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  • Description:The canvas on demand is a leading supplier of oil painting copy photos. Canvas needs to any photos, digital or print, the look and feel of real oil on canvas. The artist create oil painting strokes and other special light with digital effects. New technology is also making the artist canvas demand recovery, change or color photos.
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    Although someone with good manners named Hannah has sent me several messages though SiteJabber, no one from CanvasOnDemand has emailed me directly, despite my numerous attempts to contact them by phone and email. I am thoroughly frustrated and angry.
    I ordered two canvases prior to Christmas. I received a confirmation email with a projected shipment date as January 8th, which was fine with me. Four days past January 8th, the status didn't change at all or did I receive another email with shipment notification as promised in the first email. So I finally emailed them and didn't hear back. Then two days later, I suddenly received shipment notifications. I ordered the exact same size canvases from Picture on Canvas on the very same day (I got groupon deals for each site). I received those on January 3rd. It's now January 12th and I feel that they wouldn't have even shipped them till later if I hadn't emailed them.
    Canvas on Demand promised me that my orders would arrive before Christmas. Three of them did not--the three that were for my sons. I called a number of times and received a message saying that they could not respond, call back later. Eventually, I was put on hold, and after waiting about 20 minutes, a representative actually answered. From her I received another promise that the items would arrive before Christmas. I COULD NOT TRACK THREE OF MY ITEMS BECAUSE CANVAS ON DEMAND SENT THEM VIA USPS, WHICH DID NOT RECOGNIZE THE TRACKING NUMBER. When I did not receive the items on the day of Christmas Eve, I called, and guess what?--they were closed for the holiday! DO NOT TRUST THIS INEPT AND DISHONEST COMPANY. THEY ARE HORRIBLE. I AM OUTGRAGED. THEY SAID THAT IF THE ITEMS DID NOT ARRIVE WHEN PROMISED, I WOULD RECEIVE A FULL REFUND. IF I DO NOT, I AM REPORTING THEM TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU.
    I have ordered about 15 canvas's from Canvas On Demand, and each one is perfection. The one time they messed up is because I messed up on the order myself. They replaced the canvas for nothing. The framing is superb, the corners are very neat, the quality is the highest, the color is beautifully saturated; you can't beat perfection.
    I've order four different canvases from Canvas on Demand (using Groupons) and each time, I am amazed at the quality of work I get for the little I pay. I love the 'bleed' surround - it looks fantastic. I've just ordered my fourth one, and I've never had a single problem. I ordered once from another company, and hated the image - they chopped my composition down for the wrap, instead of doing the image bleed, and the canvas was warped and rippling. Canvas on Demand's prints look great two years later, no fading. The colors were a close match to my computer screen (which is calibrated for photography prints.) I've been extremely happy with the prints I've gotten.
    The attention, service, finished product, shipping AWESOME!! Even resized a pic simply because it would look better than what I had ordered/paid for & didn't ask me for a cent more to do so! Very happy, so happy I have ordered & received a total of six canvas from them and about to refer six more for Christmas gifts! Everyone that comes into my home, ALWAYS ask, What company did you get these from! Thank you for all your great service, time and care! Karen San Diego Smiling;-)))
    Canvas on Demand has absolutely the worst customer service of any company I have ever done business with. Its too bad because their products are nice but its just not worth it. They don't know how to fix mistakes they make. There are many other choices so save your aggravation and find another company to create your canvas
    My worst online purchase experience, and I do a lot of online shopping. Purchased 11/23/14 and received final product on 01/8/15. Paid $16 extra to have a professional review the final product to ensure it looked great. Received the two prints and one was never even touched, photo was grainy and subjects had glowing red eyes! They were made aware a week before Christmas and refused to expedite the replacement due to their error. They had a chance to make it right and didn't. Not one email was responded to within 48 hours, and there were many emails back and wonder it didn't arrive anywhere close to being on time. I received emails from 10 different employees at this company, clearly the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing. If you send a perfect photo you might get lucky but do NOT be ripped off by the extra fee to ensure your photo looks the best. Worst and most frustrating communication I've ever dealt with and each would frequently contradict the other. Save yourself a major headache and just have Wal-Mart or another place in your local area do it. They offer same day service often and you won't be left high and dry needing your print by a certain date. Lesson learned!
    I bought 3 of the same picture through Canvas on Demand with an Amazon Local deal. Can't beat the price...BUT, I got 2 out of 3 pictures on time before Christmas. Since one was getting shipped overseas, it did not ship it time, nor is it even there yet still! I ordered it 12/8/14 and it has been a month! I felt like they did not prioritize my order since they felt it would not get there in time for Christmas nor did I get a call or email saying my order would be delayed since they had to recreate it. ALSO, the canvas I ordered for myself is buckling. I've only had it for a little over 2 weeks.
    Don't purchase a Groupon from this Company and expect any service! They do not process timely, they do not respond to Customer Service e-mails and if you do get to talk to a real person they openly admit "voucher orders" are not processing timely.
    This site often has a groupon and you just cannot beat the price - $60 for two 16x20 prints. Shipping was included. The prints looked fine (might not be the best, but I don't have anything to compare).
    I LOVE Canvas on Demand! At first, I ordered the 16x20 sizes I purchased through Groupon. After seeing the high quality, however, I now frequently order the larger sizes. These make fabulous gifts, too!!
    I recently used a canvas on demand groupon to try their service. At the same time I had a canvas print made of a different picture at Costco. I have to say that the quality of the one from Costco appeared better. The colors were richer, my canvas on demand picture arrived with an obvious small nick at the top of the photo. But they were very accommodating in adjusting the size of the print to the photo I sent in. The photo had a very bright red expanse in it, maybe this is just hard to duplicate. So I might try them again, depending on the price.
    I've used many times and received stellar printing and wonderful customer support.. they even adjusted my printing size (larger) at no extra cost- because my original photo dimensions were not scaled the same as my desired dimensions. FYI: get the $15 hardware/ dust cover put on. It's worth it- much more professional looking and you don't have to measure and attach the hanging hardware yourself.
    Quality canvas work - I have been a long time customer of this website. If you want a quality canvas picture that is better than you could imagine...then you will check out this website. Their prices are so gives everyone the chance to hang something priceless on their wall.