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  • is one of the biggest online sports Nutri Co, headquartered in Boise, idaho. Our goal from the beginning to the site to provide the best fitness fitness digital sources on the Internet at the same time at the same time, the largest information and interaction of fast and convenient shopping! The development of the site was opened in April 13, 1999 six months after. We have developed more than 25000 pages and recently ranked first in the most visited site in the world bodybuilding and fitness!
  • Review offers a lot of workout plans and tips on exercise, as well as articles to read about supplement and how the human body responds to exercises. Their online supplement shop also has cheap price. However, their online shop is really hard to use due to idiotic web design.
    I returned, refused and sent back all my items received (over 400+) dollars worth, took a very long time for them to *receive* it, when it infact was signed by someone a week before I got a PARTIAL refund back. I then had to contact customer service as I did many times prior, to ask why i had not received a FULL refund, and why I have not been refunded for all items that i returned and they had for over a week going on two. If I had not of asked, they would not have issued any of them. I still was not refunded one item costing 80+ dollars. Now I am being threatened by them that I will be banned because I took this up for paypal to get my money that I deserve back. I am not backing down from this, this is a crock of crap and ILLEGAL, I have nothing to show for all the money I spent and all i get is lies and threatened because I am concerned about WHY they have not refunded me? So I am to blame for their shady tactics? AVOID THIS SCAM I am AWAITING the OWNER AND MANAGERS EMAIL. I would love an explanation to be given to me. Also : here is a lovely copy and paste of the threat from lovely customer service representatives. From Krazy Kelton: As for order number _______, the process for refunding you was in effect but we see here that you are having that one charged back onto your PayPal, if you cancelled that we could refund you for this order, but it is being held on the account that youre doing a charge back on your side of things. If you removed the charge back we can process the refund on our side otherwise continue to have the chargeback on your side of things. However that could block your account from placing future orders on our website.
    just liars ... i order a carnivor from 2 month ago ( order no: #2502168383 ) and i didn't receive it cuz it was damaged and i got paper from my customs showing that but doesn't care, they didn't want to refund or send another one , really never order from them if u live abroad ... and check the reviews from too much people abroad and u will find the same ...
    I order my bulk products all of the time through these people. If it wasn't for this website I would sill probably be a fat slob with no motivation.
    There is huge delay in parcel (and some times it does not arrive even after 2 months)if you are getting the supplements from from US. The customer service guys are pathetic..they give stereotyped answers, and do not resolve the problem....they are genuine but going the downward spiral..beware
    I tried other sites, but this site is WITHOUT A DOUBT the website to use to get supplements and things for working out. I have ordered from this site on numerous occasions and have never had any issues. I get extremely fast shipping without having to pay extra, and it gets put out for delivery right away. Just recently I placed an order around 4:00 p.m., and it was already out and to the next destination the very next day. You get the product you order and right away. I have also used the forums here to gain a lot of good knowledge about things. It is very helpful. I have not used anything else on this website to rate, but the store and forums are top notch, unlike other supplement sites out there. As a cheap alternative to the expensive GNC and other 2nd rate supplement sites with shady shipping and refunds, I now do all my business on Great site.
    Shop does not deliver the goods to Belarus for political reasons. Democrats ...
    I have been ordering products from for years now and have nothing but great things to say about this company! There customer service is excellent, their delivery time is outstanding (for instance I made a purchase yesterday and received my order today.. I know it helps living in Utah since the company is based out of Idaho), their prices are unbeatable, and always offer deals and coupons. I absolutely love this company! Not only do they offer wonderful products.. But they have very helpful forums and articles relating to health and fitness. I wouldn't be where I am today without their free online programs and motivation of others through bodyspace. I will continue to use this website daily and refer family and friends whenever possible! Thanks to all those hard working individuals who make this company so successful!
    I only recently began using and let me tell you something. They have the fastest shipping and quickest acting customer service of any online shopping site I've ever used. Not only did I receive my purchase ahead of the planned delivery date but even when I made a mistake in my order they were willing to respond to my questions individually and address each issue as presented. I will be using this site exclusively for all my supplement needs from now on.
    I am a regular visitor of and I just crazy about bodybuilding and the are really helped me a lot to know some good workouts and diet plan so on. I think only few online services are providing best service and good information for their customers and is one of them. is trustworthy and offers vitamins and supplements at very reasonable prices. They also have a great community for advice and support, where you can share your health journey with others on the same track as you are. I've tried to find better vitamin and supplement deals, but I still haven't found one.
    Ordered from the Europe website, they decided to send delivery from the American warehouse so i lost half of my order through customs confiscating it (whey protein etc.). E-mailed them and they offered no apology, just saying that you can't chose which warehouse they'll deliver from. Definitely will not order from here again,literally sent them money for no product in exchange.
    The best price. I placed my order on Wednesday and received it via UPS the next day. What more can you ask?
    Best supplements at great prices! They ship super fast and I enjoy browsing their website. I feel like they have solid information that helps me make the right supplement choices for my needs.
    I ordered 3 things off of this website, dark matter fruit punch, c4 fruit punch, and a chocolate protein powder. Not only did they make it easy for me to order, they also exceeded my expectations and my order was shipped two days after my purchase! This is a very refutable site and I would definitely recommend it an use it again! is where you can truly find an answer to any question you have regarding exercise, supplementation, nutrition, and motivation to get you to be your healthiest! They are constantly posting new articles for the viewers enjoyment with each piece full of information relevant that ranges to the beginner and to the advanced. I highly recommend looking through the website if you're looking for some external motivation. is the one-stop shop for all of your fitness needs. This site has everything: instructional videos for a whole library of exercises, nutritional plans to supplement your workout, and a ton of training programs from bodybuilding experts. This site is great for beginners who need the basics of exercise and diet to those who want to customize their own workout. This site should be every gym rat's best friend!
    One of the worst customer service there is. all they say is "I apologize nothing we can do ". I ordered a product, been a month and there still is no tracking number. apparently their shipping is becoming worse and worse. they don't even compensate for the delay. My last time buying from that website.
    Ordered a product which was buy 1 get 1 free with 1 other product. The product which was not on offer arrived but other product was not in stock at despatch time.They don't want to give you the offer price because it was just for showing. Since than waiting, a lot of mails and conversion but all in vein. Big company but don't know when the product is going to available in Europe. Strange thing is that they don’t tell you before ordering that the product is not in stock. Wouldn't recommend anyone. Beware of these Americans fraudsters.
    Love this company, they offer some fantastic supplement deals that NO other retailer can even get close to matching! Positives: > Massive range, you name it, they got it! > Great deals - ALL the same (Buy-1-get-1-free, 10% off etc) > Free gift when you spend over $75 > Fantastic customer service, including a live chat service > Fast handling service, so your item is in the post much quicker. Negatives: > Postage to Australia (where I am based) is very expensive, I feel as though I am heavily ripped off - despite this, they STILL end up being cheaper than purchasing from Australia. > They restrict a lot of items from being sent, they state this is due to customs/border protection, but my own research has shown me that a lot of these items are fine to bring into Australia. My recommendation for you Aussies is to use a service called Borderlinx to handle your shipping for items that can't/won't ship to Aus. Pretty much, you ship your item to an "address" in the US (Borderlinx provided this - free of charge), and then Borderlinx repack and then ship the item to you (for a competitive fee). This way you can import your supplements/protein! So far nothing has been rejected by customs!
    They actually deleted my review of a product,even thought I was a verified buyer as for "not to confuse the customers"! After being a customer for over 2 years,but they delete my review as nothing happened,and the customer service was so rude as I'm the one to blame! I bought a creatine product that had a blend of creatine types. It had creatine HCL which i wanted to try. For my surprise when it arrived, the product had different description than the label that was displayed at It didn't have any creatine HCL,so deleted my verified buyer review,changed the label to a new one as nothing ever happened, then blamed me for confusing the custmores! Will never deal with again or recommend to anyone.
    The service should be better, But the products are great!
    I order a lot of supplements from them and they always come super fast. I only have a couple minor complaints in that they charge too much shipping and their products are not always lowest price - I bought from a competitor last month and exact items were $25 cheaper including shipping.
    "Extremely dissatisfied with their customer service and business practices. Ordered a product that was in stock then all all of a sudden during checkout it was on backorder. Today marks exactly 1 month that i have been waiting for my order just to find out that they all of a sudden completely cancelled my order. So far I have sent 4 emails to their customer service department to which only 2 were replied. All they had to say was that they were on backorder but was never given a time estimate or any way to make the situation better. Now I have to wait an additional 2-5 days to receive the money back in my account from my purchase. Customer service is imcompetant, rude, unprofessional, and lack answers to basic questions. These kinds of business tactics are ridiculous in a time where communication is so easy and customer service is of the upmost importance. No worry though ill take my money elsewhere."
    Good reviews, made a few purchases. Always arrived on time at decent prices...
    I like this site for its free workouts. It tells you different exercises and tips based on muscle group. I never bought anything from this site. I just like their articles.
    I had an order shipment price and processing error online. Called the customer service line, wasn't on hold long at all I was shocked. The guy was super helpful I explained, he fixed and everything was fast simple and smooth, as the way we dream we could get customer service. I would continue using this site just because they get their job done and done right and it will keep me away from websites who do not know how to do their job or be honest with their customers or even just helpful. has terrible service:; Well, when you initially ordered it, it was not on backorder. Then we ran out so quickly, we could not fill all the orders. We had to remove the product until we have more. Me: It was on backorder when I placed my order! jeff ford says: On occasion you have better deals than GNC, but you always have the worst service... jeff ford says: So, is it on backorder or is it discontinued??? I still want the order Lethal Lynsey says: It has been discontinued for now until we have more. jeff ford says: when you say you had to remove it until you have more, that implies it is not d/c'd So, am I going to get it at a later date??? Lethal Lynsey says: We should be getting more, yes. But we list the item as discontinued when it is going to take awhile to be restocked. That way people are not waiting forever on a backordered item. jeff ford says: What about a substitute product??? Lethal Lynsey says: If you would like to place an order for a different product, that would be perfectly fine. (Duh!) jeff ford says: Please don't use words like "forever"....what does "forever" mean??? Lethal Lynsey says: So a customer is not waiting more than 1 month. jeff ford says: I know I could place an order for another product, but what about the "pull you in" deal on this one??? Something similar??? Lethal Lynsey says: One moment please. Lethal Lynsey says: I do not see any other proteins that have a Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion. But you can purchase the 2lbs in the Phase 8. They also said they were going to send me an email to cancel the part of the order that is "discontinued", which coincidentally happened during my conversation with customer service....but I have yet to receive the cancellation for the second order that I placed 60 secs after the first one for my daughter 3 days ago??? I think I am going to go back to GNC. At least they have a true customer service dept....
    I never review anything but this web site surpriseme. Prices were right, I have never received by mail something so fast and I live overseas in a military base, also a free gift and then they sent me more free samples, then i received an email talking about the products that I bought and recommending articles. This web site is a 5 stars one.
    This site is my favorite for bodybuilding supplements. Shipping is super fast and the prices are great (compared to GNC or other sites) I highly reccomend these guys.
    Was I surprised to see a poor review on! I've ordered from them for a few years now, regularly, and liken them to the Zappos of the fitness/health world. Fast shipping, extraordinary communication and customer service, excellent pricing. I have never had anything but ideal customer service from
    Placed my order on 1st July 09, mid August and no sign of my order. Cancelled order in August 09 and to date no refund! Keep receiving email confirmations promising a refund will be made within the next 3-5 days... same promise repeated by different reps from the company. An absolute headache! I placed the order with these guys as their website come across really impressive and they seem to be very successful but if this company operated this way in UK, I'm sure Trading Standards would be on them like a ton of bricks! I would never order with this company again, and warn all my friends and family too. Now I'm out of pocket and well stressed out because of their poor customer service. Had I known these guys were going to turn out like this, I would have paid more and placed my order with a UK seller. Now I know it is crucial to check out reviews on any international seller before placing an order , had I done that in the first place, would have saved me hours that its taking to get a refund from