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  • Description:Aliexpress (AliExpress) officially launched in 2010 April, is Alibaba's only facing the global market to build online trading platform, by the vast number of sellers referred to as the "international version Taobao". Aliexpress for overseas buyers, secured transactions through the payment of treasure international account, and use the international express delivery. Is the world's third largest English online shopping site.
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    We wanted to order wedding invites from one of the aliexpress' vendors. Before placing the order all the details have been discussed and agreed upon, such as that we will have 1/3 of the invites printed in English/ 1/3 in German, and 1/3 in Ukrainian. Once the order was placed, they said they can't do it and if we want to get the invites in 3 different languages we have to order 3 times that amount!! What the heck?! We don't need 150 invites for 30 families!! We cancelled the transaction (the seller, btw, can deny the cancellation) and surprisingly were refunded. But that's not where the story ends! Guess what? Today, about a week after our experience with aliexpress, I discovered a fraudulent transaction on my credit card from some Chinese online clothing store called I've never heard of it and even less so would order anything from them, but yet I had this $104 charge on my credit card! Had to call the bank to flag the transaction as fraudulent and now, have to wait for a new credit card. SO ticked!! I have no doubt that my card got compromised because of them!! Luckily, I am in the USA, not in Germany, where I would need to pay about $100 for a replacement card and the transaction dispute. Seriously - STAY AWAY!! Not only the vendors don't deliver, your card may get compromised!! P.S. If I could give them a negative rating, I certainly would!!
    Your cupcake boxes were designed by Claudine Hellmuth. These are a direct rip off. This is a disgusting practice and I will not support any company that does this.
    I placed several clothing orders, all of them came with the wrong usa sizes , requested xxl and is not even a usa small . aliexpess web site take you no were when you wand to open a dispute, you need to upload photos and videos , but the web site shows a error with the video upload ... basically you go no where,,,,,, what a waist of money..
    DO NOT waste your money buying their products...I bought an item from them, it was defective, i contacted the seller no reply, i contacted Ali Express and they told me after waiting for a resolution for over 4 weeks that they need me to send it back in order to be refunded and I will have to pay shipping fees to send it back. They always protect their sellers A CUSTOMER doesn't mean anything to them...You better think twice before buying!!!!!
    I was very very nervous about buying my prom dress all the way from China but I gave it a try and it was THE BEST THING I COULDVE DONE! the seller kept in contact 24/7 from Shasha Zhu's store and my dress looked just like the picture! DEFINETLY WILL BUY FROM THEM AGAIN!
    I am the guys that expect what I paid, and for the price in Aliexpress I received the quality was over my expectations. I am an starter here but I am sure I will continue buying in Ali.
    Ordered a saxophone through ALIEXPRESS from the BEST GUITAR FACTORY. They were glad to accept my $418 payment by card, but never delivered the product. When I questioned and complained, I was ignored. THIEVES! I don't know why I am surprised, guess I am gullible. LAST TIME FOR ME. THEY DON'T DESERVE STARS but this blog makes me check at least one. Just pretend there is a negative sign in front of it.
    I have ordered a Halloween costume accessory for $24 with AliExpress. I do realize that it's going to be a cheap Chinese piece of crap, but it's just a costume. I had 4 weeks until I had an actual costume party. So, looking at seller's reviews and estimated shipping time, I figured, it should make it on time. The seller wouldn't ship it forever. I messaged them about my timeframe, they suggest to pay extra $15 or $45 for another expedited service, where as it clearly states that their e-packet makes it to the States within 10-15 days. 2 days later I cancel the order and bought exact same item with the guaranteed delivery on time. Once I cancelled my order, there was a button "awaiting seller's approval".I contacted a customer support with the question about that, and already had a suspicion that that is not going to happen. The customer support assured me that they will contact the seller and will do their best to take care of this issue.The seller wakes up and 2 days later sends me 2 messages, one that they will hurry up, and the next says it's already shipped. Horrible customer service practices! Once they have your money, there is no way they will let go of it! This was my first and last transaction with Aliexpress. They force their item down your throat.
    I love my hair and the customer service of the seller
    J'ai fait 3 commandes et 2 litige sur 3. 1er litige, 1 pks de 4 batteries au lithium j'ai reçu 1 batterie seulement après 53 jours. 2ème litige un ensemble caméra et moniteur de recul, le fonctionnement est intermittents et quand il fonction l'image est inverser. Vous faites parvenir un message et ils vous réponde n'importe quoi il veulent juste se débarrasser de vous. Pour moi ce terminé je ne commande plus avec aliexpress et alibaba. Bonne chance à vous!
    I bought the fake Lenovo phone here, although the seller was guaranteeing the originality of the phone. After my several asks to consider that buy I still got no reply. Wish there would be an option to grade them with 0 stars.
    Muito bom os produtos mas lamentavelmente meu país(Brasil) cobrar taxas altíssimas, caso contrário compraria muito mais produtos .
    I am more than shocked at the low rating that Aliexpress gets here on SiteJabber! I absolutely love Aliexpress. There are some factors one has to accept to shop there, but once you do, it opens a whole world of unique, low-cost goods. Here are some things to note: 1. The sizing is meant for Chinese people, not U.S. or European sized people so pretty much everything is a petite (short) even though it doesn't say that in the description. This is perfect for me at 5'2. 2. It's going to take a while to get your goods. However, should you not get them, the Aliexpress Resolution Center has perhaps the most buyer-friendly policies of anywhere I shop. If there is the slightest thing wrong with my purchase, they almost always issue me a full refund with absolutely no hassle. Plus, the money you pay is held in escrow until you confirm that you have received your goods and are happy with them, so there is literally no way to get ripped off by a seller. You are 100% protected. 3. I buy tons of clothes from Aliexpress because I am short and a size small. Because I also have a big chest, I sometimes need to order an XXL! But I've never been steered wrong by a sellers measurements and almost all of the clothes have measurements (in cm). I simply don't buy clothes w/o the stats listed and I've only ever had one item not fit me properly. You can buy business-appropriate tank tops for less than $3 shipped and their fashions are so unique I get asked where I bought almost everything I've purchased from Aliexpress. They have tons of awesome clothes which are digitally printed on satin and chiffon which you will never see in the U.S. 4. If they sell it, it will be the best price you can find anywhere and you almost never have to pay for shipping. So to summarize, it takes a bit of patience to wait for your products, but if you do you will be rewarded with dirt cheap products that are exactly the same as those you'd buy locally because we all know most of our products are imported from China anyway. Add to this 0% risk and a buyer-sided resolution center and you can't lose.
    I ordered some hair from SIYO hair company. The seller was fast about contacting me and shipping the hair. The hair comes really quickly and it's pretty when you first get it but the hair is horrible it get knotted tangled and sheds so much do not order cause they do not give refunds
    I have bought Lenovo A858T phone for 95$. I think I got product for his money. I mean it is cheap and works so.Signal is not stable. Material is not so good. But it works and support 4G. Shipping was very long also. Shipping took more then month.
    Ordered jersey and pants described as "Wool Thermal Fleece" - item ended up being summer weight spandex/polyester. Dispute feature on website does not work - contacted customer service and they asked to send a screenshot of the dispute - only problem is the dispute form is multiple pages so its useless. Contacted Seller (Cool Bicycle Co) direct and the response was firstly just with an "OK" and then when I asked what they would do about it the replied with "?". Don't waste your time - they are bad news
    Poor quality with cheap price
    5 star service!!!!! ordered my 50,000V tazer and it arrived in days, works a treat on my retarded son. also great for spicing things up in the bedroom....
    I ordered two military style jackets size XXL, both of them are small and cannot be worn. When I complained the idiots comments were that these are asian size. they all must be midgets and second the individuals posing with the jacket are not asian. They are crooks.
    I have ordered multiple times from many different store through them. I LOVE everything I get. The key is to READ the information they supply, and to READ the confirmation they send. I ordered on 5/7 Saturday got most confirmations of shipping on 5/8 Sunday It also says that I have purchase protection till 6/27. That tells me it will be probably mid June before I see it. I also says that if I don't get it by then to open a dispute. All these things are highlighted and linked in the e-mail they send. If you think you are getting a designer. dress for $20 and in 2 weeks, you are delusional They communicate quite well, and also check for messages. I cannot wait to get all the stuff I ordered, but I do order it way in advance of my needing it. This company deals is all languages all over the world, If I need to communicate, I used simple terms , proper spelling and no slang.. I think they do a great job. Just remember, it is an import and it is coming from China, and a lot offer free shipping, WHAT!!! Thank You.
    These guys are a total scam! They will take your money and move on to other victims. Do yourself a favor and buy American!
    Terrible service, terrible products & crazy delays &/or lost package issues. Worst most scammy website ever. Don't waste your time, energy or money on anything
    I have ordered several things and I got very low quality merchandise that took a long time, that being said I ordered a couple of swimsuit from different stores, Most did not ship fake tracking # and one I did get and it was the most worthless piece of crap I have ever seen, I think after you order they then try to duplicate the product. It had no elastic in it and was not swimsuit fabric at all and was see through, and at 61 years of age I don't want to wear see through, I have disputed, and if I don't get my refund I will do a charge back through my c/c company, please do yourself a favor and avoid this site they use the picture of the real product and you will not get what you pay for.
    I have made a few purchases on AliExpress and after losing a considerable amount of money on various crappy items, I have decided to stop giving my money to this den of thieves. The quality of almost all the items was very poor (what do you expect "made in China" Duh!). I also had to deal with some crooks on this website. I unfortunately ordered some clothes and shoes that looked pretty on the website but were actually made of cheap material, badly cut and most of the time too small ( Asian sizing or midget sizing?). Every time I left negative ratings, I received begging emails asking me to change my rating in exchange of partial refund (avoid: Military Zhao and his store Loving Shoes 1985 (Store No.519081) or Emily Zhou ING Fashion Store No.1110110). I guess thats how they make their money! My last buying experience was the worst. I have paid $ 21.38 for a mouse that never worked. I contacted the seller with pictures proving that the mouse was defective. The seller did not respond and after I opened a dispute he finally sent me the following email (copied and paste) : dear friend, what is problem with the mouse ,and could you give us some details,we could solve together,and please close the dispute,we will be responsible for your order,please understand. Of course that was all I could get from him. My picture of the defective mouse were pretty clear and explanative, however Aliexpress dispute people deemed that it was not enough and asked me for a video. Seriously Aliexpress! How about some lessons in customer service! Do you really think that I have nothing to do but to make videos to prove that miserable piece of plastic I received is not working! Come on! Put a little sense into the way you do business! I did not even bother responding to their ridiculous message and I will just have to live with the idea that these thieves got away with it . If you keep shopping on AliExpress, just make sure to avoid this store: SH Electronics Store (Store No.1728502).
    Come si fa l azzeramento tempo di spedizione senza annullare l ordine
    If you love gadgets as much as I do you'll really dig this website. Aliexpress not only have thousands of products available but they have a really great buyer protection plan too. I've bought at least a dozen products from them and i've never had any issue - not even with customs. A very worthwhile place to shop and great prices too.
    bought items for around $7.000 Canadian dollars and the items I was buying was all electronics.I was buying SD card,memory sticks , ps3 games,cell phones everything I got was fake the SD cards did not work the memory sticks where 2 Gb instead of 16gb the ps3 games where burned cds no covers no nathing I lost $7.000 I was trying to buy in small quantities but they kept pushing me to buy more because it will safe me same more money and will be cheeper for them to send.Now ever since this happen I never go to this Web side plus I got some treads twords me they sed we know where you live because I had my home address for shipping so I even got trades they kept calling me and kept sending me emails to buy more and more I hate that Web side I think everything they sell Is fake and you will just loose your money take my advice and stay a way from that
    I was a littler nervous about ordering a wedding dress online especially coming from China. Due to the so called "buyers protection" plan, I felt comfortable. it clearly states if you do not like the product, was not what was described OR if it was not delivered in the promised delivery time then you could get a full refund. The dress was NOT the dress in the picture, you could tell they made an effort to duplicate it with cheaper fabric which gave the entire dress a different look. On top of that, I paid an extra 60.00 dollars to have it delivered within 15 days, not only was a fake tracking number issued, but we did not receive the product until about 30 days later. It was delivered bunched up in a small bag... thats right! a wedding dress balled up in a small bag, but it was not even close to the same dress. The very next day, I open the dispute and I am still waiting. It was denied at first stating the they used good fabric and it was a good dress therefore I could not have a refund. Then whats the "buyers protection" plan for? OH thats right! to scam you out of more money. My advice ladies! spend the extra money and find a dress NOT from here! You will regret it!
    I have been with Aliepress for a couple years, but this year sellers have given up on honesty and Aliepress has shown they support it. I recently purchased a car stereo and paid extra for high speed shipping so I could install it during my vacation. the seller had the deadline to ship my order in 3 days so that it should have arrived within 10 days. The seller claimed to have shipped it and gave me a tracking number for air mail (the free shipping method). I asked the seller about it and was ignored. After a few days the shipping company had not received the package so I contacted the seller again. I was ignored again. I told them I would open a dispute and finally received a message saying it was returned as damaged and they were out of stock. They asked me to wait and I told them I would like them to cancel my order and refund my money. They responded by claiming to have more stock and have shipped the package. I tried to dispute it when it showed the package had still not been shipped and was unable to. I contacted customer service and the cs agent didn't read my entire sentence but seemed to glace at the first part and send a reply that wasn't about the issue. I was finally able to open a dispute and despite showing evidence that the package was not shipped yet I was turned down because the seller claimed they shipped it and gave a tracking number which showed only that they sent the shipping company notice of a package. Companies will give you an unused tracking number and then send the shipping company that number as a notice of intent. Even if they don't have your item in stock. Doing this allows them to list your order as shipped and then when they get the item in stock they will ship it out with that same tracking number. This dishonest practice is now acceptable to Aliexpress. Do yourself a favor and find a company that stands against this dishonest practice. If you do use this site don't pay for high speed shipping because even if the seller takes your money and ships via the free shipping method Aliexpress will still stand behind that company.
    Avoid this dishonest seller who never respond to messages. The id of the shop on Aliexpress is 1953378 (Go Better Life) and we shall soon open a dispute to get our money before deadline protection. So far, we have received nothing about the order, yet the tracking information indicates: 2016-04-20 4:44:53 Your parcel is right now Delivering MTY also is a fake in our opinion
    April 4, 2016 I purchased 50 pinwheels for my garden / yard. My home is on the outskirts of a city and rabbits are a problem. I paid by credit card and the charge showed up on my account two days later. Three WEEKS later, I was informed my order had been cancelled, alleging non-payment as the reason. Today, two weeks later again, the charge on my credit card has not been reversed. Of course I've opened a dispute with the credit card company and trust all will be resolved from the financial end, but what a waste of time! Are they seriously incompetent or were they attempting to take my money without delivering the goods? Either way, I cannot recommend this company as trustworthy.
    I have bought thousands of Brugmansia seeds I Germinated them in my greenhouse Everyone god damn one was Morning glory seeds what a rip off I wish there was something I could do im really pissed
    I buy from AliExpress all of the time and I am usually very happy with what I receive.. But recently I've received my orders and the orders were either "not as described" or priced too high for what I bought. On the one that I felt was too high,I purchased an aromatherapy bracelets for $6 each which is more than I usually spend on anything from Aliexpress. I left a poor review because they should cost a wholesaler like me $2-$3. They have tried to bribe me with $5.00 to change my review. I declined, They keep emailing me. Now they have told me to never shop there again. Ok. The other order was a ring that looked silver with a little black in the cracks, I received it and it is almost completely black - intentionally. I emailed the sell, he apologized and asked me to change my review, i won't but at least he put on pictures that showed how black it really is. Regarding clothes, I have only purchased a few things and they are beautiful! They are sewn together well, they are exactly like the picture, gorgeous, and they are American sized. I wear a 4 in the USA but ordered a Medium in the dress and then realized when I received it it was American sized and I could have gone with an S. One seller of the clothes that I bought is "Dot Fashion" and the other store is "Ethnic Clothing Store" Be careful and know that some of the stuff you ordered is not going to be as good as you think it should be, and some of your orders will exceed your expectations.
    Don't waste your money. You will lose your money, time and calm
    I paid $150 for hair that I bought on aliexpress from Doris hair limited. The hair tangled within a weak. They stated that the hair was 7A unprocessed hair. I have been trying to get hold of the supplier shuai Li but no response.
    I ordered a replica of a Toy Story character "Hamm" the pig for a Toy Story collector and paid extra money for the box. The toy itself arrived but the quite flimsy box had been forced into the parcel causing it to be badly bent. Not only did it arrive bent the lid had been deliberately creased to make it fit into the package. As any collector will tell you condition is paramount when it comes to value. I sent the supplier a photo of the damaged box and asked for a replacement. The reply read "We have seen the pictures.There is no damage but bent a little. It doesn't have much influence". This was not my first time to use AliExpress but I assure you it was my last!
    Hi ALL OF YOU ! I find none like big cheaters like Ali express joining hand with suppliers.I ordered a shirt order online from aliexpress. Company name OPAL CLOTHING id-73899898271139.I received no communication from the seller over the next few WEEKS even though I messaged on several occasions to enquire if the order had been shipped. Finally the good arrived things I received were very cheap looking and poorly made and most important very very small in size. Their clothes are ill fitting, very poorly made, the material they use is not like advertised. It did not list the order information, nor did it provide me with a way of sending back this terrible article of clothing I filed a dispute to which the seller responded that he will refund provided the item is returned back to his address.I mailed them to explain me the process of returning the good but the seller never responded.Now when I inquired about the cost to ship the items to hong kong it states 34 dollars. It is practical that no body will return the item back since it costs 3 times the actual cost of good. Its a game plan of the seller and the aliexpress is also involved in this fraud process.Customer care at aliexpress is useless of no help. . I will never again purchase from this company. How stupid is this. For a wrong supply I have to pay the money for no fault of mine. I have been buying things from other online companies for several years now and never had any uisssues like this. I contacted the seller and asked for a refund, but he refused and told that he don't do refunds. Then I reported that scammer to AliExpress customer service and they said it was not their problem. They said that I need to talk to the seller and when I told them that I already did they said that there was nothing they could do.
    I've been shopping on Aliexpress for a while and somewhat happy. It's cheap and they have a huge selection however their shipping is SUPER slow. I know most items are being shipped from Asia but still. One time it took almost 2 months to get the item that I ordered.
    I ordered 5 items from them from November of 2015. I nether got items. I open a dispute, their reply was items are in the way. Now when I contact sellers doesn't exist their store. Money was not return. Under Tracking number is see that items didn't arrive. I write complains. Their answer was, " Complains rejected because was not accurate"
    The hair i ordered started to shed after 1 week of having and when i contacted them to get a refund they wouldnt give it to me until i close the dispute and give them a 5 star review them once i said no i will close the dispute but will not give a reviewthey tried to split my refund in half and say once i leave a review they will send the rest. I am do e with this cite it is really bad
    I ordered two pairs of shorts in November. They have still not arrived and it's almost the end of March. The seller used to reply to me but has stopped- the sellers name is Love MJ. So no one order from this seller because they will not receive their goods.
    My experience with Eunice Mao seller of Aliexpress was very good!!!... The silk shirt I ordered was not available in my size, he contacted me... And with his very helpful advice and guidance I chose a different shirt... In the exact size that would fit me... He gave me measurements...when it arrived, I loved it!!!.... So much so that I have just ordered another silk shirt in a different style. Customer service, and quality of shirt both excellent!!!...Alison(UK)
    I have ordered from Aliexpress two cellphones and two tempered glass films (Order 72835511071482) on 08.02.2016. Estimated delivery was 12-30 days, so I thought that I can live with it. 45 days later I asked again what is wrong with my order and they told me my package were at the customs waiting for me. In the tracking tool I could see that the package was in customs waiting for me to clear it. I called the customs and they told me that they don't have my parcel. If they had it, they would either clear it automatically and issue a clearance fee for me to pay or they would send me a notification. Nothing of these happened. I told that to Aliexpress and they told me to be patient. Aliexpress supposedly offers a 60 day purchase protection. This is why I started a dispute few days before this expired. A week later they told me, that I should contact customs because they have my package (according to their tracking tool). I told them that the buyer doesn't do that in Germany but still I contacted again the customs and got the same answer again. At the same time I contacted DHL and I started a tracing process for these packages. I informed Aliexpress. Another week went by and they only answered that I should pick up my package from the customs and that there are several reasons that it can be detained and that it is my DUTY to clear it. At the same time I received the answer by DHL that they could not find the package and that the only person to make order an OFFICIAL TRACING is the seller. I called customs (another department) and DHL once more. Customs gave me the same answer as before. A kind employee of DHL also told me that the package travelled from Sweden (never knew it would go through Sweden) to Germany and the last place where it seems to have been was the customs of Kiel. But the only counterpart that could really order an official search is the seller. I waited another week until I got an answer by Ali. They told me that I should submit a written proof that the customs don't have the parcel. I actually called the customs once more. They told me that they only issue notices for parcels that exist and that they have. And if they had received my parcel they would have either clear it ans issue a fee or send me such a detention notification. I wrote that to Aliexpress once more. Their answer after a long time again was, that they would release the money to the seller if I didn't pickup the parcel or send them written proof. So they did. I have appealed to it today. Apart from the 400 euros I lost, I have spent an enormous amount of time to deal with all this bureaucracy they put me through. Think about it before you buy. I will be updating the post with the new episodes that are about to come...
    Very shoddy business. I used AliExpress to buy a part from one of their sellers and after more than a month and a half, I still didn't receive anything (Order 73428522524659). All that Aliexpress is asking from me is to be patient but meantime it keeps pushing further the delivery date. As well, AliExpress won't give me a deadline after it will return the money I spent. After 30 days passed from the purchase date you cannot submit any feedback which regards the sellers on AliExpress because, incidentally the delivery estimation is bigger (in my case was 35 days) thus the sellers will have a 'clean record' without merit. I don't know anyone who will post a bad review before the due date. It seems that all 'good' feedback you're reading is fake. Trying to contact customer service is moot since you cannot respond to any e-mail sent by this department. E-mails are automatically generated and is mentioned that you cannot reply. After all this, I decided to cut my losses (it was my first and definitely my last purchase on this website) and move to really honest companies like Amazon or eBay where the meaning of SAFE purchase is treated seriously. The bottom line is if you wish to have a good buying (read safe) experience, spend a little more and DO NOT BUY FROM ALIEXPRESS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Finally, after almost two months since I placed the order, I've got the goods. My opinions about the customer service and the rules that generally govern still stand and I won't use AliExpress anymore"
    This company is an absolute disgrace and totally dishonest. After buying a new phone from them which was mulfuntioning from day one the night begun and continue for the next months 2 months. Unbelievably difficult to get any support and once review time was over they clearly new it and disconnected all contact from then. Do not buy from this disgraceful company.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would not even give them a one star rating. Unless you have money to throw go ahead. Firstly what you see in the pictures is not what you get always but of such poor quality mostly looking like children's toys. Sunglasses, earrings, clothes are completely different from the pictures. Size don't fit and once they sell you and got your money then they want nothing to do with you after if you need to change a size or color. Forget "dispute" cos they are not interested seriously about you. They protect the seller at all cost. I have sent items back for full refund after they promised to do so but even with tracking they don't refund with hundreds of excuses, wrong address, dispute close, cannot refund, they act stupid and you are constantly frustrated dealing with them. It's like dealing with a devil you don't see or hear but hava a great negative effect on you. When you make a negative review they will bribe you will discounts on your next purchase if you change the reviews to a more positive ones. I have always refuse to do so! When the parcel is lost they will asks you if you want to cancel the order and when you reply the same day "cancel" the order you'll get the next message the next day they have shipped you the item already. It's a roller coaster ride, frustrating and raising blood pressure constantly. They act like they don't understand your when it's time to refund and you never get your refund eventually no matter how right you are. Beware of Beifu Jewellery Just don't get carried away with cheap prices. Those suckers are all out for your money and sell you rubbish. Never never ever do business with these China companies unless you are right in front of them you can see & touch the item don't buy anything blindly. Be smart ppl. Don't encourage such legal con job by these desperate Chinese. They are laughing their way to the bank while you are at the doctors monitoring your blood pressure....... Beware of " Beifu Jewellery" owner- meizhuang cai He acts stupid when it's time to refund He's an hide and seek games expert. He's items are 200% more expensive than similar items of others. Beware of "Nico Vintage" - Nico Vintage supplier sunglasses Same thing with the above, story keep changing at every instant. Champion mind games player. Beware of "Global Village Fast Fashion shop - David liu Parcel got lost he asked me if I want to cancel the same day I replied yes, cancel. The next day he says, "item has been sent already." Most of these companies are asking to place 5 star on their site in return for discounts so don't believe the 5 stars in these sites. Ali Express is a joke !!!
    I've been buying many goods on AliExpress - never had any problems. It's an auction site so not everything is good quality and worth buying but it's easy to choose good products and sellers by simply reading feedback. I saved a lot of money comparing to buying the same stuff in me home country - so definitely a recommend! The bad side is the shipment sometimes take ages (1-3 months to deliver).
    Defective products. Sellers won't stand behind their products. AliExpress won't do anything. Buyer beware. You'll get crap and have no resource!!!