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  • Description:House  of  Fraser is a British boutique chain corporation, gathered in the global famous brand product, similar to the America Messi department store and the Fifth Avenue in New York, in the UK and Ireland has more than 60 stores, the company's history can be traced back to 1849.
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    I purchased a discount handbag online from house of fraser. The handbag arrived beautifully but after I opened it, I found a blue copy of a return slip of another customer that the handbag was returned to house of fraser because of faulty. Then I looked carefully, I found that 2 buttons were broken in one side of handbag. I was disappointed that house of fraser sent a rejected faulty item directly to another customer. I took the handbag to their collection point to return. What I got from the store was a tiny piece of receipt. House of Fraser told me that it would take 21 days to process refund after they received the returned handbag. Unfortunately, after a month, I totally forgot about this and very likely, I mixed the little receipt with my other shopping receipts, and I lost it. Now, they claimed that they never received the handbag, and insisted to have the receipt to proof of return. I went to the collection store, they said they didn't keep any record and refused to help. Meanwhile, House of fraser claimed that without the receipt, they would not process, despite I had already given them the date, time and address I returned the handbag. I asked them to investigate 1. why did they sent faulty items to customer 2. check with the collection point House of fraser refused to do so. That tiny receipt of return costs me £168. House of fraser shouldn't have sent rejected faulty item to me in the first place. They put all the blame on my little receipt. This is so irresponsible and unfair to me. They emphasized their care and good service to their customers but they refused to take any responsibility on this incident. If they didn't send me a faulty item, I wouldn't need to return. House of fraser, shame on you.
    they have stolen money from my credit card an amount of 116 euros never heard of them or enter or registred on their website they are a scam and the case was report to the autorithies
    The grinch had struck. We all know the story..... Every who down in Little Ireland likes a bargain a lot, but the who down in HOS in Ireland does not ! The grinch hated Christmas , the whole Christmas season, Now please don't ask why, no one in HOS knows the reason, It could be perhaps, that their margins are too tight, It could be instead, that they couldn't give a s**ite But I think that the most likely reason of all, May have been that they are heartless and Ireland's too small But whatever the reason, their heart or their handbags They stood their on Christmas hating the you know who's Staring down from his perch in the Customer service Department He is hanging his stocking, he snarled with a sneer I must find some way to stop his Christmas cheer I must make it stop. I' ll think of a way Perhaps "security issues " might bring sway Poo hoo to the who's the grinch he was humming As he knew now that no handbag was coming From my email he heard but this sound wasn't sad Why ! This sound sounded glad Maybe Christmas after all doesn't come from a store Maybe Christmas after all means a little bit more
    Whenever I buy anything on line from House of Fraser service and delivery is exceptional can not praise enough. Best out of all the main stores Selfridges John Lewis etc. Ordered on Friday Morning delivered Monday afternoon how good is that. Thank you 10/10.
    bought 2 suits from them online. One was damaged with an big scrub mark which I almost missed. The second did not fit. I returned them on time and they promptly sent them back telling me they were not returned "in the same condition as shipped"! What could I have done to them in two days? I took the suits to their Westfield store and showed them to Richard, the deputy sales manager. Richard told me these suits were never worn! I told House of Fraser what Richard told me but they are still not prepared to listen. This is in my opinion a scam and nothing more. I will take House of Fraser to the Small Claims Court and not give up that easily as they may have thought. I find this whole episode shocking that they are trying to peddle defective stuff by refusing to take take back which is with my rights. My advise to everyone is DO NOT BUY anything from them online or at all if this is their attitude to swindle their customers.
    If you must shop with them be extremely careful ordering on line and take a screen shot of every item when it is in your cart and be sure to take a screen shot of your check out total. I ordered a formal dress shirt and cummerbund set on their website last night total cost £34.09 When it came to checking out a pop-up appeared spend another £15.91 to avail of free delivery. (Orders over £50 are entitled to free delivery to Ireland). I went back into shop leaving these items in the cart; I subsequently ordered two other items from their ladies department on ‘sale’ for £60 and £29.99 respectively an extra shop of £89.99 which was subsequently added to the cart. My new check out total after entering all my card details was £124.08. I was then asked for my password on my bank site; imagine my surprise when HOF then said thank you payment of £150.98 received? My order was confirmed by email @12.45 am. I spent another hour trying to figure out what had went wrong, I did not add anything extra to my cart except these four items. I saw my order prices had increased for all but one item. Called customer service in the UK @ 12.56pm today, reference Brian said he had no idea how this happened. I told him I had a screen shot of two of the items going into the cart and out of all four items ordered only one had remained at the price I had purchased it for. Nearly one hour on phone then I spoke with Supervisor Vicky, she informed me that the items were on ‘sale’ only until midnight i.e. 00.00 hrs she said ‘I would be annoyed too if that happened to me’ but she had no way to refund the extra £26.90 they had taken from my card. Hey they can take extra out of your account but can’t refund it, nice try HOF. I pointed out to her at no stage on their website does it inform customers neither of a ‘restricted time- sale’ nor indeed of a cut off point for buying at the prices advertised. Moreover, most importantly it was after midnight when I placed the other two items in the cart at the ‘sale’ prices, AND checked out at a total of £124.08, not £150.98. At no stage did I authorise HOF to debit my card for the latter amount. I consider this very shoddy practice. I then called HOF Dublin and spoke to the instore buy and collect Manager, I explained the situation to him (he was very helpful, immediately grasped the situation and understood my annoyance) he spoke with the UK while I waited, then I was transferred to Hugh who said the ‘sale’ prices change at 00.15hrs… hey tell the customer that please and your website check out tool bar, tell your colleague 00.00 hrs Vicky! I was also told that HOF had no way of checking what prices were shown when my items were placed in the cart, pull the other one Hugh, your site uses cookies. I could find these ‘sale’figures easily on your cached site. I told him I had been on to my bank and they said a merchant should not debit your account for more than you have authorised. Well HOF did that to me, my bank agreed to put this transaction in dispute. I told Hugh to cancel my order as I never have and never will agree a price at check out and let a merchant dip into my pocket afterwards for whatever they see fit. Would they try this in their shop? I think not! It is the principle of this transaction that is so sticking in my craw. I would have been happy to pay the higher price, but I cannot and will not agree with the underhand tactic used by HOF to obtain another £26.90 from my account something that I only became aware of AFTER the actual transaction. Also I could have travelled to HOF and purchased the items quicker and with less hassle than this online transaction, plus the expense of several hours on the phone (they can’t call you back you must hold at your own expense) talking to probably outsourced customer care staff who couldn’t give one toss about customer care. In all my years of on-line shopping I have never experienced an incident like this. So much for the simplicity of online shopping, beware it does not happen with the HOF.
    House of Fraser are fantastic to deal with, packed well and efficient. They are in the UK and I order from Australia. Clothing always comes in good order. But watch the sizes you have to be aware they are not the same as Australian sizes so you need to read the measurement charts on each garment as each manufacturer has a slightly different measurement. They have to have the most comprehensive site I have seen for fashion.
    I do like this website. I recently ordered a Paperdolls floral dress from their website and had it delivered here. The shipping fee of 10 pounds (for delivery from UK to Singapore) was a little expensive considering that many international clothing sites (e.g. ShopBop) that I've ordered from will provide free international shipping with a minimum purchase. ShopBop's intl shipping was free and faster and also had tracking information, unlike House of Fraser. Nonetheless, my clothing arrived within 10 days as promised. I'm happy with that. :) The dress is lovely, and at 60 pounds it's a bargain. What annoyed me was that I wrote a great review for the dress, and the website told me it was rejected as it 'didn't meet their review guidelines'. I said really good things about the dress! So I know that the reason it was rejected was I said the dress was very similar to a dress from the Dolce and Gabbana 2013 collection. That's the whole reason I bought it, as that D&G dress was sold out. House of Fraser must be scared that people will think the dress is basically a designer knock-off, which it WAS. U can even email me and i'll show u pics of the 2 dresses, lol.
    Vast selection of brands as well as LIGHTNING fast shipment of orders. My recent order was received 2 days after I just placed it!!! EPIC!!!!!!!!