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  • Description:Welcome to thank you for shopping with us!! Ku Huiguang appeals to many enterprises, schools and the public on all types of situations. Coolglow is a website to provide you our in popular and affordable products, meet your personal best of the family, the need for professional and propaganda. Using our product advertising, entertainment, fundraising and gifts, bring a smile to many faces.
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    Shipped Defective Glow Sticks, Wouldn't Issue Refund I placed an order for glow sticks for a Halloween party and was very disappointed when the party started and they wouldn't light up. Cool Glow refused to issue a refund- their proposed compensation was 10% off my next order, but I clearly will never order from them again! There is no recourse for the customer when party products do not work, you can not go back in time and give us products that work. On top of that, the representative and manager were both rude to me on the phone. The whole experience was very angering and frustrating.
    Buyer beware!! Not a fair and honest seller...even to return customers!! I ordered some 'Glow Eye Glasses" that you put together, but they wouldn't stay put soon as you put them on, they fell apart. I opened one pair to try [6 pairs come in a bag]. I ordered 20 bags. I called to exchange them for another more expensive style. They told me that because I opened one, I had to keep the remaining 5! Then I was told that I would be charged an additional 15% restocking fee and shipping cost...even though I was willing to buy another style of Eye Glasses. It amazes me how businesses like this stay in business. Do yourself a favor...SHOP ELSEWHERE!!
    I placed an order and never received a confirmation email. Called the company to ask for tracking and they said the order had been marked by USPS as "insufficient address" I checked the address and it was correct. This was not their fault or mine, but the company offered only to refund the purchase price minus a $12.50 restocking fee and the original $8.00 shipping cost. I paid $20 for a product I will never receive at no fault of my own. Customer service was kind but by no means helpful. I suspect it's a small department since I just so happened to be talking to the manager who offered me no solutions. Don't buy. Try uknowit for Halloween contacts and Party City for the rest of the cheap stuff they're selling.
    Cheap quality products. Do not give the full amount back if you choose to return the order. Do NOT do business with this company.
    Order glow party supplies 1 day before event. I got them on time, the glow in the dark stuff really was a hit at the party