after the issues I've experienced. I placed an order last week for Christmas presents and selected the free delivery option as I had plenty of time for the parcel to arrive before Christmas. I then went back to add something to the basket, the website then automatically defaulted to premium next day delivery, and I only realised this after I had paid. I emailed customer services immediately to request the free delivery service but I didn't receive a reply until 48 hours later, by that point I had received the parcel. Customer services replied offering me a credit of £4.95, but the issue of the website selecting the delivery option for me, and overriding the previous selection I had made was not addressed. Infact, one of the emails from customer services advised me that 'our customers know that if they go back to add something, that it will default to next day delivery'. Wow, so I should have known that? Amazing customer service. It goes on, the delivery also included an incorrect item, so I had to email them once again. I was told that I couldn't get the correct item until they had received the incorrect item back - so it's their fault but I have to wait until they receive the item until I get the correct one?! I ended up finding a telephone number for them after googling it and someone offered to send out the correct item as long as I rang up with the tracking order of the returned item. Fair enough. So I have received the replacement item today, and guess what, they have sent the same wrong item again. Yes, really. I laughed when I opened the box. Customer services couldn't have sounded more disinterested. I was told that they can send it again, at which point I said I need to know it will be the right item (something she couldn't even guarantee), or a refund. I can only get a refund once they receive the return item. No one tried to go out their way to help me and no one sounded bothered in the slightest in the amount of issues I've had, I even requested to speak to a manager and was told they were too busy. Never ever will I use this website or any other sites relating to the hut again, and I will be telling everyone to avoid at all costs. All the good reviews on here are only good because they've had no issues. It's only when you deal with the seriously incompetent customer service staff that you realise how awful this company is.
    I have ordered Kerastase shampoo and paid more than other websites because they offered the Loreal Maskara, it never came with my order when I checked the website again after less than 5 days of my order the price was lower and the free gift was only over certain amount. It wasnt clear when I purchased and I would have gone to amazon or any other website as they had the same product cheaper. They could not care less when I complained and I am just not buying from them again there are plenty of good places that care about their customers. Just don't go for them as if you have plenty of other options. That is my advice.
    I ordered stuff from the blackfriday sale, and there was a free gift if you spent over some amount. Ofc i ordered so i get the free brush set and i even got an order confirmation for the stuff and the free brush set. I didnt get the brushes and when i contacted they said that they were sold out. OK fine but why put it on my order confirmation if they dont even have it?!?! If i knew i would not have ordered over the 70 euros or whatever it was. And to make me feel better they gave me a -20% code, yes the same one they send you every week 'because they miss you' and the reality is that the code doesnt work on 90% of the stuff thats in there.
    it does not even worth any stars, TOTAL SCAM! It says free Beauty Bag (worth £50) for an order that's over £50? BULL !!!!!! before my order has been dispatched I got this email saying that the beauty bag will be dispatched separately with my items due to the low stock, after I got my order (which turned out to be disappointment after one another), another email came and said, oh sorry, we no longer have any more gift bag! seriously, I wished I had never shopped on this website, TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY! so disappointed!
    I placed a high order value on the basis that I would get their promotion of 20% off and two free gifts (brush set and beauty bag). However only the discount was added and I never got the free gifts. When I first emailed the company said I needed to add the gifts to the basket. However when I rang to challenge this they admitted they should have gone on automatically and they would have to investigate and it could take 48 hours. The next day I decided to call again as I wasn't going to sit around waiting. They then kept putting me on hold whilst conferring with their manager and said those gifts had now sold out and they would offer me a £5 credit and nothing else they could do and he confirmed that wasn't even a good will gesture as they can't do that either. Obviously that didn't address the issue of receiving the free gifts which is what I hoped to get. I suggested could they offer an alternative gift. Not possible. I requested to speak to the manager myself. It was a longwinded stressful and heated conversation with a very robotic, dismissive and poorly skilled manager that you have to pay for returns and you can't refuse delivery, how you need to check terms and conditions, how you need to make sure the gifts are showing in the basket before placing the order and every lame excuse possible. He just didn't get that it wasn't acceptable that I didn't get what I thought I should have got and if they had sold out, then you shouldn't be expected to read the entire t and c's to see that they do not have to fulfil the offer if they don't have stock. That wasn't even the issue in my case. For some unknown reason my gifts just didn't get added to the order or basket even though they should have. Even where they have *exclusions apply on their site there is no click through to what the exclusions are. Goodness knows. He failed to understand and honour that I was disappointed, upset, inconvenienced and what could he do to ease that without banging on about what I needed to do and how they can't do anything or even to take on board my constructive feedback as a legitimate customer and experienced online shopper!! Instead I got lecture after lecture about how the company operates. They don't give a monkeys about their customers. So beware if there is ever anything amiss and you need to take it up with them. Oh, and he said the negative reviews are submitted by their competitors. Umm, so what about my complaint? And how can they say for absolute certain that is true. "Yes we can and we do" was the arrogant, calculated response. I suppose that means all the positive reviews are submitted by themselves then? Shameful.
    These are big-time scammers. I am very surprised that Lisa Eldridge gives a link to their website to buy products that she recommends... I thought i could trust her. They lure you with "free gifts" and once the order is dispatched they say that they coulnd't provide the gift. So you can't cancel the order. I wish someone sued them...
    I purchased a big bottle of kerastase and its a fake product. I am going to send the sample to kerastase france and will get them screwed soon. These people took money off me and not even eager to replace the product. Cheat company
    I ordered 3 Label M products and none of them are the real thing. i usually buy directly from my hairdresser so i know the quality, smell & end result. These are not the same. I am very disappointed and will not be ordering again.
    I have used lookfantastic in the past with no problems but then my goods have always arrived ok. However, on this occasion the Redken conditioner I ordered arrived in a broken container & the contents were wasted throughout the parcel. I contacted the company who requested photographs which I sent, they then wanted MORE photographs , how many photos can you take of a tub of conditoner? They then asked for the container to be returned before a replacement could be considered so they supplied a return slip, when I took the parcel with slip apparantly the bar code they supplied was incorrect. So I am now having to await their reply again asking for the correct barcode. One would think a company like this would offer a replacement for faulty goods without question to a customer who has been with them for a few years but NO. Replies to queries come with a no reply address so all in all very poor customer service.! Wont be using again.
    I received a $20 gift card for this website from a reputable survey company but the redemption code was rejected. Over the course of 3 weeks, I e-mailed them a dozen or more times and was given the run-around. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!
    So far, so bad. I've ordered a simple thing from them on at the end of August. While they said they sent it, the tracking link does not work, so impossible to verify. After three weeks and a couple of messages to them (only through the rather complicated site and always with different names on the rather unsympathetic replies), do I get a demand to fill in a form and sign it (by hand only) then email it back to them so that they can start procedures to replace the order. No, after 1 month, they sent me notice to say that the new delivery is on its way. Again without a working tracking link? And with an incomplete address (in the email)? And without the free gift that was supposed to be in the original order? It is hard to believe that this is a legitimate company and not some kind of scam. I'm still waiting for the final verdict, but as of today, there is nothing this company has done right except advertise free shipping and low prices on the internet (the easy part). Hope this helps anyone wondering about the quality of
    hello , please look at my order , I do not get anything , I am very sad about it , please in the name of Jesus , give me back my money or sends me my orders , I am sad, in my house not got anything, please return my money for the love God. I'm very disappointed,lookfantastic is false company and fraud website so sad about my order
    Will never use these again, I ordered an expensive hair serum, well I thought it was expensive, £39 on their website. It arrived and when I opened the box the bottle had leaked and serum was all over, no damage to bottle just top not screwed on tight, nearly a quarter of bottle missing, I took photo's and emailed them straight away and they just said they'd refund some, they gave me £5, didn't even cover anywhere near the cost of serum missing. I would not recommend anyone use this store, OK if things are not damaged, I've bought many things here but never again, don't trust that I'll not be loosing my money, no confidence in them. Advise anyone to shop elsewhere.
    My advice....Do NOT shop with this company. They are dishonest with misleading advertising and their customer service is terrible. I myself will stick with reputable companies with at least a modicum of customer service and care as to whether or not customers return to them. I personally wish I had read these reviews before I gave my money to this company. This is more on principle than anything else. I can't personally claim this company is a scam or anything along these lines as I did get what I ordered and within a reasonable time, but I can say their business practices and customer service leaves a lot to be desired. So, my issue is that I was lured in with the "free gift" worth £55 with a spend over a certain amount of money. Because of this I decided to purchase an item I was on the fence about buying as I felt a bit guilty about the cost of the item, but thought I would go for it given the free gift I would get. This gift was not included in my delivered items. I enquired about this and got the run around from customer service about exclusions that existed, which were not actually present on their website at the time of purchase. After my complaint a blurb saying 'exclusions apply' now existed on their website where they were giving away free gifts, but with no link to what these exclusions are. I am very tech-savvy and it took me ages to find these exclusions and when I did there was a packet of them, which nearly ensures that most customers would not actually qualify for their offers or free gifts. I explained this to them and received another regurgitated email. They have now once again changed their exclusions on the product page saying that electrical items are excluded, but there are still many other exclusions that are not mentioned or linked to. Apparently had I purchased something that entitled me to the free gift, the fact that I used a discount code to get 10% off is also something that is prohibited from being done in order to get the free gift even though I still spent well over the needed amount to get this free gift. From what I have heard the free gifts, if one is so lucky to not be excluded, contain substandard sample type products that do not come close to adding up to the amount they claim. It is clearly a money making ploy for this business and it worked on me. Lesson learned. I will now only shop online after reading reviews first and at shops I know to have better customer service and that are more transparent with their offers. If you take away the lure of their misleading free gift promotion, one really isn't saving much if anything at all as their prices are comparative to much better, reputable and reliable companies out there. Personally, I would look elsewhere as I think this and all the other negative reviews, which is probably just a fraction of their unhappy customers, speak volumes for the way they operate as a company. They lure you in and get you to spend more money with them based on there false/misleading advertising. Very unscrupulous.
    This company is a sham. You can't contact them to fix an order or unsubscribe from emails. Report to all authorities and buy all means, buy nothing from them.
    Ordered some make-up, got an email saying item had despatched. Three days later, item still hadn't arrived. Spoke to customer services who said it was on its way but could take upto 14 days to arrive. Nowhere does it say delivery could take that long - had I known I would have ordered elsewhere. Ridiculous.
    I ordered almost $600 worth of products and over a week later still had not received my dispatch email. Tried to log in to account and it wouldn't recognize my account. Made new account and emailed them. Got response 48 hours later that the order number I provided could not be discussed with me because it was a different account! Spent MY money to call the UK to get answer and got put on hold for 10 minutes to be told my order was cancelled and I had not been charged. Will definitely verify this with my credit card company. Would NEVER order with this company again.
    I used to like it and placed a couple of orders for the price and speed. I guess will never know how terrible their customer service until I have the problem. because you will never get advice or solution from them. My recent order never arrived. So I got in touch with them, after 21 days waiting, the only things I got so far were apologies and a commitment to start the investigation. But , never an update for the investigation or advice for next step. Then, I flied a compliant, and that when I was more shocked with their attitude. First of all,the so calle"executive" didn't seem want to listen and understand what happened with me. He could not wait to shut me up with, again just a "sorry, I don't know, ... I have no idea....." if you fill out a form , we will process your refund within 24 hours. And then I filled the form, you know what happened next, another message said, you didn't fill in all the items you haven't received so we can't process....... (oh!!!What I filled was I didn't receive the order, I thought that supposed to mean, I didn't get anything in the order!!!!) I just sent out the form again with all items descripted in details...Let's see what will happen next..... I agree with someone's comment, they are trying to use the delaying tactics to make it difficult for you to give up. I will never ever recommend it to any one....
    This company sent me empty product boxes. After numerous contacts via their website & emails (including 1 where they told me to send an email to an incorrect email address) over 4 weeks without any resolution I finally rang them (paid for international call from Australia to UK) & spoke to a young female. I was kept waiting whilst she "checked it out" and only after I stated that I would report them to online fraud authorities, was finally told that yes they had received my email with the completed "non delivery disclaimer form". I had advised them many times that I wanted the missing items resent but she still asked me if I wanted a refund or the goods in question. I asked for the items to be sent express post but was told "we don't do that". No apology for their colossal mistake. The items were finally received almost 6 weeks after my initial complaint. Included in the package was a discount voucher for fresh fruit & vegetables which would have been great if I LIVED IN THE UK! These people are idiots, their customer service is a joke and they need a massive kick in the backside. Suffice to say I will NEVER buy anything from them again.
    I decided to order a GlamGlow mask on LookFantastic as it was cheaper than what it was being sold for in Australia.. I have had previous issues in the past but I was desperate to the get the product! I opted for the standard delivery and it said that It would arrive in 10 business days... Cool! So i ordered it and never received an email to confirm that the item was despatched which I thought was strange. It is now 10 business days and I emailed them asking what was the status of my order. I received an email to say that it may take up to 60 business days for it to arrive! 60 BUSINESS DAYS! No where on their terms and conditions or any of their policy does it say that an item may take up to 60 business days to arrive! Im furious! I have demanded a full refund! Terrible customer service, should have paid the full amount in Australia.. Do not buy on this website..
    Although I purchased from them before my last order was a nightmare. You cannot make any changes to your order not even within couple of hours. So I would say think twice before ordering anything from them. Also their "free gift" worth apparently ££ are xsmall samples. Sure this is misleading.
    Wouldnt amend the delivery address a minute after the order went through because "the wheels were already in motion" and then refused to cancel the delivery! Useless doesnt cover it.