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  • is the most trusted sites in industrial casting audition notice and opportunity. is casting website only, before the update and validate each casting notice, it was released, providing a level, no other web site can match the confidence and security. Actor, singer, dancer and model relies on to find a job. A subscription lets users full access to more than 1000 casting daily attention and commit the ability to work online. Users can also get a personal portfolio, they can upload unlimited photos, resumes and demo reel, plus their certificate search and view the director.
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    Yes! I created an account with them and up until now, it has been other a week of working with them, they will refuse to delete my account. I've gone through all the options so I had contacted them. They simply told me to set the account to private and delete my personal information. Except you have to have a profile picture, in other words can't delete all of your pictures without uploading something else. After I had been working with their customer service, which didn't happen until I had given them a bad review of their services a prick named Danny told me that my account had been deleted, I didn't believe him and attempted to log into my account. Which I was able to do. Set him an email back and said did you just set my account to private or did you actually delete? Next email from Danny stated that all I had to do was refresh the page and my account was deleted and removed from Google searches. I wait a day and logged into my account again, this time took a screen shot of where everything was exactly the same except my account was set to private. Emailed the screenshot and told the $#*! head that I was right and he's being a $#*!ing liar. Still have yet to hear back and account is still active.
    They took my money and told me they wasn't giving it back I cancelled and everything. They charged me two times in one day 1995 The don't have a direct person to person call or anything I am upset
    I did the 30 day free trial and I cancelled in the 1st 2 weeks and they have been charging my card for 10 months now and will not stop! I shut down my credit card and they started charging my other one that I use through google wallet. This company needs to be stopped! Big scam!!!!!!!!!
    This place is a joke, all my friends have been scammed by it . U dont get auditions , instead u get charged without authorization- these people are all scam artist do not sign up!
    Backstage is a scam never sign up and they over charge you!
    I am very disappointed. They charged my credit card without consent. I did not receive notice nor a receipt. When contacting them, they said I was 2 days late for receiving a refund as it is outside the 10 day policy. I just received my credit card statement to find out about the charge. The initial subscription was made by my daughter who no longer has a card in her name, the card number no longer exists but they pushed the charge through to me as I was linked to her at that time, even though her number was declined. I would like to know how it is good business practice to charge me without contacting me. I would like to know how it is that I can dispute this charge within their 10 day policy when it takes that long to receive the statement? I called them 2 days after the posting date of the transaction and they were not willing to refund me.
    A good resource for actors to find services and casting calls, especially for non-AEA. As always, exercise caution and find out legitimacy of services offered. Wish it wasn't so pricey to subscribe to.
    It's a pretty decent website. I've never actually been cast in something by using that website (I've been cast through my agent and Actors Access , but I've never read anything that implies the website being a scam. It's been recommended here and there. Of course, though, it's mainly going to be open calls/nationwide calls and low budget things. The big movies typically go through agents only.