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  • Description:Crowdspring is the market rational, site design and user and all kinds of plane in the 150&nbsp + state. We have already appeared in the Wall Street journal, wired, Forbes, advertising age and countless others, we get a name in there - but we need your help!
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    We bought their platinum package and decided to cancel the contest because of bad quality of entries. They said they refund 100% but till now I dont have the money back. Dont' trust this company Crowd spring are they are just full of empty words and don't honor their commitment. Please do not use their service. Tip for consumers:Worst company. Don't start a contest with them. You will never get your money back. Products used:Logo Design Platinum Service 1174$ Service Value Quality
    Contest holders will be very pleased with the quantity and quality of logo options if they keep in contact with the designers and share feedback. It is the best way to ensure you get the perfect logo. These designers work hard and are very accommodating. They appreciate you interacting with them and you will appreciate the results. I'm so pleased I found this service and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great logo. A+ all the way!
    STAY away CREATIVES... you will lose your Creative Account, Time, Money, and more... a scam... legal action must happen They will give you a bogus reason when you want to withdraw your money, and basically, your account will be lost. I want to take legal action on this freelancing site. Where should I go to file a case against them - Is there any international court where I file my case. I've all the info on how they cheated with the Clients & Creatives. Products used:I'm a Creative Service
    I sponsored a design contest for a simple logo and got a few dozen entries as promised. Nothing spectacular, but you get what you pay for. As the contest wrapped up, several of the designs I liked -- ones I might have actually picked -- ended up being "withdrawn" for various reasons. We asked for a refund. Weeks went by and nothing happened. Finally had to file a charge-back with our credit card company. Service Value Quality
    Crowdsourcing is not design, let's just get that straight from the beginning. If you really believe that an individual desperate enough to participate in these sites is a real designer, you'd be wrong. If you believe they have ethics and integrity, you'd be wrong. If you believe you're going to have the opportunity to enter into some collaboration with someone who's producing work for free in the hopes of an award, you'd be wrong. However, of all the sites with this abysmal model, crowdSPRING tries at least to do it right. So, in short, if you are too cheap to pay a real designer and too ignorant to understand what a designer actually does (or you just don't value what they do), crowdsourcing will be just the thing on which to waste your money.
    They promised me 100 entries for my naming project in French. Then said there was many french speaking creatives but not I all. Only a handful. And then I received entries (only 30 and not 100) with no sense. Tip for consumers:Services and offers only in english. Others languages, run ! No results, they don't care. Products used:Naming for my company. Service Value Quality
    As a designer I've had a lot of delays in getting paid before. But I received all my payments as promised, thank you. Tip for consumers:Stay away Products used:Graphic Design Service Value Quality
    In 2019, Crowdspring design process produced a media logo that has been huge success and important to my brand. The iterative email communication worked well. The number of competing designers was impressive. I will use again.
    They just don't refund! They write me to wait for 2-3 weeks and 6 weeks has left, no one answering emails! I have started the investigation with my bank to return the money back! Don't use this site, they even have not good designers (I chose maximal package 1499$) Products used:Logo, brand book Service Value Quality
    I want to give a special thanks to Ashlee, who did a great job guiding me and accompanying me in this project, especially she helped me by translating my thoughts into words with adequate meaning, my language is Spanish and I use Google to translate, I was worried about saying things without meaning or not Understandable, but Aslee was very kind and helpful. Thanks also to all the Staff, I will definitely recommend and use this platform again.
    We were extremely pleased with this entire process. This was such a positive experience for us and far exceeded our expectation. So many good submissions, but the logo we got is spot on for our organization. All the files provided will make our marketing endeavors effortless. Thank you!
    Avoid working with CrowdSpring because they don't pay designers for the work they do. It is a scam and all designers know it so you're not going to get quality designs. More than 6 months waiting for my money and I am sure that I will never have it. Tip for consumers:logo design scam business Products used:Design services Service Value Quality
    They do not pay designers for the work done. Please stay away from these frauds and do not waste time and effort to design for them. And if you are a client please know that the money you pay never goes to designers so stop supporting them, there are other platforms that offer the same services and have a better behaviour towards the people who support their business.
    One of the things that drew me to Crowdspring was the percentage of award money the designer receives. I think that's important. The amount of designers and number of logos we received for the amount we spent was crazy! We were thrilled with the number of submissions--almost made it too difficult to choose! Hah! Thank you for a great experience! We will certainly recommend your site.
    This company are crooks they will steal money from the clients and won't pay their designers either, quick heads up there are 2 payments that's involved with this company which are the service fee that allows access to the "thousands" of designers and then the payment to the artists. Never assure your design with them... this is just another way for them to give you the bottom of the barrel designers and keep your money regardless of the work. LGBTQ businesses don't even bother they have no one to service you trust me I'm speaking from experience. Tip for consumers:DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE CROOKS THEY ONLY USE THE GOOD REVIEWS ON THEIR WEBSITE!!! Products used:Graphic Design
    Great experience - from concept to site design to excellent Creatives for a great value. My only recommendation is to allow Clients to privately save/tag 'favorites' in addition to current star ratings - this would be much better for narrowing down top design choices (as there are several 4- and 5-star designs to sift through). Service Value Quality
    Pleaseeeeeee! Clients/ Designers stay away! From this website. They are scam! They don't pay designers and clients don't get value for their money. They ripped off designers their hard work and never get paid. Please clients stay away from their platform. Fake! Please use other Design marketplaces like 99designs, designcrowd. These places are real!
    They wont pay you in time or they wont ever pay you. They suspend you for contacting to support. In total this is the worst site for any designers and clients. If you are looking for design you will get it designed by their internal designers not the perfect freelancers and designers. WORST SITE AND FULL OF SCAM WITH NO DECENCY.
    Great service. Great Concept. I loved working with their designers. I would recommend it to anyone. I did wish they had over the phone support thuogh but overall very cool!
    My first time on CS was a really positive experience. I needed a cover for my new book, and I had a lot of doubts. It‘s a lot of money. Will I get value for it? Is it safe? Can I trust strangers online with a sensitive issue? Will ppl understand my feedback? Well, guess what - it all worked out great! I am very happy about the result and it‘s totally worth what I spent for it. I can absolutely recommend CS.
    I've used Crowdspring several times, within the past couple of months, as I stand up my business. I really like working with crowd spring. At first, I was a little uncomfortable with handling things through email versus being able to chat with someone in the evenings, but I adjusted. :)
    I tried to use CrowdSpring as a consumer and paid for submissions for a company name. It was a horrible experience. I wrote a long brief about my company and what I was looking for that was ignored by virtually every person who submitted. Most of the names looked randomly generated. It was awful. Users are supposed to submit their reasoning for why they're submitting a name. 99% of my submissions had no reason or meaning. You could give them ongoing feedback but all of mine was ignored during the 7 days my project was live. Their website is splashed with the words "complete satisfaction" and "money back guarantee". When you actually submit a project, they hammer home that you should "verify your project" which forces you to waive the guarantee. The "project verification" is supposed to give you much higher quality submissions but is really just a way to avoid reimbursing you because they know the submissions they receive are very low quality. Honestly, the things I received were laughably bad and they refused to give me a refund.
    This is the company you work with IF YOU DONT WANT TO GET PAID! They threaten to suspend your acct if u ask them for your money! Unbelievable!
    Rude, insulting and liars. Very frustrating. Site is full of bugs, my feeling is anyone working here is doing it as a side gig.
    The customer service was excellent. This was my first project with crowdspring, and the customer service team answered all of my questions quickly. I also found the web interface pretty easy to use. I did feel a few people who submitted to the contest didn't read the brief, but I'm sure that happens here and there. Overall, people submitted great ideas, were into the project, and took feedback well. I didn't know there was the feedback service and I think that's excellent! Being about to collaborate with folks, explain why something worked or didn't led to better submissions. I chose a name that I love and am very happy.