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  • Description:GNC, American top health care products, GNC is a good Nutritional Foods Inc worldwide famous, American NO.1 vitamins and health food distributor. Specializing in the production of a variety of vitamins, minerals, herbs and other health nutrition food, products throughout more than 30 countries worldwide, with more than 5000 stores in the world, about 5000000 gold member. All products are in America production, production standards in accordance with the good manufacturing standards issued by FDA. As the nation's largest and modernization of vitamins and health food factory one.
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    In the past when I've used them, I've had no need to call in, and everything gets taken care of easily. Can go to their store if my online order has issues
    fine you can fine all your heath needs at a good price.
    The staff is always eager to recommend what is needed for my ailments. Knowledgable and service friendly.
    The products are great but the website is not easy to use. If you put in a search for a product you know you have gotten from them before at there store, the results almost always say " can not find". But if you go through page after page of thier products you can find what you are looking for. The packing and shipping are great.They just need to work on making the website customer friendly.
    Their stores look good cosmetically, but are traditional in the approach they take. I have not used their products consistently over the years because they are not priced competitively when you examine labels carefully and consider the new competition in the supplement marketplace. Sometimes they are handy if you need something quickly, but you pay for it! Their products are definitely nothing special. Mass advertising, their traditional branding approach, and good cosmetics keep them in business. They might still appeal to those who prefer the old world approach where a premium price supposedly gave you a premium product to make you look like Arnold. No real reason other than convenience, if you settle for mediocre products at premium prices!
    love the huge range and variety of products
    I only shop on the gnc website during a sale, and for Black Friday they had 40% off the entire site so I purchased a box of quest nutrition bars which rarely go on sale. When checking out you have the option of using shoprunner, which I have an account with, so my order came within two business days much like amazon prime. I have never had a problem with my online orders and I know that if I did I can always return it thanks to GNC's great return policy. Overall, the site is easy to navigate, offers the shoprunner service, and has great prices if you have a gold card. GNC is the best place to get supplements and vitamins.
    I love Gnc! because of their Awesome Products which are Multi vitamins, natra sleep and many more!
    slowest shipping of any site i have ever tried. took them 2 weeks just to ship my order and another week to recieve it. most of there supplements you can get elswhere- like ebay for cheaper and a lot faster, though i did get what i ordered eventually so if your in no hurry and want to pay more for your supplements order from here.
    Their site on line is very easy to use. The customer service is great, and they let you know when all your items are on sale for reorder! I have been very pleased with all aspects of GNC stores.
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    I like how it is a seamless checkout via Paypal, and then when it arrives it is all nicely wrapped, and fresher than many retail stores.
    GNCs are always over-priced. I'd shop around online first.
    good decscriptions of products and reviews
    They always have what I need, when I need it. Prices are a little high, but their customer service is pretty on point.
    i'm still waiting for one product which apparently had to be backordered.
    Not so satisfied tonight. I signed up for the 15% off deal on their website. I had to give them a lot of personal info to do so. I then get the email with a banner and link to get my 15% off. No coupon code. When I clicked through to the site there was no mention of the 15% off and I could not get my 15% discount. Either something is not working technically or its a bait and switch and now they have my info. No 15% off as promised so I did not make the purchase and will try and go somewhere locally.
    Thanks! Package arrived on time...
    Pretty good company to buy from there prices can be good to so so. But overall pretty solid!
    GNC is where I get all my protein powders and supplements for body building. I almost never go to their stores in the malls any longer. I even take some vitamins. Tell me I'm not healthy.