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  • Description:We focus on the desktop computer, notebook computer, and the film all the top brands. We are a Microsoft authorized refresh, means that we only install genuine software. Some of the great cause of consumers and dealers, select price, our customer support, 30 day money back and 90 function to ensure that every product, we help keep electronic waste ends up in landfills re using and re circulation.
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    I went into this site and I saw that they had some really cheap laptops. I checked out some reviews about this site and it all seemed to be legit. I ordered a laptop and it actually got to my house really fast! I was super happy when it came and I got everything set up. I went to power it on and, you guess it, it does not power on. So I had to wait a full weekend and the Fourth of July in order to call and ask for a return. When I finally was able to get on the phone, it was amazing being able to get the whole refund sorted out in just four and a half minutes! I sent it back, tracked it and in 5 business days, I got my refund! I was really happy with the service on the phone, but that was about it. This whole thing just caused my to have to wait an extra 3 weeks to get my laptop and it was actually really annoying. I would say if you have time, give them a try, but if you want something that you know is for sure going to work right away, you are better off avoiding them. Tip for consumers:If you have time and are willing to take the risk of getting a faulty laptop for a cheaper computer, go ahead and try it! If you don't have time, you are better off just avoiding them. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality