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  • provides the highest quality, brand auto parts and auto parts, cheap! has more than one million kinds of auto project is different from the best brands in the absolute minimum price. With the largest stock options on the quality of automobile spare parts and accessories, is the selection of experts.
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    This is an update from my first review about sit tight this is going to be fun lol.anyway I finally got an answer from and I told them that the post office said the shipper has to put in the they asked me if I wanted a refund or a replacement part?ooh uh I said want a replacement part because I don't want to give them my credit card info again to go through that hassle and I also changed my card number because I don't want them charging me again by the expected delivery date is the 26 of May.ill keep you all posted.if they can't get it right this time BBB here I come.another thing speaking with post office for 20 minutes they told me how it works.a shipper of a company brings hundreds of boxes to ship but only one manifest to scan so some times the product might still be in the warehouse.before they send they should check every piece instead of being lazy.we are the ones who buy the product.if we don't buy company doesn't make money.ive been to las Vegas and back and they haven't gotten here yet.
    This site had a good price, but my #1 factor in selecting them was that they could ship same day, so I paid the 34.00 overnight fee and the 8.00 "handling" fee and placed the order well below the "cut-off" time, I received no shipping confirmation so I followed up the following day and was told I'd get my order by 8PM 2 days later, 8PM? really? for 42.00????? The customer service rep was very nice (*but obviously off shore). She "understood" my frustration, so she gave me a 3.00 credit (Awesome!! lol) Save your money, punish BS websites like this that take your business away from other sites that do not make false promises!
    We ordered one headlight for our Honda Accord from, and installed it today - it looks beautiful, works perfectly, and the mechanic said it's very good quality. Very good service - we ordered it on the phone, and the confirmation and the invoice arrived immediately to our mailbox, the headlight arrived within 3 days. Unbeatable price. It would have cost us $102 if a body shop had done it, but we paid only $42.31. Hopefully, it'll last.
    I'd rather want to smoke crack naked and have stuff shoved up my ass before I never do business with this one a big company they got to get their s*** together their product shipping sucks it takes forever to get and they screw it up most of the time and make you pay to do it again this company freaking sucks don't mess with this company at all the horrible you won't get your product in when you get it it'll be wrong are there mess it up and make you pay for reshipping stay away please stay away hope they go out of business so they quit screwing people over because I'd rather go naked and smoke crack they never do a deal with this company again Rock Auto Parts is the only place to go
    "I was hesitant of ordering parts on line, but looking at the price the dealership quoted, I said, I'll take my chances." I order a 2 tail lights and a mirror. I loved the prize and the was impressed with the quality of the parts. Will be ordering again and sharing with friends. Thanks, Happy customer!
    Before I ordered a radiator for my Jeep Liberty on 10/21, I called and spoke with a representative and was assured that it would be shipped that day and would arrive before Saturday, 10/24 if ordered that morning. He told me that it would ship from Virginia which would make it a 2 day delivery by ground. I ordered it right away and the payment was processed. The FedEx tracking number stated that the part wasn't shipped until 10/27 and arrived over a week from when I ordered it. I called "customer service" and was treated very poorly. At first, the agent was not willing to get a manager for me. After at least 5 minutes oh me insisting on speaking to a manager, she said that there was none available and she could get a supervisor (who sounded a lot like her). I was told by the "supervisor" that the package was given to FedEx on the 22nd (the day after my order was placed). I was lied to again, FedEx didn't get it until 10/27. I was told that a manager was not going to call me back, that I would have to keep calling to maybe reach one.
    My battery died recently and when I took it to CarParts not only did they help me find a great replacement, they also gave me a warrantied battery in case anything happened.
    I used to buy local for parts because it was so hard to search online for the exact part number. Car parts make that process seamless and easy to find the exact part you need.
    I found the website somewhat hard to use to find my air filter. I called them up and they were able to help me immediately. I had my filter in about a week.
    Ordered two refurbished MDX headlights separately and received both item in less than 2 weeks. Plus the headlights looks extremely new and charges less than our local auto parts store. Keep up the great work!!
    They suck. I ordered an aftermarket Mercedes grill, but they did not carry the start to fit this aftermarket grill. The parts guy, Gerald, was an idiot, suggesting the hood star are a replacement instead of a grill star, and ultimately told me they don't carry the star to fit the grill. So now I have a grill installed with no star to fit the hole in the grill. What a bunch of bozos. Why carry a grill with a "star emblem provision", if you don't carry a star emblem to fit it? To add insult to injury, he then suggested I check local dealers or salvage yards, though I had told him even the Mercedes dealer said they have nothing to fit, and then he cut off my chat quickly after that because he could not provide a satisfactory answer. These people are idiots. Stay away from this place.
    I shop compared a new ingitions switch from about 4 online stores and car parts was by far the cheapest. I have been using them ever since then. \
    Can not beat these prices! Ordered new grill, headlamp and indicator light for my T100 as the prices were 1/3 or more off what the body shop was charging! Browsing through their website was a snap, and even found a coupon online for 10% off. They use FedEx Ground shipping with SmartPost ... took a bit longer than I expected, but totally worth it for the price savings!!
    I thought it would be a nightmare trying to find an alternator for my honda civic. Carparts was great and it is so simple to shop on their website and find the exact replacement part. I remember the days of huge catalogs and ordering, no more. Good website.
    Ever since I found this website I have been buying my brake pads, etc all from here and then having them installed at my local garage. I must have saved thousands by doing it this way.
    I ordered from carparts and was worried the tail light box and cables were not going to fit but it fit like a glove and I am happy. Delivery was a little bit of a problem with fed ex but that is a fed ex problem I think and not car parts.
    Low-Price Guarantee They offer automotive parts at the lowest prices possible. They guarantee that their products are the lowest that you'll find online. When you compare their products to parts offered by other sites, you'll see the difference! In fact, if you find a part from another store that's cheaper than what they offer, they will beat or match that price!