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    We booked a hotel in London via under their 'Secret Deal', whereby the hotel you are allocated to is not defined until after your purchase. This being done, and on then connecting to the hotel website found the same booking , except for the fact had we booked directly with the hotel and paying £3-00 more we would have been eligible for breakfast !! Extremely disappointing and actually felt conned--- as the hotel explained we could not add this on as they pay commission to the agent , in this case Will NOT be booking through them in the future!!!
    For a site that markets itself as last minute deals it should not take 72 hours to get a reply on changing hotel dates especially when the hotel has agreed to change the dates. Spent 3 hours in total on hold to be hung up on!!!!
    One of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had --- I booked a hotel room in Amsterdam with and was given a booking reference. One hour later I received an email from saying that the room was no longer available in that hotel and that my reservation had been cancelled. I went back onto their website and booked a second hotel room. Several hours later, I received a second email from to say this room, too, was no longer available. I was leaving the following morning for Amsterdam, I had booked TWO ROOMS on their website and still had no hotel reservation. However, even though had failed to secure a hotel room for me and both of my hotel reservations had been cancelled by them, the hotel fees for both of my attempted bookings had been frozen in my account by - over £1,400. I called their UNBELIEVABLY AWFUL customer service and asked to have my money released (my money they were holding for services they never provided). I was transferred all around India and no one could help me. On each call (I made three calls to that morning) I was told I would have to enter my credit card details to access a different 'customer service' number and pay a per-minute fee to speak with someone who could help. I refused this ridiculous offer to pay them money to correct their own mistakes and I emailed instead. I then began to receive several emails back from them (8 in total) confirming they had not charged my debit card for the two cancelled hotel bookings and two of their emails explained that my money had only been 'frozen' and that they would release my money immediately. TWO of their emails said this: Please rest assured that no money has been withdrawn from your account and the frozen credit will be returned... The next day, and while on holiday in Amsterdam, my card was charged £1400 by for services they never supplied. I then began receiving emails from them saying I would soon be refunded. I had to wait another 4 days for my money to be returned to my account. I've now done some research and have found that reviews like this one are all over the internet about this company. Many people have experienced very serious issues with My experience with them was awful and I felt powerless to get any satisfactory resolution from them. I will never use their website again. I am trying to get my bank to charge them with fraud as they seem very happy to take people's money without providing any service.
    My parents were traveling through Germany and had me book a hotel for them through They were asked to pay in the reception when they checked out and were told that the lastminute reservation, which I had payed, was just a security reservation and that the money would be returned to me in 3-4 days. That did not happen, and so we've payed twice for the same rooms, once through and then again in the reception. I have been in contact with them on multiple occasions, and each time they promise that the money will be returned to me, but after over a month of waiting and messaging back and forth, nothing seems to be happening. Holiday Inn Hamburg and have stolen from us. Be warned! Do not do business with them!
    Booked flights through lastminute. Had confirmation of the flight out but not the return flight. Took numerous phone calls to them, which included where they could not find the booking, despite the reference number being provided. They also made promises to return calls which never happened. Eventually, 4 days after making the booking, I received the confirmation. It seems that lastminute had given the airline the wrong lastminute email address which is why the confirmation was not received. Thus would not have been identified if I had not kept ringing lastminute. Their customer service is awful.
    I booked a package deal to Cyprus for a week, planning it for the Easter Holidays. I booked and paid, including my deposit and all seemed good. Then, I get a message from them telling them that the Price is going up by 360£, so 1/4 of the price! They refused to give me my holiday, and decided that it'd be non refundable if I pulled out. It's only after I threatened legal action that they backed down and gave me my money back. Awful way to treat someone paying £1000+ in your business, then retreating to some pathetic small print hidden deep within the T&C's of the website. Poor show LastMinute, poor show.
    Here's a site that has a bit of catching-up to do. It's over-complicated, and some of its approaches feel spammy. There are good things that it offers, such as its Top Secret hotel deals (although aren't these really the deals that it was supposed to be offering all the time when it was set up?), but there's also a lot of quite expensive stuff on the site, and the search can be fiddly. I do use this site; I just feel like it needs to move forward. As the brand-leader, I'd like to see it going back to making really good offers. The good old days, eh?