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  • Description:Kate  Spade (Kate Spade) by Katherine  Noel  Brosnahan was founded in 1993, was originally a handbag, shoes popular brand. Her bag to design generous, with bold colors, which not only meets the current fashion trends, but also can reflect the self style, Kate  Spade products can always bring you more surprise. Now, Kate Spade has been toward comprehensive lifestyle brand global progress, in addition to providing handbags, shoes, clothing, jewelry, stationery is also provided, perfume and furniture etc..
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    I absolutely love this website! I did awesome on my first auction and fell in love! Really helps avoid fraud websites and such.
    Really poor experience with this site, expected more. Ordered a birthday present for my wife and selected 2 day shipping. Called them on the day that it was supposed to be ordered for a status, they said, oh it was shipped standard sorry, here's a refund. And then I received a notification that it had been shipped just then, so clearly they forgot. And, they still sent it standard! It's been a week, still don't have the item I ordered, no idea what's going on with it. Worst experience ever ordering from a brand with this kind of recognition. Stay away is right.
    Ordered these for my soon to be daughter in laws birthday. Loved, loved, loved them!! She said the packaging was so beautiful she will use it as a jewel box. A bit hit
    Love the selections & prices
    Timeless and elegant for a reasonable price.
    I love my new Kate Spade purse. It is attractive, light weight, and perfect for everyday wear.
    Ordered my first large handbag online on cyber Monday. The savings were 60% which I was very happy about. The bag arrived beautifully gift wrapped with a gorgeous cloth bag for storage. So happy with this purchase. Would buy online again!
    Completely disgusted I ordered a wallet on the 14th with lots of time to receive on time for Xmas. Received half the order and had to call about the other half. No email notice, nothing from Kate spade that the other half of my order was not available and discontinued. All rep had to say was I was supposed to receive an email about the cancellation. Next time I'll shop elsewhere. I've been shopping coach and Dooney for 30 years and they have never let me down. I wasn't even offered the option to purchase a wallet for free two day shipping. Terrible. Never going back.
    They didn't put a packing slip in my package and so I was unable to make a return. It was their error and when I asked for help, they told me to go to Hell.
    I absolutely love this website! I did awesome on my first auction and fell in love! Really helps avoid fraud websites and such. I give the website itself five stars, but I ordered from Kate Spade. Everything went smoothly and I received what I asked for. :)
    I bought a handbag last week and I have got the best. I never thought that brand is great only by names, but no doubt the service and quality of the product is great!
    I've ordered from them a handful of times and let me tell you, the secret 75% off sale is awesome. I generally can spend about $150 and get 3 items. I <3 Kate Spade New York
    Bought their stuff online. Pretty pricey but they have regular sales and discount codes so it's always a good deal to purchase it from their website. Customer service is awful. One lady, Jessica Sheppard (from Kate Spade EU), does not have basic email etiquette and just poor writing skills. She kept addressing my email handle instead of my name when it's clearly stated in my signature. She's either blind or just plain stupid. This went on and eventually someone else took over because the issue on hand was resolved. Anyway, this incident and the way they responded to my query/complaint just put me off for good.
    Whether online or in stores customer service quality price point all great
    The style is for young people. I always wait for the sale and outlet items. Sometimes, it has extra 25% off on the sale. The quality is nice, I like it better than Michale Kors because of their nice stitching line.
    I love Kate Spades handbags and jewellery the most. I personally don't find it tooo expensive. I would compare the prices to MK. I love the designs and quality of her hand bags and wallets. I own the Wellesley hand bag, wallet, and cross body. I also own a mini wallet for the cross body. Such amazing quality, theyre not flimsy, I love the fact that I can have my purse sitting and it doesn't fold over. Her jewellery is also so cute and unique, I own the gold wishbone bracelet. Purse: Wallet$_35.JPG?set_id=2 Cross Body$_35.JPG Mini wallet Wishbone bracelet
    First package I recieved was someone else's entitely. Called to have my items sent and was assured they would reship with quick shipment. When the second package arrived it was only part of my order. Again, I phoned to let them know I only recieved 1 of the wristslets I ordered and that even though the packaging slip said only 1, I had ordered and paid for 2 as part of my shipment. They seemed confused but said they would reship. I got the second wristlet the next day! Then I got an email the following day staying I was going to be charged for 1 wristlet and 1 set of earrings if I didnt return them - the first part of my already paid for order. When I called again they seemed confused and said to call back next week if i didn't recieve my second order? I don't care how beautiful the items are, you can find beautiful items anywhere and I'd rather not play "what am I going to get/pay for". I won't be reordering with Kate spade.
    Never a problem...discounts are just fabulous !!!
    Love Kate Spade, only problem is it's a bit expensive but worth it!
    I just bought a Kate Spade dress from another merchant. I love the quality of the dress and how it feels. Very Very Happy.
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    I don't think there is a kate spade design I don't like. I'm a little older than her target market, so not everything is age appropriate for me, but everything is lovely. I've had the occasion to rent the runway, and kate is the first design I look for.
    Bought a handbag at a store. The day after I use it I notice the fabric connecting to the handle is tearing apart. Called the store and told them. They didn't care and said they would replace it. I live 2 hours away from the nearest store. They didn't offer to return it or ship me a new bag. Their online customer service through email has yet to respond. It's been two weeks. I sent pictures of the torn bag to them today. Maybe that will help. Very poor service for a retailer that charges hundreds of dollars for their bags...defective no less.
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    Love her bags !!
    Great shopping as always
    their delivery is too slow. i paid extra usd 10 for shipping goods. but they needed about 2 days to process and shipped it. so, overall, 4 business days were used until I received my goods. if you need anything urgently, dont use their website.
    I purchased 4 bracelets from their online site on December 2 to give to my best friends as Christmas gifts. By December 12 I noticed my order had still not been processed and I gave them a call. They said that they would take care of it and I received an email the next day saying it had been shipped. Hopeful that it would still make it for Christmas I tried the tracking number I was given but it did not work. So I make another call to Kate Spade's customer care line and they told me to call Purolator because it was a shipping problem. But after speaking with Purolator I was told that they did not receive the package and I would need to contact the shipper. I contact Kate Spade again and was told they would investigate it, that it was likely just waiting in customs and that they would let me know within the next 3-5 days. I didn't hear anything so I contact them again (now December 27 - after Christmas) and was told my file was still open which means they still don't know where it is, but I should hear from them in the next few days. A week later (today - Jan 2 - one month after I ordered) I have still not heard from them so I give them a call. They explain to me that customs returned the item back to their warehouse and so they issued me a credit and I would need to reorder with them to receive my items. I took a look at my account and they did credit me (on December 23rd??? couldn't they have told me this during my previous call???) but it was not for the full amount. They still owed me nearly $30. She explained this was likely because the exchange rate difference between when I bought and when I received the return, so I would need to contact my bank. When I said that there is no way that the exchange rate had fluctuated that much in a month she said that she did see that I was still owed a $9 credit (why??? if I was apparently already given a full refund???). Both the customer care person nor the supervisor made any effort to acknowledge the frustration and inconvenience they had caused me, let alone that I had lost money through the whole process. Their only offer was to help me replace my order at full price (so full price plus the $20 I was now out). When I shared I would not be purchasing from them now or any time in the future, she responded with perfect *customer care script* "Is there anything else I can help you with?" - REALLY??!??!??
    The customer service wastes me 45 minutes for nothing. Katespade if you do not have anything to make it up your fault, please DO NOT WASTE MY TIME. I bought 2 handbags during the black Friday sales for my friends as Christmas gift. She spent hours to pick the one she liked. I got 3 emails afterward: first is the order confirmation email; second is "excuse us for the delayed order"; third one is the email with tracking info one week after my order is placed. When I checked the details in the last email, I found one item (1 handbag) is missing. I called and complained I never known about the change in my order until it is shipped. They said I should have got an email (obviously i haven't, and yes I SHOULD GET ONE). Now it is Dec 7, and it is no way I can send this as Christmas gift for my friend oversea. The customer service put me on hold for total about 15 min JUST TO CHECK IF I HAVE RECEIVED SUCH EMAIL. They later confirmed it is THEIR FAULT they didn't send me one. They tell me I can get something else on the website. BUT this is not helping. I want the deal 75% off, which the sales is not no longer available. I understand item may be in stock but at least I should get notified. This is the basic right as a buyer. Forget to send me an email is an excuse. Please review your business policy. Admit and make it up for your fault is the basic business ethics you should abide by. It is ridiculous to put me on hold 30 mins (out of the 45 minutes phone call) if you do not have intention to make it up. Really disappointed at the way they do business.
    Customer service is beyond unhelpful. Purchased a necklace from them and when it arrived, it was missing the gift message that was personally written. The tag near the clasp that reads "Kate Spade New York" had a sticky film all over it that I had to try to clean off myself. I called customer service about these things. For the note, they said they would resend it. For the dirty necklace, they said I should refer to the care and cleaning instructions. It wasn't until they told me to look at the care instructions that I realized they never packaged the care and cleaning instructions either. I called them several times and some of them were quite rude with me on the phone. They sent a tracking number when they mailed the gift message but the tracking number they gave me didn't exist on the UPS system. When I finally receive the physical gift message, the paper is bent and dirtied with black smudges on it. STAY AWAY FROM KATE SPADE ONLINE. VISIT A STORE IF YOU CAN.
    Placed and 2 days later got a "order cancelled" email with absolutely no explanation. No one in their customer service could tell me why it was happening, my bank said everything on their end is fine. Placed it again with their representatives on the phone and 2 days later got the same cancelled order email. This is the worst customer experience. At this point I never want to do business with them again, but it was definitely disappointing considering I was excited about the dresses when I ordered them.
    I love their stuff but their customer service is horrible! I ordered a bag and a necklace. The necklace was apparently not in stock so they couldn't fill that part of the order. Then the bag went on sale literally two days later. So I called to see if they can do a price adjustment like all normal companies. It took 20 minutes of being on hold and the rep had no idea what to do. Finally I requested to speak to a manager and was told there was no manager. He then calls me back and said "I know what you mean now and the price adjustment will be given". It's been a week and so far no price adjustment has shown up but I was charged in full. I just called then back to follow up and was just told there's no price adjustment being given and they won't do it now. What??! They obviously don't care at all about their clients. At this point, I'm so frustrated by the incompetence and waste of my time. I'm returning the bag and not dealing with them anymore.
    I will never order from Kate Spade again. I ordered the bond sawyer purse during their surprise 75% off sale. I received order confirmation, then I waited...and waited for shipping information. It's been almost a week, and today I received a cancellation notice for the order. When I called to inquire, they told me that they had no way to provide an "out of stock" message. So, they basically oversell their items. Thanks, but no thanks!
    I love Kate spade. Their designs fits me perfectly. I've bought several items from their site and no complaints at all. Everything was nicely packaged and promptly shipped. Here's a tip: sign up for newsletter and get coupons on special occasion and save money.
    I wrote a review for recently so I thought I should write one for as well. After all, I actually did buy a buy from that site. I'm a sucker for simplicity, and after a long, drawn-out hunt for the perfect plain black Kate Spade handbag at local retailers, I settled on getting it directly from A step up from the Jack Spade website, offers views inside the bags, zooming ability, and details that are needed to make your decision. In the end, I was happy with my bag, it came promptly and with a cute cover bag to keep it clean and safe when I'm not using it.