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  • Description:American well-known jeans brand, founded in 1889, the pursuit of fashion and practicality, created the classic sling overalls, produced the world's first zipper jeans, with its pioneering and classic design, LEE jeans become a classic and authority jeans altar, known as one of the world's three largest brand jeans.
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    Had to return a pair of jeans I purchased because they were much too large, even though I ordered my regular size. While waiting to be credited, I ordered another, more expensive pair of jeans. They arrived and I was happy with them. It took over two months and two phone calls to be credited for the first pair, and they didn't refund my shipping charges, even though I had ordered another pair and paid shipping again. I won't order from Lee again unless they change their policy to allow for exchanges without charging another shipping charge. It's just too likely that the fit won't be right, and other companies like Amazon and Old Navy accept returns and refund the full amount, including shipping. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I sent my shorts back over 4 weeks ago because they were too big. Roughly a Week later I received an email stating that they had received it. It is 3 weeks later and I still haven't gotten my money back. Won't use again.
    As much as I love the Lee jeans I can't bring my self to purchase them any more. Several years ago they switched to skinny. Since they switched to skinny and stretch fabric none of their products fit me. None. Their styles are not realistic to the average individual. I swear I've tried every possible pant and style in my local store and none seem to fit. They're either too tight or way too big. I'm saying good bye to Lee jeans and finding another brand. I have never had any issues ordering from It's been years since I've ordered jeans. My old pair is wearing thin and about ready to give. I went searching for a new pair of pants and I can't seem to find a pair that fits. Despite does a wonderful job and has excellent customer service I'm no longer supporting Lee jeans since they decided to change their styles. Been a life long customer but I guess it ends since I can't seem to find a style that fits me.
    I have been buying Lee brand clothing since 1968. I have never been disappointed with the quality or price.